Thursday, December 29, 2005

It Ain't Easy Down Here.......

Since it is the Holidays, I'll take a day off from politics. I spent a great evening out last night in Downtown Charleston last night on one of those dreaded "first dates". We had a drink at McCrady's - a very yuppie-esque wine/cheese/tapas places with brick walls and funky couches. I will tell you one thing: the looks you get when walking into a bar or restaurant with a beautiful woman about 3 inches taller than you ( in heels) are priceless!
Next , dinner at Bocci's. Very small, but the food was excellent, and pretty reasonable. In Florence, the only place that has Sun Dried Tomatoes is the salad dressing aisle at Harris Teeter.
Anyway, it nice to find out that there are still normal, funny and very sexy women out there, if you look hard enough. Tomorrow, I plan on buying some new heels for my dress shoes!