Friday, June 29, 2007

Sanford's Veto-Palooza : The Tug of War for Pee Dee Republicans...

Sanford Gives the House and Senate the Arabic Sign for 'Up Yours", and Leatherman Gets More Hardware for Getting Pork.

Time for an exercise in the hypocrisy of politics. How often do you hear a candidate talk about the waste going on in Columbia and Washington? How all the current elected officials just spend, spend spend? All the time, right? Then they get there......... and the same thing happens all over again!

There is the hypocrisy in it's simplest terms. We want people who will not waste out tax dollars - but damnit, we better get OUR SHARE.... Thus, we come to our annual bloodfest celebrated every June. Gov. Sanford does his Samurai routine on the budget, and the Senate and House usually override him to get their pet projects funded.

It's a tough act for those of us here to choose. The Pee Dee historically has no clout, and no funds. Senator Leatherman now has that power, and he unashamedly uses it to get money back home. I can tell you there are some people who rail on spending endlessly, but turn a blind eye when we get $4 million for a Performing Arts Center.

So, which is right? Supporting a Governor with a hatchet for a pen, or a Senator who thinks that tax cuts are a bad idea? That is your homework this weekend..


Clyburn Basically Calls Clarence Thomas an Uncle Tom In a Press Release...

Congressman Clyburn Instructs Students from Florence District 3..... "OK, you poor black kids are special and are entitled to special treatment. You poor white kids - tough s**t. "

Dear Jim,
I'm sorry that the Supreme Court did not decide how you wished in it's recent decision regarding forced busing to segregate school districts. Maybe you lack enough objectivity to really understand what the ruling said. Maybe you don't understand at all. Or maybe you truly do understand, but your livelihood is dependent on splitting people apart. I could be wrong, but it sure looked like it after reading your Press Release today. In a nutshell, you should apologize to Justice Clarence Thomas, and you should be ashamed for saying the following...

“During my days as a history teacher in the Charleston County Public Schools, I always admonished my students, ‘If a thing has happened before it can happen again.’ But never in my wildest dreams did I think I would live to see the Supreme Court of the United States undercut the basic tenets of our society. What’s more disturbing is the way this Supreme Court has worked systematically with the help of at least one who benefited from all the efforts that he seems hell-bent on undermining.”

Where do we start??? Well, for starters, this decision in no way weakens Brown vs. Board of Education. The ruling of this was separate but equal. That school districts were not funded by the color of the students skin. In effect, that children black and white have an equal opportunity to an education. Look at school districts nationwide, and it is followed - if not overcompensated. Per student spending is colorblind in South Carolina across the country. Brown vs. Board of Ed. essentially said you do not view a district's funding or it's makeup by the color of their skin - that is racism.

To okay the forced busing of students across various borders because they are black or white is racism either. You and others forget a very true and simple fact. While you bus children to improve their chances, by busing others to a worse district, you are lessening their chances. Does it sound fair to ruin a child's chances at a good education becuase of the color of their skin? Ever think of it that way? It cuts both ways.......

On to the reason for the header. While you may not agree with the decision, this was a 5-4 ruling, and no one's vote counts more than the other. Perhaps the white justices can be forgiven for their 'ignorance' in your mind, but why the attack on Thomas? Because he is not liberal, and he is black. Are blacks all supposed to vote Democrat and join the NAACP like sheep? While Thomas may have benefitted from Affirmative Action, it doesn't make him obligated to support programs that 'level the playing field' or - in actuality - slope the field downhill for some and uphill for others. The basic tenets of our society are all based on equality, not on racial or gender preference.

I've read plenty of your Press Releases, most of which are divisive and generally incorrect. However, I don't think I've ever read one where you singled out another black in such a way - to label them as an Uncle Tom, without having the guts to actually say it. The two words are not there, but we all know what you are saying. Perhaps your nephew in the Justice Department can explain the ruling to you - he finished law school. Wait, he's a Republican. If he disagrees with you, is he one too?

Kudos to you on your worst utterances ever, and my best wishes on further antagonizing the races against each other for your own benefit.


Thursday, June 28, 2007

SC6 Consumer News.... How to Make 2500% Profit in The Foreign Currency Exchange and Commodities OVERNIGHT !!

The financial wizards here at SC6 have made a phenomenal discovery - one that you can take advantage of, and make literally an amazing 2500% instantly!! Sounds too good to be true?? It is !

Okay, it is true, but it is a bit hard to take advantage of. Here is the discovery... At work, the technicians often jokingly ask for money - 'Hey Mike, gimme a 20" is the usual. So, I would break out my leftover Ukrainian change and give them 20 kopecks in different denominations. The exchange rate is 1 dollar for 5 hryvnia, and change is the same in cents to kopecks, so 20 kopecks is about 4 cents... Whoopee!! Well, here is the kicker..

On the Left is a 5 Kopeck Coin, On the Right is a US Quarter

Looks pretty similar, eh? Well, I had noticed it for a while, and finally a technician asked me today.... "Try the pistachio machine, and see if it works". Well, apparently it does, so you can use a 5 Kopeck piece instead of a Quarter. Using the conversion, the 5 Kopeck is equal to 1 cent.

Think about it...... You can get a boat load of these coins, and then use them anywhere a quarter is accepted. One cent working in place of 25 cents is a 2500% return on investment !! Granted, you can only take advantage of it at vending machines, car washes, and maybe a Coinstar machine. Still, how cool would you feel paying 4 cents for a Coke, or 8 cents for a Car Wash??

If you thought that my ideas for saving money to offset high gas prices was cool, get a duffel bag full of Kopecs - and take advantage of my genius !

Although Mr. Reino has a BA Degree in Economics, he puts it to very little use. Therefore, following any financial advice he gives should be taken with a grain of salt. In real terms, only an idiot would try to stick foreign currency in a vending machine - even if it does work.


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Congrats to Braden Bunch , Rudy Giuliani's New SC Communications Director...

First Me, now Braden...... No Wonder Rudy Is SOOOO Happy!!
Let's hear it for my buddy, Braden Bunch. If you didn't see it on every political blog and roundup, Braden has been named Rudy Giuliani's Communications Director for South Carolina. Braden was the Political Reporter for the Sumter Item, but he has been on Gov. Sanford's staff for the past couple years. Basically, he gets all the paying gigs that I wish I had.
You might notice that I don't have a picture of Braden here. That's because none exists!! Seriously, I Googled Braden's name, and it says 'did you mean Brady Bunch?'. Ha, Ha!! I had an easier time finding pictures of Terry Alexander and John Rainey. If I hadn't met Braden in person, I would swear he was one of those dummy corporations in the Caribbean !
Hearing that Braden Bunch was joining Rudy's team was outstanding news. To get the call yesterday from Braden himself was humbling. Anytime he has needed help from me, he has said , "Mike, I need a big favor". Big or small, it makes you feel appreciated. Working with him on the campaign will be a lot of fun, and an absolute pleasure. The bad news is that Jason Miller is going to get harassed by me a lot more if I need Sanford's help !!
Congrats, Buddy!!

Free at Last, Free at Last !! Paris Is Out of Jail !! Her First Job ? Political Correspondent for SC6's Erection 2008 !!

Did I mention what a raw deal Paris Hilton got? I didn't?? Well, I meant to, but there was this really cool rave that night. After that, my A.D.D. must have taken over. Anyway, Paris has signed on with SC6 to give her opinions on the upcoming Presidential elections.

True , Paris might be the most astute political wonk - she joined P. Diddy's Vote (Democrat) or Die campaign back in 2004, then forgot to vote. Maybe it was actually called Vote or Go to Jail...... Well, we asked Paris a couple q.'s on her upcoming gig..

SC6: Why would Paris Hilton work for a second-rate blog for free?

PH: Free??? Like, I didn't know that, but I guess if it's free, it would count as community service towards my probation.

SC6: Do you and Mike Reino have ANYTHING in common at all??

PH: Well, we both have been to jail, but he was only in for 12 hours - I was in for 3 weeks. What a wuss !!

SC6: And your thoughts on Mike???

Paris & Erection 2008 at SC6....
That IS Hot !

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Erection 2008 News..... Hear Ye, Hear Ye!! Fred Thompson is Coming to Town. One if By Land, Two if By Sea ......

Sen. Thompson at the Clarion Town House: Weds. June 27th 1130-100.
I got an e-mail today (not from my own county, of course) that Presidential Candidate Fred Thompson will be at a fundraiser/round table/luncheon in Columbia at the Clarion Town House on Gervais St.
I will not be there because I have that work thing, but if you want to go, it is $50 for the luncheon, and $500 to be part of the round table. The odd part of the event is I can't exactly tell you where the money is going. It says the first 10,000 goes to the Federal campaign, and the balance to the state campaign. Of who? Thompson? The GOP? SCGOP?
I'm sure there is a formula, but I don't know what it is. Where is Jay W. Ragley when you need him? Sunny?? Please enlighten us - I am putting the Bat Signal out....

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Seeing the Best of People in the Face of Tragedy..

Time for looking at the Silver Lining today. There were a couple real tragedies this week. First, we had the fire in West Ashley, and today, we found out that Jessie Davis' body was located, and her married boyfriend was arrested. While these incidents are truly awful, the efforts made by a lot of people is good, and it makes one feel better that we as a country might still have hope.
In Charleston, thousands came form all across the country to pay tribute to the nine firefighters lost. Here in Florence, fundraising efforts to raise money to assist the families of the victims. Thanks to all those locally for organizing the event on such short notice.
In Ohio, a community came together. For each of the last two days, more than ONE THOUSAND people volunteered to search for Jessie. One thousand ! They took time off of their jobs to help out. Things like these show us at our best, although it takes the worst to happen for us to show it.

Friday, June 22, 2007

The Last of the SC6 Posters Outs Himself to Me !!

The sometimes scary part of having a public life - even one as marginal as mine - is that people you don't even know walk up to me and ask , "Aren't you Mike Reino?". What am I supposed to say? Well, I always say "Yes", and so far, it's worked out fine. Luckily, Clyburn and Leatherman don't have a Hit Squad - yet.

Back to today... I'm walking across the lot at work, when I see a car moving rather slowly, and I see the driver kind of looking back and forth. So I walk up to assist.... "You look a bit lost" I say in my most friendly tone. "Uhh..... Hey! Aren't you Mike Reino", says the rather harmless looking guy in the car." "Uhh..... Yeah." So what comes next?? You suck, Reino? Why do you pick on *******, you mean man? Not quite.....

"I'm *******, I'm The Pee Dee Pundit !!"
"No Shit! Cool!"

I now know the last of the steady bloggers on SC6...... I'll leave him anonymous. He's got a real job, and I haven't had the thrill of getting stuck at a debate listening to 15 Supt. of Education candidates, like I have with Moye and Earl. However, it was cool to run into him, especially in such odd circumstances. By the way, Pundit's looking for a used Toyota 4WD truck to do the South Carolina GOB routine -muddin', pullin', towin'.. If you know anyone looking to sell, drop a line. This is starting to be like Craig's List...


More Useless Info: Norwegian Study Says First Born Babies are Smartest... What About the 5th ?? That Bad??!!

"I'll Take Whoopi Goldberg to Block, Peter!!"
Ok, guess which one is the stupid kid.... If you said the one who came up with this goofy study, YOU'RE RIGHT !! If you think the Math ability in relation to the relative size of the Index finger survey was nuts, get ready for another......
The country that gave you IKEA furniture and Black Death Metal now adds another prize to it's mantle. A groundbreaking Norgwegian survey has concluded that first born babies are relatively smarter than their succeeding siblings. As the youngest of five kids, I can unequivocably say this is BS !!
Well, maybe it's true. The study doesn't cite any real reasons, except for saying that "the attempt to raise the first child properly are much higher than succeeding children." Now that I can believe. My dad was 44 when I was born - trust me, by the time I came around, Pops was as excited about raising me as having a Prostate Exam. Thank God for Sesame Street, Schoolhouse Rock and The Electric Company. If not for them, I still might be able to read or add........
Now, does this mean that my oldest sibling is the smartest? I'll say this: he sure THINKS he's smarter ! :) Time for everyone to share.... Youngest? Oldest? In the Middle? Smartest? Dumbest? In the Middle? Post your story.............

Thursday, June 21, 2007

If Seven Out of Eight People Thought You Did a Bad Job, You'd Get Fired.. But That's Just Another Day in Congress..

Latest Gallup Poll Gives Congress a 14% Approval Rating......
Hey Jim, you reading this?? Jim? JIM !!!!!! When the most respected pollster takes a survey on how people are viewed, and you come up with a 14% rating, you are doing something wrong........... Something wrong? Hell, you have to do almost EVERYTHING wrong !!
Let's talk about Iraq for a minute. Congress thinks they have their finger on the pulse of what the people want. How does the military's rating compare to Congress? Well, it's bit higher - about 50 points higher. So the group that the people hate wants to tell the group that people respect what to do. That's Washington in a nutshell folks!
Sure , I could sit here on my high horse, right? What do I know about Customer Satisfaction? Uh, about everything after 10 years of being judged on a daily basis. By the way, my CSI for the year is 95.6% - and those are BMW people.
What can Congress do to get those scores up. Simply, do the exact opposite of every urge they have currently. It's like Seinfeld, when George did the opposite, and he got the job and the girl. "If every decision you've made is wrong, the opposite would have to be correct." Can you do that Jim? Jim, are you listening?? JIIIIIIIIIIMMMMMM !!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

SC6 Gives You Some Common Sense Tips for Overcoming High Gas Prices.

In the interest of helping others, we here at SC6 would like to lend a hand. It's sad to say, but I know some people who are spending more per week filling up their gas tanks than filling up their stomachs (Bobby??). So, before you start singing Neil Young's Helpless, Helpless, here are a few tips to help offset the extra expense.
Gas Treatment = $$
Want a simple trick? Mid Grade is 10-15 cents and Super 20-30 cents a gallon higher than Regular. Rather than spending $4-5 a tank more, get the Regular and spike it with the $1.25 Gas Treatment from the local auto parts store. Voila' !!
Tune That Puppy Up.
Got dirty (or filthy) air filter? Change it!!! A poor air filter can take 15% of your fuel economy and throw it out the window. Spark plugs old? There goes another 10%. Congrats, you just saved about $250 a year, well worth the $100 you spent on the two.
Inflate Those ****ing Tires !!
This is the most overlooked service item. Check them at least once a month. Don't know how much to put in? Check the sticker in the driver's door jamb. Best of all, it's free.
Refinance Other Debt.
Sometimes you can look around, and find out that you can save by cutting the interest rate on other stuff. Credit cards, mortgages, etc. I just refinanced my car loan, and I cut about $50 a month off the payment.
Clip Coupons
Yeah, no guy likes it. But guess what? Women kind of dig it. Okay, maybe their Mom's dig it. Get that Sunday paper for $1.25, and you'll find about $10 in useful coupons every week. Hey, no one said saving money was sexy.........
Don't Eat Lunch Out.
Wanna good way to blow $5-8 every day AND GET FAT?? Eat out everyday. There's an easy $100-200 saved every month. That'll buy you $30000 more on a house !! Talk about wasting money. Bring lunch, or go home if you can, and you'll find cash in your pocket - along with an enjoyable hour away from the office.
Cool or not cool, if you take advantage of just 1 or 2 of these tips, you won't hardly feel the pain at the pump. Of course, if we could get the Middle East, Venezuela and Nigeria straightened out..............

Dear Mayor Bloomberg..... A Politician Without a Party Is a Man Without Friends.

Mayor H. Ross Bloomberg holds a small child, while watching his political future blow away............
And I thought businesspeople were supposed to be smart. Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York, who basically took a city rolling on all cylinders and hasn't wrecked it, has decided that he doesn't need to be in either party. Maybe Brad Warthen thinks this is a stroke of genius, but I'd advise otherwise....
Sure, if the man wants to be President, he has the money to pay for the commercials, but even he should know that it takes a lot more than cash to win any election, especially a National one. It takes teamwork, a dedicated staff - all of whom are on the same page. Most important, they have to be motivated. Does anyone think that people who essentially think that both the Democrat and Republican parties suck are motivated??
Most people are extremely ambivalent about politics, so if Bloomberg wants to court the kook fringe in the attempt to look centrist, more power to him. Ask Ross Perot how that worked out.... Maybe Admiral Stockdale can run as his Veep. Wait , he's dead. Nevermind.
I've said thi a million times, and I'll say it again. The two party system works. If you aren't happy with how your party views issues, don't quit it.... Work to change some minds and change your party's platform. Yet just because a guy has money, he thinks he can hopskotch parties when the wind blows in another direction (Hugh?). They forget that people aren't quite that stupid, and we can smell a BS politician when he's in the room. It tough enough to beat one of the parties..... Run against both of them, and you've had it.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Get Your Filthy Hands Off Me !! High Fives, Touching and Hugging Banned at Va. High School...

Does Anyone Remember This Last Year ???

Anyway, a High School in Vienna, Virginia has banned it's students from having any kind of physical contact , ranging from kissing, hugging to the old High Five. Apparently, the making out at the school with the students was getting a bit out of hand. So, like any school dimwit, they went overboard.

What exactly were these idiots thinking? Are they germophobes? Been a while since they had a date? Hey, I've had major dry spells myself, but I don't take it out on everyone else - at least not in that manner.

Maybe this is their Principal...............

"Any of you Homos touch me.... and I'll Kill 'Ya !!"


Call it the Curse of Reino.... The day after I announce I'm on team Rudy, his state chairman gets indicted for distributing coke. I'm pretty stunned at the announcement, and I don't have a lot to say about it. I don't know Thomas personally that well, but I know a few people who would follow him wherever he went. That faith will be tested.

I've heard all of five words about the specifics, and I do have a question or two. Word is the investigation started in April of this year, but the time of the offenses were in late 2005 - a year before his campaign. The timing of it seems a bit odd to me. No one knew about this in 2006? Or, did someone know, and they waited until he got in office to drop the bomb?

Of course, I don't know the answers to these questions. They'll come out eventually, and who knows how this will go. The truth is you never know what someone does behind closed doors. Some do drugs, some might be gay. Me?? I like to go to a strip club every Blue Moon. Sue me. I gotta go....... I have a resume to write. ;)

Monday, June 18, 2007

Put Me In, Coach !! Yours Truly Signs on With the Rudy Giuliani Team....

Rudy Looks Pretty Happy to Have Me on the Team.....
It looks like I'll be doing the rounds in the District again. In addition to being Vice -Chair of the Florence County Republicans, I've been asked to get out the vote for my man, Rudy Giuliani. I won't bore you guys today with the World According to Reino speech. But, I'll use various posts to show what I think Rudy Giuliani would do differently, and why we need him.
The main reason for the post today is to try to recruit anyone I can to help with the campaign. Interested?? Need stuff? Leave a post, or e-mail me at , and I'll pass it on. Rudy's pulling about 23% in South Carolina right now... let's see if my help works, or if I am the kiss of Death. !!
To the other candidates......... you had your chance!! Don't worry, I will invoke the Reagan Rule. Remember, I do pretty well - as long as I'm not the candidate!!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Top Secret......... BMW Unveils It's New 2008 135 Series in Miami ..

Wait a minute..... That's a 1968 BMW 2002 ! I forgot , they confiscated my camera and cell phone before they uncovered the car. They sure are serious about that stuff. However, i do have pics of Homestead Speedway, where we go to run a hot lap on the road course. I did the lap in 1:26 - no, not one hour and 26 minutes.......

That's me in the red car...... on the right.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Wonka Chocolate Factory Goes Under After INS Bust Nets 200 Oompa-Loompas.....

"Up With Those Hands, and Shut Those Orange Mouths of Yours, Pepe!!"
Production at Willy Wonka's chocolate factory has ceased for the forseeable future after an Immigration bust netted 200 illegal immigrants. Wonka CEO Charles Bucket said that he may be finished for good.
" We need Immigration reform badly. I've had these guys here since I first won my Golden Ticket back '71, but they never got their Green Cards, 'cause the INS says Loompaland doesn't exist." A call to INS revealed that the orange faced midgets are actually illegals from Mexico, and that they haven't paid taxes since entering the US.
When informed of this , Bucket was crestfallen. "This is unbelievable. Mr. Wonka swore to me that these guys were from Loompaland. I've worked with them my whole life, so to find this out hurts."
An INS agent had another way of looking at the situation........."Instead of living his whole life in a factory, maybe he should have gone to Business School."

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Rednecks Rejoice !! Strength and No Ugly Gray Color or Gummy Mess?? It's CLEAR DUCT TAPE !!

Duct Tape That Still Fixes Everything, but Without the Mess !!

In our consumer news, we have a new discovery for every member of the trailer trash brigade. So you need to rehang the fender on your '79 Ford F-150, but you hate the mess of duct tape? Well fear no more, Homer. Those geniuses at 3M have the answer to your prayers........

Scotch now makes CLEAR Duct Tape, so feel free to tie your unruly kid up. Thanks to it's clear color, your neighbors will think he's just laying down for a little while. It also pulls away clear, so not even CSI can find any evidence of abuse or restraint.....

My thanks to Readers Digest for including this in their '100 Greatest Things in 2007' issue, and to the co-worker who left it in the bathroom at work.


Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Bienvenido a Miami !! More Globetrotting for Me.

Greetings from the 25th floor of the Four Seasons Miami, or as Keith Jackson says....... MA-ammy! After a half day at work, I got on the Playskool Prop Jet in Florence, and the flew from Charlotte to Miami. We got really lucky today. We missed golf ball size hail here by an hour or so, and we hopped over a few other storms on the way.
We got in a bit late today, so the two guys I flew here with and I had dinner, supplied by BMW. We had NY Strip steak, Chili Snapper (yum!), and Mojito Chicken, accompanied by an Amstel Light. Then off to have a couple drinks at the Hotel Bar where we joined the two other guys from our dealership. Then I hit the wall of sleep.
I haven't had a real opportunity to see much yet, but Spanish is definitely the language of choice. In the airport, almost all of the announcements were in Spanish. No doubt how they feel about amnesty here folks. We'll be in meetings from 10 to 430 tomorrow, then there'll be some time to get out. I forgot to bring my camera cable, so I'll have pics after. The weather was too ugly to look for cuties today anyway. See you tomorrow...
Moye, you make it home yet??

Tony Soprano Announces His Newest Job - Senate Majority Leader !

Soprano to Take Over Immediately......Harry Reid Is Furious....
Less than a week after his show ended, reputed mob boss Tony Soprano already has found a new job - Senate Majority Leader. Word is even Soprano is frustrated by current leader Harry Reid's ability to pass legislation.
" I been watching this guy all year, and he reminds me of an old friend of mine - Big Pussy. Bush about as popular as a friggin' fart in church, and his primadonna still can't get anything done", Soprano stated. "I'm not too crazy about that Pelosi butana, but at least she's Italian." Like many Italian-American politicians, Pelosi and her family have often had murmurs of organized crime ties.
Soprano's rise from private citizen to Senate leader has been metoric, if not questionable. "I did the old Jedi mind trick on Frank Lautenberg - you know, 'You wanna be Senator, you DON'T wanna be Senator. The guy's like a hundred - no sweat." Those close to Lautenberg said he is not aware that he is no longer Senator, but he's been too busy having imaginary arguments with Strom Thurmond to notice...
When asked what issue he plans to attack first, Soprano said he would cut taxes, explore more for oil and throw every illegal alien back to Mexico. When told that these are not part of the Democrats platform, Soprano was undeterred. " Maybe not right now, but let me make a couple calls - they'll come around."

Monday, June 11, 2007

Holy Cannoli !! The Sopranos Ends...... Italian-American Actor Unemployment Rate Hits 98% Overnight !!

Panic has struck among the Goombata's in Hollywood, as the final episode of the Sopranos aired last night. While lead actor James Gandolfini will enjoy the time off to recharge his batteries (and return for the movie, which is almost a certainty), dozens of greaseballs are sweating out the lean times in what will be known as ATS - After the Sopranos.
Bit actor Vinnie Puzzelli made a nice living as a stand-in for the show's 8 seasons, now he is living on table scraps and comtemplating begging in the streets. " It's a friggin' nightmare, paisan! I thought this gig would last forever, now I'm stuck with a Mustang GT with 64 payments left. I'm totally sh*tting a brick."
Angela Graziano has had an easier time. A perennial customer in scenes at the Hair Salon, she will miss the steady work. " Not for nothing........This sucks. Now I gotta go back to doing stunts for Susan Lucci on 'All My Children'....... She is such a biotch!"
While their lives will be different, some will have the same routine, but with different perks. Dante Pescatore was known as the counterman at Satriale's Meat Market. And now?? "I'll still be cutting meat here like before, but I'm gonna lose my SAG card. Who knew I'd get residuals just for saying, "Pound of Cappicola, Tony??"
As for job oppotunities in the future, Puzzelli is not optimistic... "There's nothing in the hopper right now. Scorcese's doing Irish gangs, DiPalma doesn't do Mafia, and Coppola's been off the radar for a decade, although after seeing 'Godfather III' , I would probably skip and crap he was making anyway - I have my principles. Hey is Spielberg doin' any Italian stuff?"

Sunday, June 10, 2007

SC6 Goes on the Road Again...... This Time - Miami ..... All Expenses Paid, Baby!

Yes , ladies and gentlemen, I will be truly living the lifestyle of a Congressman or Senator next week. Since I am Newsome's BMW Service Advisor, I will be taking the Annual BMW junket to the city with my favorite weather...... Steamy , Sultry Miami !!

Oh baby, I'll truly be living the life of Moye Graham, as I check into the $450 a night Four Season's Hotel on Brickell Street in Downtown Miami. Not quite South Beach, but close enough, and about triple the price of any hotel I've ever stayed at. Three restaurants, 3 pools, 2 clubs, massage, gym with 10 different yoga classes - which I'll be passing on. The gym that is.

Thursday we'll be learning about all the new stuff BMW has for 2008 - in between meals and drinks. Thursday night is ours, and then Friday, we'll have a morning meeting and then it's off to Homestead Speedway, where I'll get to beat the crap out of all those nice cars they were telling us about. Then I'll puke all up all the food and beer I had Thursday. Once I get home, I'll be calling Senator Leatherman about giving BMW in Spartanburg some more tax incentives !!

I'll take some pics, and since I can't get detained this time, I'll be more aggressive for you guys. Bobby said all I need to say is "I work for BMW, and I'm staying at the Four Seasons" and I'm in like Flynn.... If only it were that easy!


Here's the Reason for the Big Blank Space From My Last Post, AKA Blogger's Latest Genius Idea...

I apologize for the huge blank spot on the Top Ten post. I tried to fix it, but I can't. Here's why. It seems that Blogger had a problem with two putzes in Iowa losing their posts before they got saved, so they made a new tool - Autosave!!
About every two minutes, they save all your info - whether you want to or not. It will not allow you to continue until it finishes. Now , for a one paragraph post with no pics, it's not a problem. But for a post with 15 pics - like the last one - it leaves a big space at the bottom. It will also not let you delete the space at the bottom because it is busy AUTOSAVING all the crap that you are trying to delete!! It's like trying to clear a car accident, but you can't because the tow truck just got in an accident.
My apologies to the 4 readers for the mishap, and my advice to Blogger.........DUMP AUTOSAVE OR LET US OVERRIDE IT !!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Time for Fun... It's SC6's Top Ten CD's in My Collection - Part 1, 1991-1995, The Grunge Years.

Time for me to take a break from all this heavy political talk, and chat about my favorite thing.... Music and Me! Take a short trip back in time with me, as I let you in my most inner sanctum to talk about the music that made me what I am today.

Yep, after I learned to play guitar, I went thru my Led Zeppelin, Doors and Sabbath phases, into my Heavy Metal concert shirt phase, followed by my mid-80's U2 and REM phase , and then the Glam Metal as I finished college. Then a great thing happened......... I could afford to buy CD's !! Sure, my Beastie Boys and Bon Jovi Cd's were stolen along the way, but I still managed a couple hundred. Thanks Columbia House - the check's in the mail!!

The Ground Rules...

Very simple. There are three criteria you need to understand about my choices.

1. No Greatest Hits CD's. That's cheating.

2. Mike is Cheap. I rarely bought a CD just for one song. I missed a lot of good albums.

3. I stopped buying CD's in about 2002. Might that have something to do with the current state of music ???

So, here we go!!!

Number 10 : Red Hot Chili Peppers

Blood, Sugar, Sex , Magic (1991)

Recently, i've gotten a bit bored with the Peppers singing about Geography and the Alphabet, but this album was pretty eye-opening. Lots of funk from Flea's bass, and John Frusciante came into his own on guitar - before he got hooked on smack and recovered.

Number 9: 10,000 Maniacs

Our Time in Eden (1992)

This was the last album they made before Natalie Merchant realized she was the talent. Seriously, the guys from Jamestown, NY had a real good run despite their limitations. Of course, Merchant's rich voice covered a lot of that over.

Number 8: Green Day

Dookie (1994)
You don't have a copy of Dookie? No problem, you can have one of mine - I ended up with two! Keeping off of the Punk/Not-Punk argument, there is one indisputable fact - Green Day brought back speed roak that was fun - aka Ramones. The newer albums are better produced (and a bit overly political), but Dookie was a hallmark album.

Number 7: No Doubt

Tragic Kingdom (1995)

Like Ska music? Like a bit of Rock? Like a Hot Chick singing? Then you were probably one of the 15 million people that bought this CD too. Peppy, different and diverse, No Doubt and Gwen Stefani made Girl Power popular, without screaming it - like the Spice Girls.

Number 6: Pearl Jam

Ten (1991)

Is it possible to wear out a CD? Well, in '92 and '93, I tried to do it with Ten. Want a guaranteed way to get a grunge chick with your Doc Martens? Play Black with your band. Sure, it's a standard CD, but listen to their other CD's and you'll appreciate the effort.

Number 5: Sarah McLachlan
Fumbling Towards Ecstacy (1993)

Yeah, I like female singers.... Sue me ! Before she became super-famous, before she was the face of the Lilith Fair, Sarah McLachlan broke out in '93 with her great voice and nicely crafted arrangements. Front to back, this album kicks butt, and makes a great CD to unwind ( or spend quality time w/ your girl).

Number 4: Live
Throwing Copper (1994)
If I had a dollar for every lustful look I got from women when I played I Alone , All Over You or Lightning Crashes......Well, I'd have about $10.. Those guys from York , PA must have had some super Protestant nightmares, with all the religious references. But it was a sonic revelation to some, and it's held up well over the years.

Number 3: Nirvana
Nevermind (1991)
What can I say that hasn't been said already? Like there was any doubt that this CD would be on the Grunge list, it would have been nice to see what else Kurt Cobain had in that noodle of his. I almost picked In Utero, but that would've been blasphemy. Honestly though, did anyone think Dave Grohl would have such a good career after Nirvana?

Number 2: Smashing Pumpkins
Melon Collie and the Infinite Sadness (1995)

What made this CD stand out? Billy Corgan's Uncle Fester look? Nope. Listen to drummer Jimmy Chamberlain on Tonight, Tonight and Bullet With Butterfly Wings. The man is like a machine gun ! The monster 2-CD set took it's toll on the group, but they are working in the studio on a new album, so I'll be waiting...

Number 1: Alice in Chains
Dirt (1991)

Those who know me well know that my battery runs on the negative terminal sometimes, and Dirt is the ultimate death album. Tortured by drugs and unhappiness, Layne Staley's lyrics paint an ugly picture. After listening to this CD, I knew Staley wouldn't live to see 40. Heavy and dark, Alice in Chains niche was their beautiful harmonies, and their quieter side. This was an album that you can trace thier influence directly to bands like Godsmack and Days of the New. Alice was thrown off track by Staley's battle with smack, only recording an EP and one album after this. One listen to this CD, and you'll find it hard to believe that people feel this down.

That's All !! I have no doubt that some of you will say that my taste in music sucks, and that I need to buy some more CD's. For those of you who want more, stay tuned for Part II.