Thursday, March 30, 2006

New Space Ride Program Proves That Victoria Principal's are Real and Spectacular!!

What am I talking about, you ask ?? Well, Virgin Airways will soon be launching their trips to outer space, all for a mere $200,000. There are some stipulations for travelling. One of them is that women with breast implants are forbidden from travelling. The reason being that the drop in pressure causes the implants to explode (Holy cow!).
So far , 150 people have been accepted for space travel - one of them being actress Victoria Principal, the buxom star of "Dallas". This was a big question for most of u guys in the 80's - real or fake?? Well, we now have our answer!! Good Luck in space, Victoria!! Ground Control to Major Babe!!!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Moussaoui , The Muckraker, and Their 9/11 Delusions...

Sorry for being a day or two late on this one........ So Zacarias Moussaoui wants us to believe that he was going to pilot a 5th plane into the White House with Richard Reid on 9/11. Even though sources from inside al-Qaeda such as Khaild Sheikh Mohammed have said that Moussaoui is not telling the truth, all you really need to do is the math.

We had 4 teams of terrorists on 9/11, each with 5 members except the one team that was taken down in Pa. Which makes more sense, that he was the 5th member of the 4th team, or that he and Reid were part of a totally separate team made up of only two members?? Moussaoui is clearly trying to make himself out to be more than he was, and he wants to earn a fast trip to the 72 virgins he was promised....

This brings me to my other beef this week. I read the Muckraker every once in a while to get the Libertarian view of topics. sometimes they make a lot of sense, and sometimes they sound like a bunch of Conspiracy Theorist lunatics about a half step away from those militarists we had about 10 years ago. An article on 9/11 this week went that way.

First, let me explain that I am not impartial on this . I lost 12 people that went to my college in the attacks, so my Irish gets up when I start hearing BS about Americans blowing up the towers, or that the government knew ahead of time and did nothing. I will concentrate on one major point: The Falling of Tower Seven. It fell about 530PM - about 7 hrs after both towers fell. The theory is that Tower 7, about 47 stories, was exploded on purpose by someone. Bullshit.

Let's discuss this from two angles: First, you're talking about a building that sits on a slurry foundation that had been damaged by the force of a combined 220 stories or steel and concrete being dropped on it. Also, the heat of the burning buildings probably exceeded 800 degrees, which further weakened the structure. Physically, it is entirely probable.

The second part is what the function of Tower 7 was, and the impossibility of bombing it. Tower 7 includes the Port Authority of New York's Main Communications Center. This is the brain of all the Port Authority's operations. Muckraker is trying to tell us that either Al_Qaeda or the Government went in before or during the attacks to set a bomb in the Tower. Think about it. The entire operation was done by a group of guys with boxcutters from the air, and he wants you to believe that they planted enough explosives to drop a 40-50 story building afterwards?? This completely blows the sniff test. But, Oliver Stone would be proud!!

It really insults the victims and their families when crap like this gets spread on the internet. We always feel that there must be something bigger than 20 losers with knives and a plane to cause this much destruction. However, they do happen. I'm afraid that i'll need to stop reading the Muckraker, because I'd rather miss the ocassional good post when I see the twisted viewpoint that it comes from.

From Now On, I'll Tell the Cops "SC6" is Coming !!!!

Just a question: Has Andre Bauer lost his freaking mind??? After his previous problems in Columbia a couple years back, he gets stopped for doing 101 MPH....... I know that candidates have to fly to get to all the meetings they are scheduled for, but this is ridiculous.

I don't know what the "flow of traffic " is usually like on I-77, but I've never done triple digits to keep up with the crowd.. This could be blowing it a bit out of proportion, but Dre' needs to ease up on the leadfoot routine, or he could be out of a job - funnier things have happened.

Monday, March 27, 2006

New Recurring Post: Life with Dad........

I'll be starting a new series here, documenting shacking up with my dad here in Florence. My dad is 81 years old, and his doctor doesn't want him to be on his own. Apparently, I drew the short straw among the kids, so we are sharing a house here.
Needless to say, my dad and I don't get along very well. We are polar opposites in every respect. If you've ever seen "Nothing in Common" with Tom Hanks and Jackie Gleason, that will give you the idea. Pops has the gift of being able to push every button that I have. What's made it worse is his paranoia has worsened, but he has also slowed down a lot the past few years. Stairs are a challenge to him, and he gets tired pretty quick. As hard as it is to live with him, he needs the help.
The smart thing I did do is finding a place big enough to be out of reach, but within earshot. actually, this place has the biggest bedroom I've ever had! The challenge right now is unpacking 40 years worth of crap, and still going to work often enough to make money. Unpacking has been interesting so far: I found 22 shakers of Paprika ( I kid you not), and enough dishes to feed the 82nd Airborne... Yesterday, he called to say he lost my dog - then found him behind the garage.
I hope this will be an interesting series, and some therapy to vent the frustrations that will no doubt ensue. Expect part comedy, part learning experience.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Time for More Fuzzy Sunday Night Thoughts........

This isn't from my nephew's wedding - I'll get those later. I am back in Good Old SC again. So after 23 hours of driving , and 12 hours of sleep since Thursday, I am especially fuzzy. Just a few thoughts from the sublime to the ridiculous this week.

I see that I got a call from Jim Clyburn's staffer in Florence while I was gone. I have no idea what it's about. Maybe he needs advice on the bridge.....Check tomorrow for the outcome.....What the hell is with that Ford commercial with the rock band going "Beep, Beep"? Either it is the most annoying commercial ever, or it will be a stroke of marketing genius. After all, I am TALKING about it.......

Slow week in Columbia.... All you guys can find to chat about is a Sanford/Lovelace debate, and MAYBE Rick Quinn got in a fistfight? I saw Rick on the road during convention season last month, and I would have liked to sock a person or two also! As far as the debate, I doubt it, but you never know.

George Mason in the Final Four - sign Number 3 that The End is near, and I quote, "What was first is last, and black is green and yellow is white".......wait, that's the Moody Blues. Seems like yesterday that I was ECU arguing with GMU fans about who stunk more - I guess I won that argument.

Yankee Cost of Living Adjustment.... Here's some price updates in case you go nuts and decide to move up North.... 3BR, 1 BA , 50 yr old house in a bad Long Island neighborhood : $395,000 (my parents paid 11k in 1958 for it). Gas : $2.65 , 20 oz. Pepsi: $1.49.

Had great time at my nephew's wedding, but I didn't get the hot bridesmaid - she brought her boyfriend from Texas. I'm better off anyway, word was she used to be a stripper. That and her huge boyfriend was a real nice guy..........

Extend Medicare Part D Signup?? Why???

Ok, a topic I deal with everyday - Medicare Part D. I won't purport to be the leading authority on Medicare, but as a licensed insurance agent dealing exclusively with seniors, I've learned a lot about it. So, I was a little miffed when I read that Democrats in Washington were planning on asking for a 6 month extension for open enrollment on Part D - Prescription Drug Coverage. Take my word - it's not necessary.

Right now, there are still 45 days left to sign up, so seniors still have plenty of time to pick a plan and enroll. The unfortunate thing is that the plan is being politicized for people's own benefit. While it is not perfect, Democrats are trying to kill the program as too confusing, too complicated. It's the usual Dem.O.(M.O.) - you're too stupid to figure this out, just leave it to us, and everything will be JUST FINE........ Granted, it could have been easier, but it is what it is. If you want to pick a plan, it's easy - see your pharmacist, or an insurance agent, and we'll find one for you.

Republicans politicize this too. I've heard Andre Bauer on the road, and he says that 1/3 of all seniors in South Carolina have not signed up. I like Andre a lot, but there is a very good reason why these people are not signed up - they don't need it.

You see, South Carolina has a very large military and State Employee presence . With all those employees come State and Federal benefits, and among them are -you guessed it - prescription drug coverage. Tricare benefits kick the booty out of private benefits, so none of these retirees need them. There's no sense in signing up for coverage that you already have, and have a better plan for. It's as simple as that.

What's my scientific data to back this up - experience. I haven't run into a Part D customer in months. I'm sure there will be a couple May 15th stragglers, but no many. Will this merit extending the deadline - absolutely not. All it will do is let people procrastinate even longer - and maybe swing a couple senior votes in November.

Friday, March 24, 2006

DJ Has a Slip of the Tongue, But Exactly Who Was Mad??


On the road yesterday, I got to hear about the DJ in St. Louis who got canned for accidentally using the word "coon" during a discussion about Condoleezza Rice. For those not familiar with this story, he was discussing whether Rice would be the next Commissioner of Football when Paul Tagliabue retires this summer. The DJ was very complimentary of Rice, but accidentally said that the hiring of Rice would be a coon, when he meant to say coup. He immediately apologized, but was fired 20 minutes later.
Most of the radio broadcasters were on his side, although TJ on WJMX-AM was afraid to even say what word was used. Such is the world today. I'll stick my neck out on a small limb here, and discuss two things related to this: What IS , and What we're AFRAID IS.
As a candidate, and one who has run against a minority candidate (soon to be two), I can tell you that politics and media are two outlets that you must tread lightly on. It's a fact, there are people sitting there, waiting to pounce on us for saying the wrong thing - so far, I've been lucky, though it's not hard when you're not BS'ing people. As soon as you do, they are ready to put the wheels in motion for your demise. Did this happen here? I don't think so. This leads me to the other part - what the Station Manager feared....
It sounds to me like this was a case of , as George Bush would call it, a Preemptive Strike. Exactly how many calls could this station have received in the 10-15 minutes to merit a firing? Five or Six at most? Who knows.. It appears that the GM heard this, freaked out, and played Judge, Jury and Executioner. Everyone's been fired like this - it's our worst nightmare. Hell, i've been fired and refused to leave (And kept my job). This poor guy didn't get a chance.
My guess is that someone will pick up the guy, and everything will work out. However, this is an example of fear leading to poor decisions. Were Democrats or local activists to blame for this? No. Would they have complained? We'll never know , but the fear of criticism cost this man his job.

Reino Takes it on the Road..........

I'm in New York for the weekend. My nephew Craig is getting married, and I'm in the wedding party. I agreed to be in the party on the one stipulation that I escort the hottest bridesmaid....

I got in last night, and I had dinner at an Italian restaurant straight out of The Godfather. The food was fantastic, but it was $40 without dessert or drinks!! Holy Cannoli! If this keeps up, I'm going to need a fundraiser just to pay my way back! Among the things I've seen so far was a sign that said "Now Leaving Brooklyn - Fuhgeddaboutit!!", and houses that cost $75000 in Florence go for about $500k here.. Crazy!

Don't expect any sightseeing posts from me - I'm not a tourist type guy. Wish me luck and a safe journey!!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Clyburn Critics are Stepping on My Turf!!

"Get off my Train!!!!!"
- Vincent Schiavelli in "Ghost"

Where has all the critiquing of Jim Clyburn come from all of a sudden? More importantly........ What took the rest of you so long?? If we had this a couple months ago, things might be different.

Don't expect Old Jim to change his ways anytime soon... My favorite excuse for his high spending ranking was that he reports it all, so that's why he's on there - because he's HONEST!! Nothing like accusing all the other members of Congress of cheating just to save your own butt. Nice try, Shifty!

Although I do enjoy the help, you all know where to get the best partisan mudslinging from - right here!

Music Review: Nickelback, Chevelle and Trapt at the Colonial Center......

I just got back from the Nickelback concert in Columbia tonight. I got a last minute ticket at half price ( excellent), so my buddy Bobby an I went and checked it out. Although I don't own a Nickelback album, I know probably 10 songs, so I thought I'd enjoy it. I definitely did1
Trapt opened up, and they were good. The PA at the Colonial Center is not the best I've heard ( after all, it is a basketball arena), so the mixing was a bit off for Trapt, but the singer did a great job of getting the crowd into it. Maybe half of the crowd showed up late, but it was a school night!
Chevelle was good as well. The band is a trio, so there was a little thinness on some songs where two guitars would fatten the sound up, but the bass was thick enough to make up for it. the singer/guitarist had the most odd stance I've seen: Kind of like a question mark, with his foot on the monitor , and endless head shaking. Chevelle music can be a bit of a downer at times, but overall, they were better than I thought they'd be.
Nickelback was unbelieveable. From the first moment, there were explosions , lights, video screens and pyrotechnics, and it didn't stop for the whole show. Aas far as the music, Chad Kroeger was on all night, and they really appreciated the crowd. The cleaner songs (Photograph, Goodbye) were flawless, and the heavier songs were a bit up and down ( again, the PA), but these guys came to rock. There also was a tribute to Dimebag Darrell Abbott, which was very nice.
A couple other tidbits. Each band switched guitars between each song- a bit annoying, but not a major distraction. Most importantly, lovely college aged lladies, and even a few parents were at the show. My guess is that a few mommies and daddies were surprised with the language. Overall, it was probably the second best show I'd been to, surpassed only by Korn , Disturbed and Trust Company in Marion a couple years back. why ? A better PA.

Friday, March 17, 2006

For Those of You Just Waking Up, That Green Spot on the Floor is Puke..........

Well, another year of eating Corned Beef and Cabbage, and drinking way too much green beer has passed. It is nice that for just one day, we all are Irish. However, with all the drinking, the potential for trouble is there.

Some of you may have a problem as we speak. Last night , you might have met a lovely lass that you thought looked like this...

But this morning,

she looks more like this.....

Hopefully, you're at her place, so you can just leave... If not, I feel for you.

Lastly, I'll leave a joke for you. A Leprechaun walks into a bar, and sits next to a lovely girl. "You might be the loveliest lass I've ever laid me eyes on. Do you have a little Irish in you?"

"No", she answered. His reply? "Would you like a little Irish in you?"

Keep Eatin' That, and You're Gonna Die !!

Let's have a little fun.... Going back a couple posts, I referred to Joe Jackson song, "Everything Gives You Cancer". In true gloom and doom fashion, I want you guys to post what you had at a recent meal, and we'll tell you how it will kill you.

For example, I had a chicken pita at the Starfire Grill (fantastic!) doubt the growth hormones in the chicken will give me a tumor eventually, and the oven they baked the pita in probably has carcinogens. Did I mention the onion rings cooked in animal fat?? I'm surprised PETA isn't at my door already!

You are welcome either to submit what you had, or comment on others. Either way, this could be a fun little post to break up the boredom of St. Patty's Day and the NCAA Tourney ( or Toonamint for those north of the State Line).

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Did I Say I Was Running for Congress???

Now that makes you think of America! A lot of you might already know what my plans are, but for those of you who don't, here it is..
I'll be entering the race for Florence County Council, District 3. The seat is currently held by Rev. Terry Alexander, who is running for the SC House. District 3 is a lot like the 6th Congressional District - 55/45 minority, but there are opportunities available there on the smaller scale that I couldn't do over 15 counties.
The response has been extremely positive! Volunteers and donors are contacting me already - more than I ever had running against Clyburn. Don't expect me to quit the assault on Old Jim- he is everything that is wrong with politics, and many Black politicians in general. While I am on the subject, a word about Terry Alexander: You will never hear me say a bad word about the man. He is level-headed, considerate and a true man of God. I've known him and his wife Starlee for years, going back to my old days at Enterprise, and they are what all people should aspire to be. In a nutshell, if Terry Alexander were running, I'd sit this year out. However, he isn't and I think I am the best person to fill his void. I'd really like an endorsement from Terry, but I don't think that would happen!
I'll drop an occasional post on the local issues here and there, but there is plenty of time - no one else is expected to run on the Republican ticket. This post will require lots of shoe leather, and that is my specialty. You can send the donations to Reino for County Council.................

The Dog Must Have Mistaken Ketchup for Mustard Gas....

Today's NCAA Tournament game at Cox Arena in San Diego was delayed a little while due to a bomb threat - sort of...

It seems that during a routine sweep of the arena, a bomb sniffing dog went berserk around a Hot Dog stand. Naturally, they cleared the entire arena only 1 hour before gametime. It turns out that the suspicious box had, not a bomb - but KETCHUP PACKETS....

This is understandable. For what earthly reason would ketchup packets be anywhere near hot dogs? People who put ketchup on their dogs need to be taken to finishing school and shown what condiment goes on what.... Ketchup on Hot Dogs? WRONG!... Miracle Whip on a Ham Sandwich? WRONG! My roomie in college used to do that, along with using our drinking cups for spitting his Skoal into.

Luckily, there was no explosive, but maybe they could CHECK the box first.... And most importantly, the Tourney went on without a hitch!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

MTV Presents........ Pimp My Congressman's Ride !

Congratulations!! This is post Number 100....... obviously we here at SC6 focus on quantity, not quality. You may have noticed that I finally have added some pics to the posts. I entered the 21st Century yesterday with the addition of my new Dell laptop. I must say, it works a lot better than my NEC desktop with Windows 98!! Welcome to the present, Mike.

As Jumbo Clyburn would say, "Where is the outrage?"....... According to reports, 136 members of Congress reportedly had their leased cars paid for guessed it...... the American taxpayers! While $1.05 million of a multi-trillion dollar budget may seem insignificant, it is uglier than a free leased car.

It's not just that they get a free car - they get paid for excess mileage, insurance, gas, oil changes and maintenance, taxes and registration. They pay for nothing!! Like an unconcerned parent with their teenage kids, the government just throws them the keys, and says , "have a good time". See, I knew that I was going for the right job!

Of course, my buddy Jim is one of the 136 people on the Hall of Shame - if it's free, Jim's on line - kinda like his Fish Fry. JC spent about $6100, about average for the House Abuser. I was surprised to see Joe Wilson listed near the top -about 9K for a Ford Escape. I hope it was a hybrid. However, the crown goes to Rep. Mike Ross (D-AR), who spent a whopping $36,000 last year on THREE CARS!! Good Luck trying to get re-elected , Mike!

Perhaps running for Congress was a bad idea all along.....I might have had a stroke if I knew how much Congress is ripping off the public. These aren't perks.......It's BS.

Orangeburg's Economic Plan: Smut and Gambling !!

Quit drooling, that's my sister you're looking at.... Just kidding! It looks like the Catawba Bingo hall is a step closer to being a reality. While Santee could have a future as a tourist destination ( although my buddy sold his boat immediately after nearly getting killed on Lake Marion when his Bayliner bottomed out), the powers that be in Orangeburg are taking the area down the path of ..... how do I say it........SATAN.

I'm making light of this, but take a trip down 301 from I-95 to Orangeburg, and see what is happening to the area. There are about 6 strip clubs and adult book stores on the road, and now they want to add gambling? And to think, I thought having horse racing in SC was too much. Is this really the example we want to set for how to create jobs? I have a small suggestion: In true politician style, Brad Hutto, John Matthews and Robert(This Ain't Not 'Bout No Video Gambling) Ford should have it named after them, so our kids know who to blame. Some may tell you otherwise, but the gaming industry is still run by criminals. But who cares?

Now the other reason. How do they come up with 1800 jobs from this? That would be more people than are employed by the county! If there were 1/10th as many jobs created, I'd be surprised . And those jobs? Bathroom attendants, waiters and landscapers - half of whom probably won't speak English. Sets the bar a little low for our kids, don't you think...... Finish school, Junior, and eventually you can work at the Casino and sanitize the crapper!...

I know the area needs jobs, and the right steps are being taken there. The I-95/ I-26/301 area is attracting industry - real jobs that require skilled labor. Maybe it's me, but I have a gut feeling that, like the billboard issue, someone people are being paid to push this mess. To our esteemed senators: if your feet get warm in church this Sunday, you'll know why.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Testing Reveals that only the "Nay" Button Works on Clyburn's Voting Device.....

Man, I DO LOVE THIS PICTURE!! Looks like a Spike Lee/ Ang Lee movie project gone awry! (voiceover)....... "Nothing could come between their love......Not even their left-wing , out of touch ideologies" ... Ang/Spike Lee bring you...... Broke Values Mountain (Do the Wrong Thing)..

Okay, back to the real reason I wrote this post. Apparently, Jim Clyburn has lost touch with all reality, or his electronic voting device is stuck in the "No" position. Take a quick look at his votes this week:

First , Jimbo voted against renewing the Patriot Act. For someone who talks so much about security and fighting terrorism, he sure seems to be voting against what South Carolina wants.

Secondly, JC voted against streamlining the food labeling process to a generic , national system. I'm not a huge "one size fits all" kind of a guy, but it makes sense in this case. Without a singular, streamlined system, states like California would just put a sticker on all food items, saying "Everything Gives You Cancer". Except VEGGIES, of course. Just a side note: does anyone else remember the Joe Jackson song with that name?

This week should be a cinder block in the forehead that Old Smokey is flipping the voters of South Carolina the bird, and just voting the party line. Need proof? On both of these votes, John Spratt voted for both of these bills, along with the rest of the SC delegation.

I leave you with a joke: Why did Jim Clyburn cross the road? He doesn't know, ask Nancy Pelosi.

Times and Democrat Editorial Begs for Dem Candidates.....

When time permits, take a minute to read Monday's editorial in the Orangeburg T&D. They comment on the lack of candidates from the Democratic Party this year, the lack of money, etc. Word has it that they are going to donate some classified space in the "Help Wanted " section.
I love to see the press whine when their guys lose. Read the T&D for a week and see if they go that time without talking about how great either Clyburn, Hutto or Matthews are. Chances are they can't do it. When the press gets this nervous, it leads me to believe that we really will win every statewide seat this year.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

And Now, The End is Near.........

Hello, sports fans! Well, the inevitable has finally arrived. Time for we candidates to put or shut up, to throw our money on the table and say, "I'm in." Well, my chips are all gone, and no one seemed willing to back me up. Therefore, I'll be in Manning tomorrow to announce that I will not be in the race in 2006.
How do these things happen? Well, there are lots of reasons- some are my fault, some are things that I tried to change , but my pleas fell on deaf ears. I cleared out a ton of debt that goes back to before the 2004 campaign, but in doing so, I'm suffering from the chronic disease known as Mafunzolo (Cashius Nonexistus). This puts me in agreat position for '08, but right now, time is too short to do it on my own.
Why do I have to do it on my own? Because fundraising was absolutely abysmal. I got a few of the $50-100 variety from people who saw what I put into this the past two years, and I truly appreciate the help. But the message that the GOP needs to fix itself first in the 6th District by putting up a candidate that can attract minority votes fell flat. Too many people view this seat as a lost cause, and that is sad. I often hear from white candidates how they were promised votes from black, and that it didn't happen. Well, maybe they need to think that African-American voters are smarter than they think. If you see a candidate who looks , talks and sounds like the people who you think have oppressed you for 400 years, would you vote for them?
I talked to everyone from county chairs to current and former congressmen, and they agreed. There are other seats to go after, but not this one - not right now. The comment that struck me the most was when a friend in Charleston said, " Mike , you have a great future, but the Don Quixote routine has got to end." If that was the way my campaign was viewed, then it's time to regroup.
There are a couple Florence County Council seats up for grabs this year. I haven't made up my mind- there a few people out there with less ideas, but more money than me, and we all know which matters in politics. Time is short, so I'll be making my mind up pretty quickly, and when I know, you'll know!
Thanks for all the support, and keep reading my blog for BS free commentary on what's going on.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Reino Campaign Reduced to Begging for Donations and Table Scraps!!

(AP) - Florence, SC
by Soyun Perdedor
Irrelevant Politics Correspondent

According to GOP insiders, the fundraising woes of Mike Reino have become so desperate, that Reino has resorted to panhandling and scare tactics on the campaign trail. Despite having a virtual lock on the Republican nomination for the 6th Congressional District of South Carolina, Reino has been rebuffed with prejudice in his quest to raise even the $3304 filing fee for the primary June 13th.

Rumblings of financial trouble began to brew two weeks ago, when Reino told the Dorchester County Convention that he was late because he had to park all the other candidates cars. As it turns out, Reino actually was valeting cars outside, where he was almost inconsolable after hearing that no one from the LW Flynn campaign was coming.

Since then, other reports have surfaced. Among them:

1. He was found dumpster diving outside the D&H Barbeque in Manning.
2. He attempted to slip a bill to Ralph Norman for dinner in the amount of $3304 at the Sumter County Convention last week. Norman may have tried to pay the bill, but candidates eat free.
3. Today, Reino showed up at Bubby Floyd's campaign kickoff wearing only a cardboard placard that said, "I Will Wrestle You for Donations". Witnesses said that Reino may have even lunged at Jean Leatherman and growled at her.

When questioned, Reino first began speaking in tongues, then asked for gas money to get back to Charleston. "Hey, times are tough. Getting Gary McLeod out of the race isn't enough for the money men. Getting 40% of the vote isn't enough. It's really sad that we can't get decent funding from local citizens." Reino then asked for a bite of my sandwich. "I haven't eaten in two days."

As the final days tick away for filing, real questions abound as to whether Mike Reino will be there. As Reino put it: " Filing Fee? FILING FEE?? I'm worried more about my mortgage April 1st."

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Big Announcement Coming...Or Not Major, Depending on How You Look at It..

Hi gang. I'll be putting out a Press Release later in the week. I'll be at Eddie Floyd's house tomorrow for Bubby's candidacy announcement - as will half of Florence. I have to gauge a couple things in town, and then I'll be making a couple decisions for 2006. Stay Tuned......

Friday, March 03, 2006

Time for Another Edition of Fuzzy Thoughts.........

It's been a long two weeks. After about 10 county conventions, and not nearly enough sleep, I'm too tired to focus on a single topic. So, let's ramble like my Dad talking about his neighbors...
A buddy visited a few weeks back, and he changed my screen saver from the Capitol to one of Anna Benson - I still haven't managed to change it yet..........I see members of Congress are visiting New Orleans to " see firsthand ". You know they wanted to go last week during Mardi Gras! In case you're keeping track, we're up to five weeks now, and no major work has been doen in the House of Representatives. I saw a member of Henry Brown's staff in Charleston last night. My question: "You guys ain't gonna get crap done this year, are you?" Her answer? "Nope"........................
I give Joran Van der Sloot about five more minutes before he talks his way into jail, or Beth Twitty shoots him herself. Slooty says that he and Natalee Holloway were going to have sex, but they didn't have a condom, so HE said no.. He picks up a girl who lives about 2000 miles away and is leaving tomorrow, and we're supposed to believe that he's worried about getting her pregnant??.......Howard Dean is now saying that Bush is weak on defense, and the Democrats are the strong ones. This after years of complaining how much we spend on defense? From now , I'm calling him Pancake, from all the flipping........
It's seems that we are making too much about China eventually taking over the world - Japan beat them 18-2 in the World Baseball Classic today. Rumor is that China broke 37 bats during the game. Apparently, China's bats were made from cheap plastic, and assembled with poor slave labor. As long as we can still win at baseball, why worry?
And lastly, mega-hottie Jessica Alba is suing Playboy for using her picture on the cover. She is complaining that is implies that she is naked in the magazine, thus sullying her reputation. She does have a previous case as backing. A few years ago, a cast member of Baywatch sued Playgirl magazine for having his picture on the cover, and he won a six figure settlement. I just pray that it wans't Hasselhoff! Have a great weekend!