Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Quote O' The Day... On Persistence.

" Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close to success they were when they gave up."

Thomas Edison, Inventor.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Mike Reino Meet & Greet Set for June 6th......

Our first meet and greet has been rescheduled to Tuesday, June 6th - one week before the Primary. All of the sitting Republican members of Florence County will be there, and we plan on having numerous non-elected officials in attendance as well.

Any local and statewide candidates who will be in the area are welcome to attend, and you would be crazy not to be there - 700 invitations to Strong Republicans will be going out in District 3. So, if you want to shake the hands of people who actually vote and vote Republican, be there...

When: Tuesday, june 6th 630-800 PM

Where: Lynn & Kim Robb's Home.

3311 Dunhill Ct, Florence (Vintage Place, off Hoffmeyer Rd).

To Confirm: Call Mike at 843-260-1772.


Saturday, May 27, 2006

Today's Quote for Memorial Day........

"The Hero is one who kindles a great light in the world, who sets up blazing torches in the dark streets of life for men to see by."

- Felix Adler, Author and Philosopher.

As we run to the beach or crank up the grill this weekend, lets take a minute to remember why we have the extra day off... As a kid, I was a Cub Scout, and we spent the day putting the flags beside each tombstone of the fallen soldiers - pretty deep stuff for a 10 year old. Experiences like that do make us all more well-rounded people, and let us appreciate the things that others do for us.
I say this all the time - If you see a soldier, tell them thanks. You really can't say it enough. Have a safe and Happy Memorial Day!

Friday, May 26, 2006

Today's Quote: On "Compromise"

"Abraham Lincoln did not go to Gettysburg having commissioned a poll to find out what would sell in Gettysburg. There were no people with percentages for him, cautioning him about this group or that group, or what they found in exit polls a year earlier... When will we have the courage of Lincoln?".

- Pulitzer Prize Winner, Robert Coles.

Lindsey Graham is Starting to Really Disappoint Me.....

When I began my odyssey into politics over two years ago, Lindsey Graham was someone I tried to model myself after. I considered myself a moderate, that hammering out compromises to resolve differences was a good thing. Heck, Lindsey and I even have the same birthday ( they forgot to put my name on the cake at the Lace House back in 2004...). I still believe that compromise on certain issues is an effective tool, like the Gang of 14 that ensured that we got Justices Alito and Roberts on the Supreme Court. Lately, I've been wondering what my Senator is thinking.

I'm not going to shock anyone when I say that I think Sen. Graham is dead wrong on Illegal Immigration ( some of us forget the illegal part). I'm convinced that all nearly everyone in Washington is stuck in some type of bubble, where the air is not the same, and the reasons that make an issue so obvious to us at home do not penetrate that invisible lining.

On most issues,I try to look at it from a local viewpoint - like I'm already representing my constituents. This issue is a no-brainer for people in South Carolina. Entire regions of our state have double-digit unemployment, and people are trying to tell us that we won't do the work? Guess what, we already do the work! In the Agricultural industry, 76% of the jobs are held by Americans. We pick the fruit and veggies, and we have for 230 years. As illegals move into higher paying jobs, are we supposed to believe that employers can't find people to work in construction for $14.00 an hour too? Seems pretty crystalline to me - local jobs need to go to local unemployed.

So what's driving people like Lindsey to make such bad decisions? I'll give two theories. My hope is that the Republican Senators who voted for this bill are caught up in the spirit of compromise. This isn't new for Sen. Graham. Look at the picture on the heading - I didn't PhotoShop it. When you start joining in with John McCain , Hillary Clinton and Ted Kennedy, like you're going down the Yellow Brick Road in the Wizard of Oz, I get concerned. The GOP beat the Democrats with the Gang of 14 , and I have the feeling that the favor will be returned on Graham, McCain and the rest soon.

The other theory concerns me more. Aside from the Illegals, who benefits the most from Illegal Immigration? The employers, of course. My fear is that some business owners have put some donations in various politicians hands, and whispered some advice to them. After all, they don't just give them money with zero expectations, do they? If the Senate is too afraid to stand up against them, and do what is right for the countyr, then we are all lost. Again, I really hope this is not the case.

Two years ago, I envisioned myself more like Lindsey Graham than Jim DeMint. I wasn't Fair Tax supporter, and I was a compromiser for the overall good. Well, maybe I'm getting more conservative , or maybe it's because Jim DeMint remembers me, and Lindsey Graham doesn't know me from a hole in the wall ( Those little things matter to us, Guys), but I'm starting to really question my support for Sen. Graham in 2008. I'm not giving up just yet, but I'm starting to wonder.......

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Today's Quote........

Aesop , On Government.....

"We hang the Petty Thieves, and appoint the Great Ones to public office..."

So your Power Is Cut Off for Being One Cent Short?? That'll Win You a Milton...

This week's Milton Waddams Award goes to Jacqueline Williams of Flint, Michigan. Williams , 41, had run up her Utility Bill to the tune of $1662.00 over the harsh Michigan winter this year. Well, naturally, the power company wanted to get paid, so Ms. Williams scrambled to get the money from where ever she could.

Being on Social Security, she was unable to pay the bill on her own, so she got some money from the Dept of Human Services, The Salvation Army, and the Utility Company wrote off $430 of it also. This left her with a balance of One Cent. So what did the power company do? Cut off her electricity!! For seven hours, Ms. Williams had the lights cut off until she paid the remaining penny.

Now, I'll skip the fact that of a $1662 power bill, she didn't personally pay any of it, and that she is on Social Security. We all know that something isn't kosher in the Wolverine State ( or is it Welfare-ine State?). Consumers Electric really wasn't very neighborly to her. If someone managed to get all but one cent of what they owed me, I'd worry about that penny later..........

Yes, Jacqueline Williams has truly been stepped on by "The Man" - Consumers Electric in this case. Normally, we'd send the Red Swingline stapler to her, but instead, we're gonna break it up and send pieces to The Dept of Human Services, The Salvation Army, and her.

Have a Nice Weekend, and don't forget the Cover Letters on those TPS Reports!!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Breaking News: Bauer's Plane Crashes.......

I got home tonight to find out that Lt. Governor Andre Bauer's plane crashed near Blacksburg, SC . Luckily, he escaped serious injury. According to WIS-TV he was going to a funeral, when his plane clipped some trees on takeoff, crashed an caught fire.

It's good to hear that he will be OK. He was scheduled to be in Florence for a BBQ at the Leatherman Senior Center tomorrow - my guess is it will be cancelled or rescheduled. This brings me to a couple of points: Andre's aggressive campaigning, and the effect on the primary June 13th.

Andre is famous for his hard charging campaign style - "You have to campaign like Andre" is a standard term for all us candidates. However, when you combine today with the driving infractions, you might worry that Andre may be to politicians what Nirvana was to rock - a quick flame destined for tragedy. Ask any Kennedy.... You get in those private planes enough, and eventually things like this are bound to happen. Perhaps it's time to take inventory. Andre seems to be thinking about things other than politics lately, so the travelling style might need to be included.

Politically speaking, I think this is very good for the Primary. Speeding is an absolute negative - no one likes a politician getting off without being cited. However, this was a near death experience, and anyone can empathize with someone who has averted tragedy. For once, Andre is a person we feel bad for, and how can we help? Vote for him on June 13th. That's not my advice - make up your own minds- but that is a natural human urge. Mike Campbell is going to have a hard time fighting this....that's just the way the ball bounces sometimes.

To wrap up, I'm glad Andre is okay, and the publicity ain't gonna hurt him in the Primary either!

A post note here... I got an e-mail from Rod Shealy Jr. about Andre's condition. Although he is ok, he is still in ICU with a shattered heel, and multiple lacerations. Last night's news made it sound more like he walked away, which rarely happens.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Sage Advice From a Dead Guy........

I might drop an occasional post with a quote to pass on every now and then. After all, I am not perfect, and we can all learn something from someone. With that in mind, here are some words of wisdom from a self-made billionaire.....

" The most stupid people I've ever met were the ones who know it all."

- Malcolm Forbes.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Fuzzy Thoughts Weekend Edition..........

After working 11 of the past 12 days at work, I finally have this weekend off! My ability to write long, drawn out detailed thoughts is completely shot, so it's time for another Fuzzy Thoughts. Join me now as we review the not so newsworthy events of the week...

So Paul McCartney is splitting with his wife - did Denise Richards have anything to do with this one too? Good for him. I got the impression that his ex was trying to "improve" him - a move we men enjoy so much....I read about 5-6 online newspapers each day, and it's funny how the Opinion section in many of them don't include readers opinions - just theirs. Yeah, that's why I run for office - to see what an Editor thinks about issues...........My brother Matt is in town for Harley Week, and by other brother Mark joined him today. They're having a blast putting down Ocean Blvd on their hogs. Where's mine? It's still in the Matchbox case!.......

Word is that the money has been appropriated to build a pedestrian walkway on the campus of SC State. Any guesses on who they'll name it after?... I'm back at the dealership service writing. It's cool, but a request for some of you. Don't call and ask how much some strange repair is!! We don't have a Chilton book sitting in front of us to refer to. it is a big pain in the butt to walk to two different departments 100 yards away from each other to find that stuff out.....I tried as long as possible, but I couldn't stop Dad from buying a riding mower. That's $1200 bucks down the tubes so he can cut our massive 1/6 acre yard!.....

Pat Robertson is starting to worry me. He said recently that God told him about the tsunamis in 2004. Uhhh, I talk to God alot, but I can't say that I hear a verbal answer from him. this puts Robertson about a foot away from David Koresh..........So it's down to the Final Two in American Idol - and I don't care! AI is getting to be like Baseball expanding to about 50 teams - the talent is getting a little thin. Did any of you listen to Bucky Covington - sheesh!

The bad news around here is that Florence County has a $4 million shortfall on this year's budget. The Democrats answer? You guessed it, RAISE TAXERS!! Want to stop it? Send your donations to Reino for County Council, PO Box............... Speaking of the Finals, the NHL is down to Buffalo, Carolina, Anaheim and Edmonton - no wonder the games are on Outdoor Life Network now. No marquee teams there. I used to really like hockey, but ever since the strikes, I haven't paid much attention. That and no more fights.......

Yesterday was the 15th anniversary of my college graduation. like New Years Day, I take stock of the past year, and think about what I need to do to improve this year. This year, like Phil said in City Slickers, is a Do-Over. My ball got stuck in the tree in a major way in 2005. Chalk it all up to a learning experience. The good part is I see a more clear long range future - not very exciting, but I could use a little stability and a lot less drama. Some of you will feel bad for me, but I'll probably end up living in Florence for the rest of my life. There is a lot to be said for coming back and getting a job just by asking. This has become home, and home is where the job and low cost of living is!

See you , and have a nice weekend!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Beth Twitty Wins the Milton Waddams This Week...

When I originally started the Milton Award, I wanted to give it to a person being stepped on by Big Government, or any powerful group in particular. I got away from it a bit, but we're back on track this week.

I've had this in the back of my mind for awhile, and I'm sad to say that I pushed Beth Twitty back because I knew nothing would change any time soon. It's been almost a year now since her daughter, Natalee Holloway, disappeared in Aruba on her school's graduation trip, and Beth Twitty is still stuck in limbo, waiting for Aruban authorities to get their act straight and find her daughter's killer. Sorry for assuming that she is dead, but there is little proof to think otherwise.

Aruba is like any other small community: Everybody knows each other, and when one of them is accused of a crime, the others seem to roadblock finding the truth. There have been a minimum of seven people incarcerated for questioning in her disappearance, and not one of them has been charged. Yes, Dutch law is odd, but finding the people responsible for this should have been easier. The number of suspects are pretty limited. Poor Mrs. Twitty has been getting jacked from Day One from the Police, The District Attorney and locals in Aruba. True, she made it very public from the start, and it probably ticked off some of them, but the lady lost her daughter on a supervised school trip. Things like this aren't supposed to happen - but they do.

I've heard a few talk radio guys hit Natalee Holloway pretty hard for putting herself in that situation, and it is true - good things don't happen too often when you get drunk, and maybe having a trip to a place with an 18 year old drinking age was a bad decision. That is in the past. I'll skip the guessing on whether it was VanDer Sloot, the Kalpoe Bros. , or someone else, but the Aruban police need to crack this case and give Twitty some answers.

When we watch a movie or read a book, we all like to find out the ending. Beth Twitty is in a movie from Hell, and there is no end to it right now. I imagine Mother's Day was not very joyful in her house. Here's a wish that someone finally talks and lets her know at last what happened to her daughter.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Primary 2006: Your Guide to the Candidates and Their Famous Lookalikes!!

I found some free time last night to search the web and finish this up. A couple notes: I skipped the Supt. of Education Primary - too many candidates, and it's hard enough to get women to run without subjecting them to childish picking. Also, I skipped the local statehouse races - I need to keep my friends this Fall. That being said , here is your Voter Guide to Primary 2006.........


Notoriously Stingy Gov. Sanford

Notoriously Stingy Corporate Baron Mr. Burns

Boyish looking Oscar Lovelace

Danny Torrance from"The Shining" , talking with his buddy , Tony.


Sen. Tommy "Tuna"Moore

aka. Dallas Cowboys Coach

Bill Parcells

Bespectacled Florence Mayor
Frank Willis

Bespectacled Pop Artist
Andy Warhol

Lt. Governor

Hyperactive Lt. Gov.
Andre' Bauer

Hyperactive Muppet Drummer

Mis-Introduced Lt. Gov
Challenger Mike Campbell

Misfit Elf, Hermie

Democratic Candidate
Robert Barber

"48HRS." Actor
Jonathan Banks


Silver Fox Candidate
Greg Ryberg

Silver Fox Actor
Richard Farnsworth

Teen Heartthrob Candidate
Thomas Ravenel

Teen Heartthrob Actor
Jerry O'Connell

Blonde Bomber Rick Quinn

Blonde Boner, Ed Begley Jr.

Builder of Home for Vets
Jeff Willis

"Die Hard" Veteran
Bruce Willis

** - I apologize for having a picture w/ jeff's family, but it was the only one I could download

Scary - Old Incumbent
Grady Patterson

Just Plain Scary
Poltergeist II Guy.

Agriculture Secretary:

Broad Shouldered Incumbent
Hugh Weathers, gassing up his
Ethanol Pony.

Dudley DoRight, on his
own pony.

Challenger William Bell

and Two Other Guys
with Big Mustaches..



Gary McLeod
6th District

Great American,
Col. Frank Fitts
"American Beauty".

Superjowled, millionaire
Congressman John Spratt

Burgermeister Meisterburger,
who also tells the poor what they should do, then does the opposite.....

I hope you enjoyed it. If you are a candidate or a staffer, have a sense of humor , okay? I picked on myself too...

Monday, May 15, 2006

Mike Reino vs. Carlton Banks: Which Is the Better Running Man?

I thought about writing a post listing all the candidates and their famous lookalikes, but I may hold off on that for a while. Of course, I didn't want to leave myself out, so here I am with the guy I am always told I look like - Carlton from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air!! A couple days in the sun and a sweater, and I am there!

One problem........ my Roger Rabbit stinks!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Return of Behind the Music....

I really should have left this post for Earl, but I need to quit talking shop for a couple minutes. From 1998 to 2001, VH1's Behind the Music was about all I watched on TV. Well, in celebration of Heavy Metal Month, BTM is back!

Ratt and Pantera weren't my favorite bands. Ratt just seemed a little queer, and Pantera scared me. But the bands aren't the important reason to watch - heck, i've watched BTM on Badfinger and Styx! You watch to find out where these guys came from, and all the cool dirt. Some are better than others.....

Ratt was okay. It was the usual stuff - work hard, catch a break, become famous, party too much, turn into an A-hole, then break up. The exception was guitarist Robbin Crosby's battle with Heroin and HIV. One other tidbit was that Milton Berle wasn't singer Stephen Pearcy's uncle, but Ratt's manager's uncle. Aside from that, it's pretty standard.

Pantera was pretty good. Complete with footage from 'Dimebag' Darrell Abbott's onstage murder, it was one of the few BTM's that are still a work in progress - or regress, as the case may be. The general viewpoint is that Abbott's killer did it because Pantera broke up. If that's true, singer Phil Anselmo is living with a lot of guilt for not rejoining the band, and drummer Vinnie Paul ( Dimebag's brother) likely has an immeasurable amount of anger at Anselmo. Hopefully, those guys can make up with each other and end the hate.

Earl is probably writing his own review as we speak. That or he's at the Jackal show in Myrtle Beach, trying to get an autographed chainsaw! Enjoy the weekend!

This Week's Miltie Winner: County Council Candidate Jo Etta Chewning!

Sorry, we don't have any pictures of this week's Milton Waddams Award winner. I had originally intended to give this award to someone being stepped on by "The Man", but it's turning into an award to our weekly idiot.... My apologies to Milton.

So, who is Jo Etta Chewning, and what did she do to win? Well, Jo Etta is the Democratic Party nominee for florence County Council in District 8. Incumbent Jenny O'Bryan is not running, and Jo Etta will be facing former City Councilman James Schofield in November.

Thanks to SC Hotline, Jo Etta was mentioned in an article in the State newspaper during the Galivants Ferry Stump last week. Most of the attendees are Yellow Dog Democrats (aka Brainwashed), so they get together under the illusion that soemday South Carolina will be a Yellow State once again. In the article, Jo Etta Chewning stated that she voted for a Republican only once - Richard Nixon, and " we all know how that went..." she quipped.

So what's the big deal, you ask? Well District 8 in Florence County is the most Republican District going - about 90%. Old Jo Etta just stated that 90% of the voters that she needs to convert are idiots in her judgement. There's nothing like insulting your entire possible constituency in one sentence, and to have it printed in the largest paper in the State! I was told that Jo Etta was a kook with a big mouth, but this surprised even me. Good job, sweetie! You just guaranteed defeat.....

Big mouth aside, Jo Etta is just another school District establishment flunkie trying to get on County Council to guarantee overfunding of our Schools. Florence District 1 did this about 4 years ago. They claimed they were broke, and that they were going to cut jobs and services unless we had a millage increase. Well, we fell for it, and next thing you know, District 1 has $25 million IN RESERVE - more than the County!

I've always supported any group willing to raise funds for our schools PRIVATELY, including the United Negro College Fund ( open bar everytime..). But to fleece every citizen when you have so much in reserve is shameful. The most dangerous statement I've ever heard?? " You can't spend too much on Education".

Congratulations, Jo Etta! The red Swingline stapler is on the way. And best of all, you still have almost 6 months left to dig your political grave even deeper! Thanks for reading, and get back to those TPS reports!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Say Goodbye to the Biggest Crook in the Pee Dee!

"Naughty, Naughty, Naughty!"

- Professor Hinkle, from Frosty the Snowman.

Anyone who has spent the past ten years in the Florence area is familiar with the rise and fall of Roy Singleton. The young guy somehow came from nowhere to own a Mobile Home and Used Car lot, seemingly making a lot of money along the way. He owned a Modified Drag Car, and "We Can Save You Money" was on billboards and TV all over the area. But how Singleton got there has unraveled over the past couple years, showing his illegal activities , and attempted defrauding of the Federal Government. Today, Singleton pleaded guilty , and could face a 30 year prison sentence, a $1 Million fine, or both..... How the Mighty Majesty hath fallen.
What happened? Well, it may be that Singleton was laundering drug money through his business. This happened a couple years back, and suddenly Majesty was very quiet. However, Singleton wasn't done scheming yet. In one of the worst examples of sleazy behavior I've ever seen, Singleton defrauded the government of $487,000 intended for businesses that were adversly affected by 9/11. Don't ask how he was able to convince Washington that the dropping of the Twin Towers affected a used car dealer in Hartsville, SC - but he did. In addition, he borrowed $350K from Wachovia Bank to buy cars, sold them , and didn't pay Wachovia back. Nice.....
The story of Roy Singleton is the same as a dozen mob movies.... Those who try to make a quick buck via the shortcut burn out very fast. There are no shortcuts in life - you work hard, pay your dues, and eventually you catch a break. That's it.