Monday, December 31, 2007

Our Last Word on 2007.......

This will be our last post of 2007. I'm going out to dinner with some friends, and then I''ll ring in the New Year at home. But to finish 2007, we give you this clip from Jib-Jab...... The Year in Review... Enjoy!


President Ford's Attempted Assassin Goes Free.... No, Not Squeaky Fromme..

Sara Jane Moore, one of two women who tried to shoot President Gerald Ford in 1975, was released from jail after nearly 33 years in the joint. Obviously, this picture was from the time of her trial - they don't let you know what they look like now.
It always seems that they release these kooks after the President they tried to kill dies. John David Hinckley started getting to take trips home once Reagan passed away. Moore, no relation to Darla Moore, had expressed remorse for the attack. She blamed it on her 'extreme politcal beliefs' during the time of her botched attempt.....
Though Moore is now released , at age 77, there doesn't appear to be any timetable for the other Ford attacker, Manson Family member Squeaky Fromme. From all reports, she is still just as kooky as she was in the 70's. Good.

Does Your Candidate Have a Weakness?? Stop It With Leak Ender 2008 !!

Hi, I'm Billy Mays, that annoying guy who does all the infomercials on TV. Do you have a favorite Presidential candidate, but you know that he/she has a weakness in their platform? Well, your solution is here - Leak Ender 2008 !! The amazing new product that will fix any issue problem for any candidate !!

Simply spray Leak Ender 2008 on your candidate, and watch it's super polymer action fix that crack in the platform.... Don't believe it?? Here are a few testimonials.....

"Being a US Senator for only 2 years, I was pretty weak on Foreign Policy. A simple coat of Leak Ender 2008, and the next thing I know, I started referring to myself as an agent of change... It worked great, and I'm up in the polls..."
Barack O. , Illinois.
Yes, Leak Ender 2008 works on any candidate, any issue, on the Local, State and Federal levels !! One application, and the crack in the platform is gone forever. ** From the people who brought you Mighty Putty for Politics, it's Leak Ender 2008. Try it once, and you'll want to run for any office....
** - Leak Ender 2008 does not guarantee victory. Use only on political shortcomings. It does not work on poor judgement, sexual scandals, arrests or certain foolish comments. Additional coats will not work better. Does not work on Dennis Kucinich, Duncan Hunter, Chris Dodd, or Ron Paul.

Iran to Go Nuclear By Summer 2008..

Iran announced that it will be nuclear ready by this Summer - but not quite in the way you might be thinking. Amid the controversy about Iran's attempt to develop nuclear weapons, is the fact that they have passed us in one nuclear aspect..... Yes, Iran will have their first nuclear power plant , something we haven't done since the 1970's......
They just got their latest shipment of nuclear fuel from their new buddies - Russia. It is pretty embarrassing when a third world country like Iran can get online, but we're still stuck in neutral... Even a country with enough oil like Iran knows that nuclear power is a needed option. Maybe this will get us off our butts, and start developing alternate power options.....

Three Days til Iowa...And the Have-Nots Are Skipping Town..

The handwriting is on the wall....... not everyone is going to do well in Iowa, and smartly, most of the candidates are moving on to other states. Of the Republicans, only Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney are still there. John McCain and Fred Thompson are in New Hampshire, and Rudy Giuliani is taking a day or two off for New Years after moving on to Florida...
The Democratic leaders are all still in Iowa. Hillary, Obama and Edwards are all within the margin of error of each other, so that last push to avoid third place is on. As far as the other candidates, who cares? By a week or two, we will have a two way race, with Edwards dropping out after he loses South Carolina. Then the gloves come off...
After nearly a year of campaigning, the dominoes will finally start falling, and we will be on our way to picking the 44th President. Finally !!

Chelsea Clinton Blows Off a 9 Yr. Old Reporter.....

It Takes a Village to Raise a Child, But Only a Second to Ignore One.....
A bit of a stink came up this weekend on the campaign trail, when Chelsea Clinton refused to give a short interview to a local 9 yr. old reporter in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The possible reason why is one I've never heard before, but it has me intrigued....
Sydney Rieckhoff is not your average 9 year old. She's a reporter for Scholastic News, and she's interviewed a few of the candidates and other celebrities campaigning in the Hawkeye State. When she met Clinton, se asked for a quick interview, but Chelsea declined, saying she doesn't grant interviews. My question then is, "Why show up then?". Yeah, she's there to support her Mom, but why so tight-lipped.. Fox News may have the answer.
Apparently, Chelsea voice is not one they're proud of, therefore she doesn't give interviews. Exactly what is wrong with it I don't know. Is it squeaky? Does she lisp? Do her teeth get in the way? WTF?? Maybe she's gonna wait til her estogen levels spike up, and her voice matures. It's pretty funny to me, becuase a few diction lessons would fix that pronto. I don't know.
Little Sydney was cool about it. Her Mom is a Hillary supporter, so maybe that's why, and she said Chelsea was very nice, but you know the kid has to be disappointed... I just hope the little girl doesn't give up on her dream because they were crushed in such a devastating manner..

Sunday, December 30, 2007

My 2008 New Year's Wishes and Resolutions....

Good God, it's been a boring weekend!! Nothing to do, rain all weekend, and no news to comment on....... At least we are down to the last day of this tough year. Like most of you, i like to review and reflect every New Year's - to set goals for the upcoming year. I did pretty good at achieving last year's, but I kinda lost focus on the Big Picture items...
First, my New Year's plan - not much. I'll be watching football at Bobby's all night, and then I'm dropping off Ben at the Trophy Club before midnight, and picking him up afterwards. No, I will not be going with him - I'm strictly DD'ing ! No drinking or partying this year, just taking it easy.
Now, my New Year's resolutions:
1. Find a job, and keep one all year.
2. Keep off the weight I lost this Christmas
3. Get a steady girlfriend
4. do something constructive as GOP Vice Chair
5. pay back everyone I owe money to by March
Yes, we're keeping it simple and the bar low this year.....To show that I'm thinking of you guys too, here is my wish list for you guys this year.......
Bobby - may you live three houses down from me by year's end...
Earl - May Rick Beltram become mute..
Moye - four words - Clemson Tigers, National Champs !!!
West Rhino - what I always wish, your own blog.....
Ms. X - peace , happiness and a 4.0 GPA...
Rudy Giuliani - the Republican nomination.
Hillary Clinton - the Democratic nomination, and that's it.
Lindsey Graham - may you not have a GOP challenger this year.
Our Troops - may you all be home - with a victory !
My best New Year's wishes to all of you, and a happy 2008 !!

Low Blow to the Romney Campaign in SC..

I'll just post the AP article since it goes into good deatil about it. I just want to say that this has no place in politics, and it's a pretty cheap and cowardly move.....
COLUMBIA, S.C. - Many South Carolina Republicans got a bogus holiday greeting card this week, purported to be from White House hopeful Mitt Romney, that cites some controversial passages of the Book of Mormon.
"We wish you and your family a happy holiday season and a joyful New Year. The Romney family," the card says.
The last page features a photograph of a temple above a box that says "Paid For By The Boston Massachusetts Temple."
Romney's campaign said it had nothing to do with the cards, postmarked Thursday from Columbia with a 41-cent stamp, and Boston Temple President Ken Hutchins said Saturday he first heard about the mailing Friday from a woman in Charleston.
Hutchins said the temple had nothing to do with sending mail to South Carolina Republicans, who go to the polls on Jan. 19 in a key early primary.
"It is sad and unfortunate that this kind of deception and trickery has been employed," said Will Holley, Romney's South Carolina spokesman. "There is absolutely no place for it in American politics."
South Carolina Republican Party Chairman Katon Dawson said he intends to "contact the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Elections Fraud Division and other appropriate authorities, provide them the copy of the mail piece delivered to South Carolina Republicans and ask for a thorough investigation into this matter."
There was no indication how many of the cards were mailed, but Dawson said he got calls from several people who reported receiving them.
"I think it would be nice if somebody got to the bottom of this," Hutchins said.
The card contains passages that underscore some differences between the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and those of denominations that are prevalent in South Carolina.
"We have now clearly shown that God the Father had a plurality of wives, one or more being in eternity by whom He begat our spirits as well as the spirit of Jesus His first born, and another being upon the earth by whom he begat the tabernacle of Jesus, as his only begotten in this world," reads one passage from Orson Pratt, cited on the card as an "original member of the Quorum of Twelve Apostles."
The card also cites a passage on Mary's virgin birth that underscores her race. "And it came to pass that I looked and beheld the great city of Jerusalem, and also other cities. And I beheld the city of Nazareth; and in the city of Nazareth I beheld a virgin, and she was exceedingly fair and white." On the card, "fair and white" are in a bolder, larger font and on a separate line.
Hutchins said the mailing hurts his temple, which, like the parent Mormon church, stays out of politics.
"They have no business using that name or referring to the temple," Hutchins said. "It's a very hurtful thing and creates a misleading impression in peoples' minds." Hutchins said he alerted Tagg Romney, one of Romney's sons, and church authorities about the mailings.
Romney's faith has been a recurring issue in South Carolina, where Christian conservatives dominate the GOP primary. Romney overcame some of those doubts this fall when he picked up an endorsement from Bob Jones, the chancellor of Greenville-based, Christian fundamentalist Bob Jones University.
Such a mailing isn't surprising for South Carolina politics, a state known for political mudslinging and backdoor maneuvering.
Those tactics backfire, said Warren Tompkins, a political consultant who ran George Bush's 2000 campaign in South Carolina and now is Romney's top consultant in the state. "Anything this outrageous and childish and nonsensical would have a significant fallout on whoever did it and on whose behalf it was done," Tompkins said.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Congrats to the Pats......

Well, the Giants played them tough at least..... After trailing by 12 pts in the 3rd quarter, the Patriots finished their perfect season by beating my G-Men 38-35. They also got all the records that they wanted. Tom Brady got TD pass No. 50, Randy Moss caught TD number 23, and they broke the scoring record too. They still have the playoffs , and it won't be easy............

One question: the game was on NFL Network, but why did they simulcast on BOTH CBS and NBC ?? They forgot about Fox News, Food Network and Noggin !!! Doesn't everyone get CBS or NBC? Why both? Anyway , congratulations again to the Patriots on their undefeated season...


Silence !!.....I Kill You !! It's Achmed the Dead Terrorist....

Need a good laugh at Al-Qaeda's expense? Check out puppeteer Jeff Dunham's latest character, Achmed the Dead Terrorist. It's hilarious...

The Hannah Montana Scandal... Sort Of.

Fresh off of the Jamie Lynn Spears pregnancy scandal, we've got another one - although it's not really the star's fault. It involves 'Hannah Montana' star Miley Cyrus. Those of you closer to my age might know her Dad - 'Achy Breaky Heart' star Billy Ray Cyrus.
Next to 'High School Musical', she may be the biggest star and influence on young girls right now. Little girls will do almost anything to meet her, or get tickets to her shows. And some Moms will go even further.......
It seems that one Mom told the lie of all lies to get tickets for her daughter.... She wrote that the girl's father died in Iraq.. Simply terrible. Naturally, of the 1000 entries, hers was the most gutwrenching, and she won. But, for every lie, there is usually soemone who catches the lie.
The story made the local news, and people familiar with the casualty list never heard of the man the mother said died. At the event, where the daughter got a makeover as well, the local TV crew called her on the lie, and Mom admitted she made the whole thing up.
It gives you an idea of what kind of lengths parents will go to just to keep their kids from crying. They want to be their kids buddies - not their parents. As the kid of Old School parents, i can tell you that I wouldn't even think of wasting my parents time with BS like this. If I did, i would have had my ass kicked... This kind of story insults all the families of those who did give their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan, but I'm sure Mom is pretty embarrassed too by now...

Friday, December 28, 2007

So You Thought You Were Inventive Naming Your Kid Sophia or Aiden?? Think Again..

The list of the most popular baby names for 2007 was just released. As we all, this year's popular baby names become the names of next year's porn stars, so expect a lot of Sophia's and Isabella's on DVD soon....

Maybe it's me, but the names seem to get weirder year after year, but then again, my family is made up of bunch of Tom's and Mary's.....Here's the list.

Top 10 Girl Names

Top 10 Boy Names


Post Number 800 - We Tip Our 40 To Ya, G!!

There's been a lot of time on my hands the past few weeks, so we got to 800 pretty quick. At least it's given you guys plenty to read. Hopefully, they're still worth reading.
I have NOTHING on the docket for this weekend. Bobby is going to Virginia for the weekend, so I'll be stuck in the house with no where to go. Thank God there will be plenty of football this weekend !! Also, my Giants are the last road block to the Patriots perfect season. It doesn't sound like they're too interested in really winning it, so I'd say the perfect season will happen.
Have a great weekend, and I'll see if anything comes to mind for Post Number 801.....

Confused ?? A Lot of GOP Voters Are...

George Isn't the Only One..... 40% of Them Can't Stick With a Candidate.....
Only six days to go til Iowa, and a disturbing poll was released this week. Among likely GOP voters, 40% of them have changed who they would vote for in the last 30 days, and 60% said that they may change again before Super Tuesday !! I haven't seen this type of confusion since that time I drove through Harlem on Father's Day.... but I digress.
With no clear frontrunner, and most voters deciding on such concrete things as 'he sounds presidential' and 'he seems like a nice guy', it's not surprising. Voters don't vote with their brains all the time - or probably even a majority of the time, and it's sad. Voting for the president really isn't something you should get excited about - that's what football is for. It's a decision that should be made with your head - like picking a bank or a mutual fund. You decide what is important to you FIRST, then check out the candidates records - not what they say at a podium.
The Dems are not immune to the vote change, but to a lesser extent. Only 20% have changed their vote, but that's because they're all sheep anyway... They are solid on either Hillary or Obama, and that's fine with me. The GOP nomination is going to be a real dogfight, one that will go well past Super Tuesday. There is no clearcut leader, and i don't think Iowa , New Hampshire or even South Carolina will clear it up. Each has a different strategy, and none of them are playing out as planned. Don't expect the voters to clear it up either - none of them can make up their minds anyway.......

The Job Outlook Brightens......

I've been holding back from talking about it, since I've had a lot of disappointments over the last few months, but it looks like I finally have work lined up.... In fact, I may even get my old job back, which would be nice, because they paid me pretty well.

On to what I know for sure.... I interviewed with Victory Chevy in Darlington, and they said I'm the guy they're looking for. The new manager is a very old acquaintance, so he knows we'll get along fine. He's going to work on a package for me, and although it will likely be at a subsistance wage, it's work. The only down side is that he wants to wait abotu 2 weeks before I start. Honestly, i have no idea why, but I've come to expect the unexpected from these guys.... Their delay may cost them.

I spoke to my old boss at Newsome Automotive, and there is a big shakeup going on, and the old service manager is coming back. I went to see him immediately to let him know I was available. Like Victory, he needs a week or two to evaluate, but he knows there are people that need to go. So, I may hear from Newsome before I start at Victory....

It's a little confusing, but the good news is that I'll have an offer on the table by Wednesday, and I might get back the extra $20k a year I lost. Sweet. Either way, it'll be nice just to get back to work. Thanks for all the words of support during this tough time.


I Get a Voodoo Doll for My Sweetie...

As you know, Ms. X is taking a vacation from me to sort out some personal things. I have no idea how long this will last, but I can tell you that I'm really starting to miss her. It's been 2 weeks since I last saw her, and over a week since I've heard from her. It is the holidays, and I'm sure she's fine, but that doesn't mean I don't miss her a lot. Well, I've developed a way to let her know how I feel....

Yep, I got a voodoo doll.... Now, before you go thinking that I'm going to use it to stick pins in it and cause her pain and discomfort, let me clear your mind. I'm using it to support her. In the same way you stick pins in them, you can use them for positive things without being there. I'm going to use it to rub her neck, which she loves, play with her hair, and maybe give her a big hug. Now, i did drop it once, so Ms. X - if you're reading this, and your left foot hurts for no reason, that may be why !! ;)

OK, I didn't get a voodoo doll. That would be creepy.... Miss ya, baby. Hope all is well........


Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Candidates Weigh In on Pakistan..... Some Stupidly.

With the sudden shift to foreign policy as an up front topic in the presidential primary, all of the candidates took a shot at telling how they would handle the issue. It's a tough thing to do, when we don't know who killed PM Bhutto. Most of them stayed very general, while still trying to give themselves a leg up on their rivals. A couple tried to go a little past that, and they may have proved themselves not ready to lead......
For all his experience, I was expecting a lot more from Bill Richardson. To immediately call for Prime Minister Musharraf to step down without any real proof of his culpability is a kneejerk move. The man was our UN Ambassador for Pete's sake !! He could have really helped his cause by pointing to his true knowledge and experience, but instead he tried to stick out. He has done that, but for the wrong reason....
Then we have Ron Paul. Like a textbook Libertarian, which is what he is, he took out the manual on foreign policy, and of course it says "Be neutral, don't get involved in other countries." Paul immediately called for ending all funding to pakistan, and to pull out from the Middle East entirely. While I'm not a great fan of nation building, to cut off Pakistan is not in the best interest of the US.
Yes, Benazir Bhutto was the best friend of the US of all the candidates. She would have taken on the islamic extremists and pushed for a separation of religion and government - a very dangerous position in the region. For it, she has been killed. Musharraf may not be the best option, but she is gone, and he is in power. He's weaker than Bhutto, but he is trying to perform an impossible high-wire act to lead and satisfy all parties involved to keep his job. Time will likely unseat him sooner than later, but he is all we have now. To cut him off is insane. Without supporting him, the extremists will terrorize all of Pakistan, and decentralize power to a group of rogue sub-states.
With only a week to go in Iowa, the candidates are in a hurry to look good, and this was a good chance - especially with 15 networks sticking a microphone asking for your opinion. Like most stunning news developments, time needs to be taken to assess it correctly. Most of the candidates followed this wisely - some didn't.....

This Is Really, Really Bad...

Pakistani opposition leader and former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto was assassinated at a rally, just 10 days before elections were to be held. She obviously was a definite threat to current Prime Minister Pervez Musharraff, and to radical Muslims in Pakistan. No one knows for sure which side may be responsible for her death.
The timing of this could not have been worse. With Iraq finally settling down somewhat, and Afghanistan just next door, the region will no doubt be thrown into chaos. The country will be put under martial law again, but many experts feel that the breakup of Pakistan is inevitable....
The scary part of all of this is the nuclear aspect. With over 100 completed warheads, the need to have these weapons out of the hands of radical extremist is paramount. No one wants to see a rogue nuclear state in the Middle East. What Pakistan needs right now is to take a step back, let things calm down, and somehow find a peaceful resolution. Could a separate Muslim state that does not have nukes stabilize the region? Maybe, but I doubt it.
As for our own elections, this will be an issue that can separate the foreign policy fakers from the rest of the pack. Those candidates who don't know Pakistan as well as they should will suffer at the polls. Maybe the regular voters don't have a sense of the importance of today's events, but they soon will...

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Gimme a D !! Because My Laptop Won't...

Just a quick apology and explanation... I'm not sure if you've noticed, but sometimes the 'D' seems to be missing when I type. That's because the button on my laptop is a bit broken. It works if you hit it JUST RIGHT, but not all the time. I usually catch it , but I'm sure some have gotten through.
We here at SC6 pride ourselves on our literacy (and our 510 verbal SAT score), so if we have annoyed anyone by typing posts like this........." ick urbin is a ickhea !! " Then we apologize....

SC6's 2007: The Year in Review....

It's the end of the year, so it's time to review and reflect. To see where we were, where we are now, and what we could do differently. There is plenty I would have changed this year.....

Going into 2007, things were pretty good. I had the best Christmas in a long time, I ha move on after the disaster with Mary, and work was going great. My resolutions were as follows: lose weight, get a passport and use it, find a woman who isn't nuts, join a band again, and write 500 posts. Aside from joining a band and writing only 400 posts, i came darn close!

We'ev gone through all of the 2007 posts, and here is a month-to-month recap what happened in politics, life, and me....

The Democrats take over Washington..... All the candidates announce they are running for President. I predict Bill Richardson makes too much sense to win (correct), Obama will be Hillary's biggest threat(correct), and Mike Huckabee has little chance (wrong)....... Don Luehrs leaves Channel 13 to sell Real Estate (?).......... RED loses it's appeal with Wal-Mart.....I have extra money, so I spend $24k on a car I don't really need......I plant the seed that I will be takign a big trip this year.

I introduce Chester the Mouse, a mole inside Nancy Pelosi's office who spills all the Dems secrets - no one cares......Britney Spears shaves her head........I lose my mascot/buddy Snoop Dog suddenly.........A tornado in Florida misses my sister's house by 5 blocks.........Moe's comes to Florence - homewreckers abound !!

Congress does nothing measurable.....Al Gore gets so fat, that we estimate he will weigh 800 lbs by 2030 at the current rate of inflation.......Oswego State's Hockey team wins the Division III National Championship.........The Bo Bo Spa in Marion gets shut down - no more special finish........Passports slow down to a trickle......John Edwards tries to get votes by announcing his wife's recurrance of cancer.....I challenge Jim Clyburn to a round of golf, despite my 30 handicap - he declines by not answering.... I sell my old Camry for way too little.

I get elected Vice-Chair of the County GOP - and I haven't done anything since....... Imus opens his big mouth and loses his job........The first presidential debates take place.......Bobby gets married, and I was Best Man......... the Virginia Tech massacre takes place in Blacksburg....Lindsey Graham's office gets my passport in my hands within 48 hours - all criticisms of his performance end..........I announce my trip to the Ukraine - everyone else wonders why there...


SC6 goes International. Americans learn about Eastern Europe's fear of ice, the lack of limes, and what the hell kvas is .......I miss the State Convention, not a big loss according to Earl.....Bobby leaves a dog upon my arrival back in the US - Rocket is his name.......Hundreds get sick at Clyburn's Big Fish Fry from all the political BS, causing a scene reminiscent of Jonestown....... my cousin Chris goes to Iraq in the Big Push - Al Qaeda skips town.

Sanford and the Legislature go to war over Budget Vetoes again.......Clyburn calls Clarence Thomas an Uncle Tom.......SC6 gets Paris Hilton as a Political Correspondent..........Nine Charleston Firefighters die in a furniture warehouse blaze......Fred Thompson gets hot, then takes too long to decide he wants to run......I join Rudy Giuliani's team, then Thomas Ravenel gets arrested almost immediately after I join.....I go South Beach on a BMW trip to Miami for three days.......The Sopranos ends, and all Italian actors go unemployed.....two elderly people in the Pee Dee are murdered in a week. I decide it's time to leave Maple Park.

It gets hot - REAL HOT..... I buy a new house with my buddy, Ben - he hasn't cleaned the place since........Michael Vick gets arrested........ basic summertime political wrangling as the candidates vie for votes....... i turn 39, and I start to live like I'm not gonna make 40........ I do happen to run into a beautiful blonde with blue eyes known as Ms. X - things pick up.

The 100 plus temps keep up, and it starts to take it's toll at work. As i put it on August 7th, "It's HOT, evryone is cranky, it needs to cool off." It doesn't.....Charles Butler decides he wants to run for Clyburn's seat - SC6 breaks the story......I get to spend two hours watching Rudy Giuliani in action - I'm sure I picked the right guy.........I infamously bribe Earl out of the Treasurer's race with Arby's and a Ukrainian Beer Team t-shirt..... Ms.X and I bond.

Sept. 11th - things fall apart fast. I lose my job, unemployment benefits, and my sanity........Newt Gingrich tests the presidential waters.....Clyburn kisses Hillary's ass in public.......SC6 gives it's readers a bevy of ways to pick a candidate - Astrology, Chinese Zodiac, even on the issues alone.......Rick Beltram says soemthign stupid - again..........Mahmoud Ahmadinejad comes to the US - we suggest he visit DisneyWorld, then go home.......My old employer keeps me from getting a new job. I introduce SC6 readers to Ms. X, then I quit blogging - for a day....... Sen. Larry Craig's tapping foot makes the headlines........

With the extra time, I write nearly 100 posts this month. I still can't find a job, but I do find a good shrink........Carolina and Clemson lose students to a house fire in Ocean Isle Beach, NC......SoCal goes up in flames also........Florence County Sheriff Kenney Boone switches parties..... SC6 runs it's successfully popular "Extreme Pumpkins" for Halloween....... The Red Sox win the Series, the Yankees lose Joe Torre......I write the Reino Quiz, so you get to know me better...... Al Gore wins the Nobel Peace prize - Hell Freezes Over.

I find stopgap work at my brother's body shop in Hilton Head...... the posts start to slow down. I get lots of time on the radio, unpaid...... I step down from RED's Board of Directors......Rudy and Hillary start to slip in the polls.......

Christmastime, and I'm not feeling it. Plenty of interviews, but no one is deciding whether to hire me or not........ Huckabee is on the rise........I get asked to do the radio show, then it gets cancelled at the last second........Work at my brother's shop dries up for the holidays..........Ms. X takes time off to fix things, and I probably should have kept quiet about it. I'm supposed to hear on work tomorrow, but I've said that before...

2007 was definitely one to remember - for good and bad. I've made a lot of mistakes, and I've done a lot right as well. The worst is about over, and I look forward to a quieter and more productive 2008. Maybe no one is giving me a chance just yet, but someone will, and they'll be glad they did. I think I caught most of the big events, if not tell me what was big for you guys.......


Sanford and Clyburn Will Not Endorse ?? I Don't Believe It.

I was reading an article on SC Hotline today that said both Governor Mark Sanford and Congressman Jim Clyburn will not endorse a presidential candidate in next month's primaries. I suppose there is a possibility that both will sit it out, but I have my doubts, especially in Clyburn's case.
Why would they bypass the opportunity to exert some influence on the election? Well, I think they have different reasons. I think Sanford is honestly torn a bit. He supported McCain in 2000, but I've felt a bit of support for Rudy Giuliani this year. The conspiracy side of me thinks that he is a possible VP candidate, and he is playing the field by playing it safe. Supporting one would tick the other off, and if his pick loses the nomination, he's done.
Clyburn's motivation is similar to reason #2 listed for Sanford. He says that by endorsing a candidate, he would be jeopardizing South Carolina's early primary status. RIGHT... That's the biggest pile of crap I've heard in the primary so far. One guy is gonna bow th whole primary by endorsing a candidate? He must really think he's important. Four years ago already proved that Clyburn has little pull with voters after his Dick Gephardt/John Kerry fiasco. Here's the real reason......
Big Jim has a game plan. Like I've said before, he wants to make it look like he is handing South Carolina on a silver platter to either Clinton or Obama, so he can hit them up to be Secretary of Transportation if they win in November. It looked like a sure thing for Clinton in the Summer and Fall, when Clyburn gushed how 'I respect no one more than Hillary'. Boy , he sure has cooled off since Obama made his run.
My gut tells me that he is for Obama, but when the races are so close, he can't afford to pick one and be wrong. If Obama wins Iowa, and he gets a clear 5 point lead in South Carolina, my guess is Jim will come out at the last minute and endorse Obama - he can't stay out, he thinks he's too important. He has some definite plans, and if he goes the Switzerland route, both Obama and Clinton will remember it, and both will tell him to stick it. Terry Alexander and Robert Ford would have a better shot at a Cabinet gig if he sits out.....

Christmas Economic Report: Ehh !

The numbers are starting to roll in for how retailers did during the Christmas season.... an it's not that great. No surprise, the overall economy is kinda spotty right now. Personally, aside from two very inexpensive gifts for Ms. X, I didn't buy a thing. Nada. Such is my state of affairs.
Now, before you write off the year, there is a bit of a silver lining. Those ever popular gift cards make up about 30% of overall sales, and the retailers don't count them until they are used. Betcha didn't know that. So, you have until the end of the year to use them and have it count for the holiday season. And how are the stores planning on getting you to use them now? Sales, of course.
So, if you want to help the economy, get out and use that gift card that Aunt Sophie got you !! I'm keeping an eye out for any sales at Kohl's.....

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

My Family Takes Me On a Guilt Trip For Christmas..

Merry F**kin' Christmas, everyone !!! It's been an interesting one for sure. I went to Bobby's for a nice Christmas breakfast and present opening. I got more than I was expecting, but Bobbo's family is kinda that way - they always get an additional gift or two you'd never think of. I got an East Carolina flag for the house, a replacement N. Carolina cap that Rocket had chewed up as a puppy, an FMU sweeatshirt, an emergency cellphone charger, and a Kohl's gift card. Things seemed to be going pretty well, despite the obvious shortcomings of this year. Then my phone rings......

My two brothers are on the phone, giving me a hard time about not coming down to Charleston for dinner. Now, my sister in law does make the best lasagna this side of my late Mom, but no one called to invite me, and I'm broke. How broke? I'll tell you exactly. I have $47 in my wallet, and $65 in the bank, which has to get me through till January 15th, which is when my firdt paycheck (provided I have this job) and my tax returns will arrive. On this $112, $43 will be deducted on the 1st for my overdraft payment, so I have $69 to eat and fill my gas tank on for 3 weeks. Good luck.

My brother's offer - he'll pay for gas. Not that I don't appreciate it, but there are two problems: first, my one brother hasn't paid me the $250 for working last week yet, and he's not offering it right now. If i got the $250, i'd be there, no problems. Secondly, that being said, there is NO WAY that I can get through three weeks on $69, so i already know that I'm going to have to borrow a little cash from someone. I've gone a week without having to beg for something, so i'm trying to stretch it out before the inevitable comes. Yeah, it's Christmas, but my family doesn't really care about each other that much, so why go on the big charade? To me , it doesn't feel like Christmas. Compared to last year, this Christmas sucks... I'm poor, and I'm stuck in limbo by almost everything in life that matters. In short, I didn't need this shit today.

I feel better for getting it out. Merry Christmas.


Monday, December 24, 2007

Since They Don't Have the Yule Log On TV, We're Bringing It to You..

Hey, maybe it's not your favorite, but we here at SC6 are trying to bring the holiday spirit to you. Therefore, since you can't watch the boring Yule Log on Christmas Eve anymore (at least not where I can find), we're bringing it to you!!
Here's the log, now just play some cheery Christmas music, and you're all set !!

Need to Break the Monotony of the Holidays? Take the Sportscenter Greatest Highlight Survey..

Tire of chatting with your Aunt Tillie about her bunyan problem for the last two hours? Well, such is how things are for Christmas. I avoid Pops so I don't have to hear bullshit stories from 1945. We all have our crosses to bear in life....

Well, if you really need to get away for a few minutes, you can take part in ESPN's Greatest Highlight Survey. They list out 100 All-time sports highlights, and you get to pick ten. The top eight get chosen, then Chris Berman adds his eight favorites. I wish I thought my opinion was as important as America's, but I imagine Berman's got an ego the size of Texas. The top 16 will be bracketed in January to find Number 1.

All you have to do is log onto , then type in greatest highlights, and then pick your favorites. There, now you have to find something else to do the rest of the day!!!!


Merry Christmas.....

"In the sixth month, God sent the angel Gabriel to nazareth, a small town in Galilee to a virgin pledged to be married to a man named Joseph, a descendant of David. The virgin's name was Mary. The angel went to her and said, 'Greetings to you who are highly favored! The Lord is with you."
" Mary was greatly troubled at his words and wondered what kind of greeting this might be. But the angel said to her, 'Don not be afraid, Mary, for you have found favor with God. You will be with child and give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus. He wil be great and will be called the Son of the Most High. The Lord God will give him the throne of his father David, and he will reign over the house of Jacob forever. His kingdom will never end."
'How will this be', Mary asked the angel, 'since I am a virgin?' The angel answered, 'The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you. So the holy one to be born will be called the Son of God.' "I am the Lord's servant", Mary answered. "May it be to me as you have said". Then the angel Gabriel left.
Luke 1:26-38.
That's what Christmas is about, Charlie Brown. Thanks to everyone for your warm wishes, and may you have peace and happiness this Christmas....

Jesus and Santa Claus Endorse Rudy...

Okay, maybe not..... But hey, if Barack Obama can pull out someone as ridiculous as Oprah, then I can say Santa and Jesus are for Rudy....
I could draw this one out, but I'll stay away from quoting our Lord and Savior...Merry Christmas !!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Things Are Tough All Over...

It looks like I'm not the only one having a hard time financially around the holidays. I did get my rent from Hiro Friday, but attached to it was a request that I not deposit it until the 24th. Kind of funny, considering that Hiro doesn't speak a word of English - I guess someone wrote it for him. Hey, the guy pays me early, so of course i'm holding onto it.

Then I talked to Matt tonight. The first bad news: he doesn't need me to work this week. Not a surprise. Body shops might as well be closed on Christmas week. The second bad news: he probably can't pay me for last week yet. Uh....... Now we have a problem. I could really use the money to tide me over til I get paid around the 14th or 15th, which is about the same time I'll get my tax return. Is it January yet?????

Looks like I'll be on my Ramen Noodle - Beenie Weenie - PB&J diet for a few more weeks !! But, there is light at the end of the tunnel. It looks good for the job in Darlington, so a steady income flow should be returning soon. That reminds me - I need to pray again. Only two days til Christmas, so get that last minute gift ASAP !!


SC6 Lists the Best Movies I've Seen in 2007.....

Uh...... I haven't gone to the movies in 2007. Sorry !! Maybe instead, you guys could tell us your favorite movies from this year. Tell us which comedy/drama/action/chick flick floated your boat, then maybe I'll have something to get on Netflix...


My Pirates Are Getting Dissed......

This is an ECU doormat, which is exactly what they are expected to be against #24 Boise State in Hawaii Tonight......

Keeping in the holiday spirit, I'm spending my Sunday watching football pregame shows. Maybe it's not quite as merry as practicing Christmas carols, but it's what most of us guys do... ESPN has an online survey for each of the bowl games, as readers vote on each bowl game who they think will win. Tonight's East Carolina-Boise State game is going 98% in favor of Boise State - I kid you not, 98 PERCENT !!!

No, my Pirates are not getting much respect in today's Hawaii Bowl. Maybe they're just there for the sun and fun, but they are better than most people give them credit for. They can put some points on the board, and Boise State isn't playing on their home blue Smurf Turf. Then again, Boise State is 10-2, with one of those losses coming against undefeated Hawaii... Maybe it is a lost cause.. Boise State 35-17.


Saturday, December 22, 2007

Florida State Does It Again... 36 Players To Miss Bowl Game in Academic Scandal.....

Bobby, time for the "Free Shoes University" jokes again.... A cheating scandal at FSU will leave about 3 dozen football players at home when they play Kentucky in the Dec. 31st Music City Bowl....
Does that even leave enough players to field a team? No douby Ed Palmer will not have much to talk about this week..

Erection 2008: Tancredo Takes His One Trick Pony Show Off the Road....

I think I'm a little late on this one, but I hadn't read until today that Tom Tancredo had officially quit his campaign for President. Good for him. He said he wasn't ever really into being President, but that he felt that Immigration would be an ignored issue. He was pretty wrong about that. Maybe the media wasn't with the program a year or two ago, but the voters were.
His was the most hardline position on Immigration - some would say he was almost racist - but the rest of the GOP has put enough of a hard line to probably satisfy him enough to get out. I think that leaves us with only 15 GOP candidates left.
Duncan Hunter, you are now on deck....................

Ex- NY Giant Walking Across America for 9/11...

Here's a good Christmastime feelgood story. George Martin, who spent 14 years playing football for the New York Giants in the 70's and 80's, is walking across America from NY to San Francisco to raise money for the first repsonders of 9/11.....

Right now, Martin is in western Tennessee, and he has raised over $1.6 million to help pay the medical bills for New York's police and firefighters. Not bad at all......

Being a lifelong Giant fan through good times and bad, I'm proud of all the good work that guys like Martin and Harry Carson have done over the years. Lawrence Taylor hasn't quite done as much....

If you want to check out the website, or to donate money, here it is.....


Inside My Home's Hidden Shame... The Monkey Wallpaper !

I know I've taken you guys for a tour on my house. It really is a nice hut, but for all it's Faux-Charleston charm, the big yard and the good neighborhood, it hides a dirty little secret.... The Monkey Wallpaper in the half-bath....

Yes, it's a nightmare right out of the Wizard of Oz ! I remember the real estate agent didn't want to show it to me for fear of me backing out of buying the place, but it didn't stop me. It's really odd, because every square inch of the house was freshly painted, except for this. Someday I'll correct this. Luckily, I never use this bathroom, so it's not so annoying. A closer look at the paper reveals the true absurdity of this stuff......

Yes, the monkeys are all playing musical instruments ! I have no idea what the guy who designed this paper was smoking when he thought of this, but I want some pronto ! I can just imagine coming home in a drunken stupor, looking at this nightmare while taking a leak, and totally freaking out.......

I need to get some paint.


Friday, December 21, 2007

My Christmas Wishes to You....

I was going to send this out a bit closer to Christmas Day, but then I realized that a lot of you are travelling today, and you might not have the time to check my blog.
I'm not in the holiday mood for obvious reasons, but I honestly can say that I have had worse Christmases (1991 comes to mind). While I might lack some of the things that make the holidays more joyous this year, I try to focus on the real reason we celebrate Christmas - the birth of Jesus Christ. Little sweet Baby Jesus, lying in the manger - woo hoo ! Sorry.
Here's a wish that you have a safe and fun weekend, and may you get whatever you want for Christmas. I'm kinda hoping for a job, and for my sweetie to come back in time. Maybe not today on either one of those, but I'll wait it out. I've learned to be very patient lately. Just know that if you care enough about me to read this blog, then I owe each of you something. May I give each of you whatever you want...
Merry Christmas !

Poll: Hillary Is Smarter than Bill..

No Duh.. If Bill were smarter, this is where they'd be living..........
A recent poll showed that a majority of Americans think that Hillary Clinton is smarter than her husband, the former President. Overall, Hillary won by a 43-29% margin, with the remaining 28% saying they are both evil....
Mrs. Clinton won the majority of both Men and Women, so it isn't just a sex thing.... That's why guys fear Hillary. Smart women scare us to death. You can't win an argument, you can't trick her - it's a lost cause. Then you end up spending your entire life timid in the corner, saying 'Yes Dear'....... I'm just kidding - I like smart chicks !
Is Hillary smarter than Bill? Does this mean that she has a free ticket to the White House based on that alone? Are they both evil?

Rick Beltram Backs Romney... Mitt's Numbers Go Straight to Zero Percent !!

That's right , Mitt... That's a BIG GOOSE EGG !!
Not all endorsements are good ones. A poll taken in South Carolina revealed that Mitt Romney's entire support has vanished since a confirmation of his gaining the support of Spartanburg GOP Chair / Dunderhead Rick Beltram. Yes, literally overnight, Romney has gone from 15-20% to absolute zero - not a single vote !
To some , this is no suprise at all. State Newspaper legend Lee Bandy said, "There are a lot of variables to endorsements. Some have a positive effect, some may not. It all is dependent on the source of the endorsement." Earl Capps was more to the point... "Rick Beltram is a tool. He just killed Romney as if he shot him."

The Perfect Christmas Gift - KITT From 'Knight Rider'..... Hasselhoff Not Included.

Still searching for that last minute gift for the person who has everything? May we suggest you go on Ebay and bid on KITT. Yep, the stock TransAm with the blinky red lights in front and the smarmy voice coming out of the dash is for sale. I have no idea what it's going for - I'm too lazy to look it up.
Now your Christmas shopping is complete !

Someone's Not In the Holiday Spirit...

'There, The F***in' Lights are Up.... Now Can I Go Watch Football ??'

Thursday, December 20, 2007

It Looks Like the MiniBus Driver Was the Retarded One...

Special Needs Bus Driver Arrested for Soliciting a Prostitute..
This guy either had a lot of balls, or he's pretty stupid. A suburban Detroit school bus driver was arrested for soliciting sex from an undercover cop - while driving special needs students to school!!
According to reports, he picked up one student when he passed the cop on the street, and he propositioned her. After picking up three more students, he passed the cop again, where he said he would pick her up after dropping the kids off at school. At least he was THAT considerate ! He returned, where he was arrested immediately.
I guess they don't do much of a background check on these guys, or this dumb schmuck just wasn't thinking. My guess is he was thinking with something else......

One Twisted View of Christmas....

Reindeer In Bondage !!!

Thanks, Bobby.


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Ms. X - Wise Beyond Her Years....

I need to give a small apology to Ms. X - maybe it's not necessary, but I feel the need to give it. Last weekend, she told me she was considering quitting her job - a job that was very stressful and unsettling in some respects to her. Her job was pretty much the only place I saw her, so like an idiot who was feeling sorry for himself, I asked how would I see her if she quit... In hindsight , I feel like a dick.
Her work was starting to affect her health, her family life, her school, and probably a few other things I wasn't aware of, and all I seemed to care about was myself. I'm so blind sometimes, i didn't even read the comment she left correctly until tonight. Duh......
Most people get 'trapped' into a job often times. They get lured by the money, the future, or they're scared half to death of being unemployed. I've been there... But my Princess is a pretty smart cookie for a 23 yr old. She left the job that was having such a negative effect on her life. I needed to tell her now good for you. I am SO proud of you, and I should have said this Friday...... Forgive me for being selfish. Take the time off that you need, and if you need me , I am only a phone call or e-mail away.
Maybe this will open the door for us to be together away from work finally. I'm not ashamed to say that I need you - probably a lot more than you need me. Times are tough for me too, and your love and support have been golden to me. Perhaps we can see each other through this rough patch. If you need space, i'll do it - It'll suck big time !!
Once again, you did the smart thing, I'm very proud of you, and I love you, Princess !

Vladimir Putin Is Named Time Magazine's 'Man of the Year'.

Is That a Hat, or is Putin Sporting a 'Kid N Play Haircut ??
Further proving their Neo-Communist leanings once again, Time Magazine named Russian strongman Vladimir Putin it's Man of the Year. Nevermind the constant rumor that he ok'd the poisoning of a reporter that was exposing secrets in London - he seems like an okay guy !!
I can tell you that in the Ukraine, Putin is very popular for re-establising Russia as a force in Europe - even if the country is broke. Perception is everything. I wait with anticipation for the multihyphenated comments from West Rhino on this one.....

Happy Birthday to SC6 As It Turns Two !!

Barney and the Rest of the World Celebrates SC6's Anniversary.....

Two years ago today in my old apartment in Charleston,SC, I began the little blog you are reading now. Though only 4 or 5 of you post regularly, apparently there are many more who log on to learn about politics, life in the Pee Dee, or to see if i have a job or not.

After 2 years and 769 posts, some days are harder than others to find things to keep you guys entertained, but I keep trying. It has served it's original purpose - I still haven't written a Leter to the Editor since I started this !! For that, Harry Logan at the Florence Morning News must be thankful...

Being only two, the blog still requires assistance.. It isn't potty trained, and it says things it shouldn't, and sometimes it spits up it's lunch - but it's getting there. Will it make it to Three? We'll see. Thanks for reading and posting, gang !