Thursday, January 31, 2008

Perfection or Plaxico ? It's SC6's Super Bowl XLII Pick.

Will the Giants Let This One Slip Through Their Hands?? Uhhhh.
Three days til the big game. Will the Patriots finish the greatest season in NFL history, or do the Giants ruin history by pulling off the big upset? It will be a lot like other Super Bowls, but I doubt Tom Petty will whip out his boobs or imitate a phallus at halftime. I digress - onto the game !!
Patriots vs. Giants
Is Tom Brady's foot okay? Is Eli Manning still flying high with confidence? Has the Giants secondary healed enough to keep up with the Pats receivers? Did Bill Belichick get enough time to set up all his cameras? Kidding......
Like any big game, it could go either way - unless you think the Giants will blow out the Pats. That's not happening. The Giants offense has done a great job mixing up the run and pass, and they're going to need to do the same to keep Tom Brady off the field. Stopping Brady will not be easy. The Jags and Chargers did keep Randy Moss off the scoreboard, but they're playing indoors, and the Giants secondary doesn't match well with Moss. Like the last game of the season, expect a big game from Number 18.
It won't be the total offensive track meet (38-35) like in Week 17, but I'm thinking Eli Manning will finally be forced into making a mistake or two, Brady will take advantage of it, and they'll win by 10. Then the rest of the NFL will concede another Lombardi Trophy or two, and Brady will be bronzed and sent to Canton immediately... Patriots 27-17.

So when Is Mitt Romney Getting Steven Seagal's Endorsement?

It's been a big week for John McCain and action star endorsements. First, he got Sly Stallone, now he's got Arnold Schwarzenegger. I'm not sure who Bruce Willis is for, but if McCain can pull it off, he'd have a Planet Hollywood Trifecta......
Clearly, there is a big fight going on for the 'tough-guy' vote here. Why not? If you can't be tough, get a badass to be tough for you. This now puts McCain in a tie with Mike Huckabee at two tough guys apiece. Mitt Romney as got a lot of ground to make up, but it can be done - after all, Hulk Hogan and Jean-Claude Van Damme are still out there.
Like other endorsements, do these really matter? Of course not. But, it does make the events more fun to go. In this crazy election year, anything goes. Which reminds me - who is Jackie Chan voting for??

Yeee Ha !! It's Whiplash, The Rodeo Monkey....

He's a Rootin', Tootin' ,Sheep-Rustlin' Monkey !!
Are you tired of talking about politics? I am.. I spent literally about five hours today talking about McCain/Romney and Hillary/Obama, so i'm a bit burned out. Time to switch gears for a post here......
I give you Whiplash, the Rodeo Monkey. Yep, they strap little Whiplash on the back of a Border Collie, and he then chases sheep back into their pens. Here's a YouTube clip to catch Whiplash in action. You might notice, it looks like he's trying to pick up rocks as he rides along to throw at the sheep. Just what everyone loves - a rock chuckin' monkey....

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Carcasses of Ex-Presidential Candidates Are Starting to Pile Up..

Edwards and Giuliani Drop Out, and That's Okay With These Two.
Super Tuesday couldn't come fast enough for a couple of the campaigns this week. Rudy Giuliani dropped out as expected, and John Edwards surprised at least me by dropping out today. As the field whittles down, the races will now get a bit more focused and personal.
The Dems are down to Hillary and Obama. I know that most of you think that Edwards leaving will help Clinton, but I still think that more of the Edwards people see Obama as the agent of change, and he will benefit more. Will it be enough? I'm not sure. We'll see.
The GOP race is still a three way race for now - no, Ron Paul doesn't count! He should quit wasting podium space at the debates, and let the leaders take it from here. Mike Huckabee is still a bit of a player right now, since he is leading in a few Southern states, but it won't be enough after Super Tuesday. He might win three or four, Romney will take about the same, and McCain will get most of the big delegate states. Huckabee will then be down, and flat broke. Then it becomes McCain and Romney. But you guys know all that already......

OK, OK.. I'll Give Y'all a Multiple Choice Super Bowl Question !

Here Is the Answer to Yesterday's Question - Zero. The Minnesota Vikings Have Never Scored a Single First Half Point in Their Four Super Bowls...

Alright, no one wants to play with me if I keep asking the tough questions, so I'll drop the skill level from 'Jeopardy' level to more of a 'Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader' level... Here you go..

Which of these players was NOT a Super Bowl MVP ?

Ottis Anderson

Fred Biletnikoff

Walter Payton

Jake Scott


I Got It !! YouTube Clips From the Russian 'Married With Children'..

Remember during my trip to the Ukraine last year, when the only show I could watch was this Russina version of 'Married with Children'? Well, I found clips from it on YouTube. Apparently, I wasn't not the only American stuck in the Eastern Bloc with no TV to watch.... I thought I'd post the address, so you guys can watch a short clip of it.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Rest In Peace, Team Rudy.

Well, no one will try running for President this way again, eh? The early numbers are coming in from the Florida Primary, and my boy Rudy Giuliani is coming in a distant third. If this holds up, it's entirely possible that he will drop out of the race, rather than waiting until Super Tuesday, where he could lose his home state of New York. Too bad...

I thought Rudy would make a solid, if unspectacular, President. Yeah, he's not everyone's cup of tea, but I agreed with him on almost everything, and I was impressed with him when we met this summer. Back then, we were riding pretty high, but the air came out of the blimp somewhere along the way.

Obviously, the strategy failed badly - it was basically the political equivalent of the prevent defense, and it worked in much the same way - it prevented him from winning. No one will skip the early primaries again. It may be known from this point on as 'pulling a Giuliani'. There were other factors - Fred Thompson's entry, and John McCain's resurrection definitely cost him. But the majority of the blame has to go on the team.

I hear that Rudy HAD to skip the early states because he wasn't going to do well in them. Most forget that Giuliani was leading South Carolina well into the Fall, was second in New Hampshire and third in Iowa. They traded those places in for sixth when they insulted all of them by skipping the necessary campaigning. The guy who made this decision probably won't work another political campaign in his life. This is the political equivalent of the '78 Red Sox, the '51 Dodgers, or the '07 Mets in terms of collapse. It's THAT bad...........

What about 2012? Forget it. The second try rarely goes as well as the first, with John McCain and Ronald Reagan being the exceptions. Once you have that big 'L' stamped on your forehead, it's hard to wash off. Rudy can rest up, enjoy himself again, and work from the sidelines. Take my word - sometimes it more fun that way..


More Super Bowl Trivia... I'll Make it Easier.

Poor Gale Gilbert..... Always a bridesmaid, never a Super Bowl winner. Yep, Gilbert rode on the bench behind Jim Kelly's Buffalo Bills from SBXXV thru XXVIII, then in number XXIX, he was with the San Diego Chargers in their buttwhipping from the 49ers. At least he got to play in that game. He is yesterday's trivia answer.
Yeah, these have been pretty tough, so i'll try to make this one a little easier. Here's today's trivia question...
The Minnesota Vikings have lost all four of their Super Bowls. How many points did they score in the first half of those four games?

Monday, January 28, 2008

SC6 Auto News: Mercedes - Benz Unveils It's $15000 Car..

Speaking of 'German Superiority', Mercedes-Benz has proudly released it's new SCL 600 model - a car that will revolutionize life as we know it. Despite having power everything, electric doors that open up and down (cool..), a power convertible top, and a monstrous 12-cylinder 600 horsepower engine, it's base price will be an astoundingly cheap $15k. How do they do it??

If you want the steering wheel, you're going to have to shell out an additional $200,000.
From the country that brought you the Luftwaffe, Schnitzel and David Hasselhoff..........

Hitler Was Right !!

Pseudo Story on Clyburn Endorsement Get National Attention....
One of Adolf Hitler's most famous quotes is 'The bigger the lie, the more people are to believe it." That and "My name is Humpty, I like my oatmeal lumpy." - or something to that effect. Last week, SC6 proved that it is entirely true....
I put up a completely ludicrous post stating that I got 'inside info' that Jim Clyburn would endorse Barack Obama on the eve of the primary, in exchange for a Cabinet position if Obama won the Presidency. I thought it was silly enough that everyone reading it would know that it isn't possible. I have no connections with the Democratic Party whatsoever, so how the hell would I 'know' such a guarded secret. But, I also knew that the more outrageous the claim was, the more exposure it would get......... And I was RIGHT !!
Yep, yours truly made the New York Friggin' Times last Tuesday!! In a blogger review article, only three blogs got mentioned - Brad Warthen, a legitimate newpaper guy, Adam Fogle's (Isn't that the Subway Guy - wait that's Jared Fogle) Palmetto Scoop - a paid McCain guy, and little old me. That's pretty good company, and I'm stunned to be in there.... That's not all.. My Jerry Seinfeld/Eli Manning post also made something called Boxxet, and the Mike Huckabee/ Campbell Soup Chef gets replies from across America. Not bad for a guy who finally started a job today!!
Want proof? Here's the article - just scroll down a bit...
I worry a lot that SC6 is a blog that relies more on quantity, and not quality... that it makes up for good reading by being stupid, and having a lot to talk about. Maybe that is it's niche - it stays fresh, unpredictable, funny, and - as an anonymous poster once said - "sometimes, I find it genuinely informative." I'll take it. We're quickly getting to Post Number 1000. WOW ! Thanks for reading this piece of junk, and we'll keep trying to make it interesting..

Sometimes Being Indepenent Sucks - Ask Florida.

We Americans value independence. But we also value having the guts to stand for something - anything. With that in mind, we now are starting to get into the part of the Primary Season where not everyone can vote. Just ask my sister......
I got an e-mail from Mike Huckabee's camp, asking me to call five people I know in Florida and ask them to vote for him . So, of course, I e-mailed five people and asked them to vote for Rudy. One of them was my sister Monica.
The problem is that Monica is one of those 'Independent Voters', and they are not allowed , so she'll be sitting out the primary tomorrow. The thing is, there area lot of those people out there, and it might have an effect in such a close race. On the surface, one would think that the independents would be going towards John McCain and Rudy Giuliani. It may not make a difference to Rudy, who is struggling to finish third, but it could cost McCain 57 delegates.
Those are the rules, and if you don't have the guts to pick a party, you don't get invited to the party, right?? Will it cost McCain a win? I'm guessing McCain , who got endorsements from about EVERY elected official in Florida, will win a squeaker over Mitt Romney - but I haven't asked Moye yet. What say you guys??

Carolina and Clemson Both Make Best Buys for Public Schools.

For all the bad news South Carolina education gets, here's a snippet of good news. Kiplinger's Magazine named Clemson #33 on it's nationwide best buys for public colleges, followed closely by South Carolina at #35. My college didn't make it........

Congrats to both schools, and hopefully the high schools will start making some lists too.


Stumped Y'all Again ! Take Another Stab at SC6's Super Bowl Trivia Question..

Say Hey to Five Time Super Bowl Winner Charles Haley - Yesterday's Trivia Quiz Answer..

Yep, Haley won 5 Super Bowl rings with the 49ers and Cowboys. I thought that was an easier one for you - at least compared to this one ! Good Luck.
Name the only player to lose FIVE STRAIGHT Super Bowls. Here's a clue - he was not a starter...

Sunday, January 27, 2008

More Super Bowl Trivia..

No, that's not John Elway, it's Craig Morton, who lost SuperBowl VI for Dallas, and later lost the Super Bowl for Denver - to Dallas. He is yesterday's trivia answer...

Here's today's Super Bowl trivia question...

Tom Brady is going for his 4th Super Bowl win, which would tie him with Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana. What player has won the most Super Bowls (five)?

Good Luck.


So WHO EXACTLY Are You Voting For Again ???

Boy, Some People Take a Long Time to Say Something, Don't They?

McCain Gets Florida Gov.'s Endorsement.

Here's My Personal Story on the Importance of the Crist Endorsement..
After playing cat and mouse with nearly all of the GOP Presidential field, Florida Governor Charlie Crist has put his weight behind John McCain. Why now, after staying out of it for so long? My guess is that Crist was goin gto stay out, but Mitt Romney has closed in so close to McCain that Crist felt he needed to do it to avoid a Romney victory. Will it work? We'll find out Tuesday.
With all 57 delegates going in a winner take all Tuesday, Florida is the most important Primary yet - sorry South Carolina, but it is. I'm not sure if Crist has anything against Romney, but he does seem less conservative than other leaders. McCain is leading, and Crist wanted to push whichever one would win.
Just how coveted was Crist's endorsement? Since the SC Primary is now over, I can spill the poop of what I knew and told no one. When I took my famous trip with Rudy Giuliani in July, one of the calls he made in the car was to Crist to ask for his endorsement. Crist was nice, but non-committal. You could tell even then that the Crist nod was of major importance to Team Rudy. Would he has gotten it if he were leading? Maybe. If he were just leading McCain? I don't know....
That's the poop. Nothing earth shattering, but I did get to hear it first hand. Pretty cool.....

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Obama Wins SC.. He's the Future of the Democrats, But Is He the Present?

Barack Thumps Hillary in Carolina, But Can He Go All the Way?

We've got our first asskicking in the Primaries in 2008... Barack Obama got out the vote here, and easily took South Carolina. No surprise there. When you get 80% of the black vote, and they're 50% of the total voters, you're just about there. But the big question now is can Obama do it nationwide?

To figure this one out, we have to look closer at today's numbers. We know the dominance Obama has in the minority vote, but he needs others to vote for him to not be another Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson. He has some definite positive signs for the future. Of those who voted under the age of 30, he got 50% of the vote, irregardless of race. Obama undoubtedly has the youth of America inspired. He doesn't get viewed as a black guy. His ability to cut across those gender and racial lines will give him a bright future in four years for sure. If Clinton does beat Obama this year, and she loses the November election, Obama will be almost nominated in 2012 by acclaimation.

But back to 2008... I honestly don't know. There are good signs for Obama to keep rolling along and win the nomination. He won in 97% white Iowa, but he got only 25% of the white vote here in South Carolina. The Clinton's have pushed this into a block vote partially based on race, and that could hurt Obama in the end. But my gut tells me that this guy is taking America by storm..... There were nearly 100K more votes cast in the Dems primary than in the GOP primary. These things don't happen in SC. I had two friends vote in today's Primary, and I'm sure they voted for Obama.

I've vacillated back and forth on this for a month now, but I've got a feeling that Obama has the juice to win the nomination this year. I'm wrong a lot, so don't take it to the bank. If I am wrong, Barack shouldn't worry - 2012 could very well be his year....


Think You Know a Lot About Super Bowl Trivia? Here's SC6's Question of the Day...

The Super Bowl is only 8 days away, so to celebrate and get you in the mood for the big game (Go Giants!), we're going to going to give you one trivia question each day, all the way til next Sunday.... I'm going to try and make them hard ones. I'm pretty sure you guys know your sports, so no easy ones here.

Who Is the Only Quarterback to Lose Super Bowls for two different teams?

Leave your answers in the comments....Good Luck !


Jim, That Is Some Selective Memory You Have...

This looks like a good time to rehash this picture - don't you think. Because of this mistake, poor Jim Clyburn had to stay out of this year's race. Sort of. This year's race has been a little ugly on the Democratic side. Anytime race is a major issue in a political campaign, it's ugly. I don't vote for or against anyone because of their sex or the color of their skin, but because of their stance on the issues.
In the last couple weeks, the Democratic race, it got so ugly, especially after the debate, that even the candidates chilled out a little. They said it was time to take responsibility for the ugliness, and try to end it. Jim had other ideas.........
In an interview yesterday, Jim said the reason that race became an issue was because of the discussion of the Confederate Flag in the Republican primary by Mike Huckabee. According to Jim, no one brought up race here until about the 16th or 17th when that came up. All I can say is "Jim, you are friggin' senile, crazy or full of shit"...
It's pretty sleazy when someone can't blame his own party for the ugliness that they caused. The flag issue didn't bring up the race card - the whole Hillary/MLK/LBJ discussion is what brought up race - at least a full week ahead of the flag question. Hillary said that Martin Luther King needed President Johnson to fully reach equality for blacks (stupid), and that's when Rev. Al Sharpton, and YOU, JIM all started jumping on her for it. You must have forgotten about that, but when you start getting old, things slip your mind I guess....
I'm sure that's not it. The real reason is that you're a politician , and you'll do anything to deflect the truth away from your own party, and yourself for making it worse... Luckily, most people have an idea of how this whole thing went on, and no one is taking you seriously. The more you talk, the more the press and the public realize that you're not that honest or trustworthy. And you can always count on us here at SC6 to remind you of it........

Friday, January 25, 2008

Hey Sweetie, I've Got a Message for You..

No , I Didn't Pay $160 For This, I Googled It.
You know , sometimes dumb things will make you think about someone out of nowhere. There I am at WalMart, doing some food shopping. I walk past an aisle, and there is this big pink husband pilllow on the rack. Written on it in big letters? 'Princess'. Damn!!
It reminded me that it's been about six weeks now since I've seen Ms. X, and two since I've heard from her. I got a bit riled up to see her, and I'm glad in a way to say that I couldn't find her today. I really am missing her right now, and most of the time, so excuse me as I leave another message......
Baby, I'm proud to say that I couldn't find you - ;) It's good to see you getting things straightened out, and hopefully the focus is on school, and on enjoying life. However, I really would like to see you again. Maybe the time is not right for you yet, and if it is, let me know how things are progressing. I want to make you comfortable seeing me again, so I have an idea........
I can't see you at work, so why not visit me at work? I'll be at Victory Chevrolet on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturdays for the time being. It's right at the 52/52 Bypass in Darlington, so you'll drive right past me on the way back from school. It couldn't be any easier, and I can't go anywhere , so..........whaddya say?
I don't want to be a pain in the ass, but I love you Princess, and sometimes I really need to see your beautiful smile. It's the selfish side of me. Things are getting better, but they could be so much more. Give me this little bit of trust, and I promise you'll never regret it. Have a great weekend, sweetie. <3

You're Down With OCD !! Yo' Homey, Take the Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Quiz..

Time for another quiz for everyone. I've run out of stuff about myself to quiz you guys on, but my sister sent this to me, so I'll pass it on to you. It's nice and easy. On a piece of paper, just add up the munber of times you answered 'Yes' to the questions, then multiply it by four, and that's your score. Uhh, I got an 80, but that's no surprise......
Money always all face the same direction
You have helped clean someone else's house.
You are picky about everything
You have wiped off a kids face that wasn't related to you.
You have taken three showers in one day at least once.
You "fix" things like photo frames that are sideways.
A tag coming out of someones shirt presents a problem to you.
You rock at making lists.
You're very into details.
You know how to do your own laundry.
If you cant fix something it drives you nuts.
Nothing is wrong with having things alphabetized.
You count your steps sometimes.
You have to know everything.(although I try not to)
Everything has a place.
Untied shoes bug you.
If you're walking through a store and something is off a rack you put it back.
If labels aren't facing you, you have to fix them so that they do.
Things don't have to be perfect. They just have to be the right way according to you.
I like vacuuming…it just makes the floor look better.
A cleaning product has blown your mind.
It bothers you when someone moves something out of place.
You have categorized something.
Typos drive you nuts.
You have corrected a teacher.
You have to touch a certain thing when you pass by it.
So, are you an OCD candidate? Are you sure? You better check it again....

Who Takes South Carolina? No Surprise Here.

Who's Your Daddy, Hillary? It's Obama !

I have to admit. I made up the story earlier in the week about Jim Clyburn endorsing Obama. I was just trying to stir up some shit this week... Maybe it makes us bloggers look less credible, but I think everyone knows I have NO sources in the Democratic Party, so I doubt any of you took it as gospel. This race isn't close at all, so Clyburn will be wiser to sit it out like he has, then kiss the winner's booty later. YOU GOT OFF EASY, JIM !!!!!

Yes, Obama will take the Palmetto State pretty handily. Hillary has gone elsewhere, leaving Bill and Chelsea to clean up the mess. When you're losing the black vote 4-1, and they make up 40%, winning the white vote 4-3 doesn't make up for it. I guess I'd leave to, and focus on greener pastures...

Unfortunately, John Edwards is coming in a decent, if not spectacular, third place showing, so he'll keep trudging on, which in the end will hurt Obama. Hillary is like David Beasley was in the Senate race in 2004 - he can win a split race, but one-on-one, he got no additional support. Edwards is pulling votes from Obama, not Hillary, and soon the Obama camp will pressure Edwards to drop out. I doubt it.

It gets a lot harder for Obama from here on out. This may be his last hurrah. The states get bigger, they are more establishment Democrat states, which will likely save the Clintons. As far as the Dems go, South Carolina is an abberation for the norm. It's not a typical race for them. They see it as a nice little race to gauge the African-American market - then they move on.

After tomorrow, it will get real quiet around here. All the networks will pack up and forget all about us for another four years. The Dems will consider us a lost cause, and the GOP will take us for granted, and focus on more battleground states. Hope all you guys liked Lizard's Thicket, the Corridor of Shame, and Jim's Fish Fry.....

Y'all Come Back Now.. Ya Hear?

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Eat Chicken to Support Terrorism ? Does That Make Colonel Sanders a Jihadist?

I may be changing my view on the hope that we can fix the Middle East peacefully. Why? Take a look at this ad airing on Al-Arabiya TV. Somehow they make a kooky link between eating chicken, global warming and terrorism - and how that leads back to no chickens !! Don't ask...
It leads me to think that if an Arab TV network - who are supposed to be intelligent - thinks this way, what are the ordinary citizens there thinking?? Don't they eat chicken in the Middle East? Is that the whole problem? Maybe if we stop eating chicken, the earth will cool, terrorism will end, an the world will go back to normal. Then again, I can't imagine life without my KFC, so we'll just have to live with all the problems. Here's the ad......

More Celebrity Endorsements... Stallone's Going With McCain...

If Sly Hits the Road for McCain, Look Out - I Could Be Lethal...
Only a day or two after I published my official Celebrity Endorsement Guide, we have a fresh off the presses one for you today. Mike Huckabee may have Chuck Norris working for him, but John McCain has got Rambo in his corner !
Yep. Sylvester Stallone has come out in support of McCain this week. My guess is someone at a press junket for his new movie this week asked him offhand, and Stallone said McCain - not that he's going to go out on the road for him like Norris does for Huckabee. Would you send Sly out to talk for you??
McCain-Stallone is a perfect fit. John McCain was in a Vietnamese prison for six years, and Stallone has done movies where he rescues soldiers from VC prisons - it couldn't be more perfect !!
If it were you, which guy would you rather have in your corner - Stallone or Norris ? Both kick ass in my book, but Norris does speak a little clearer, so I might go with him. It just depends on the job, I guess.

What Hillary Needs to Tell Bill...

I know, I know... Bill Clinton is trying to take the heat off of his wife by playing Bad Cop with Barack Obama. The fact is that he's really starting to piss the media off, and they're eventually going to start slamming the Clintons for Bill's big (and significantly uninformed) mouth. Bill has a habit of taking what he thinks, and then stretching it so far that it doesn't make sense anymore. Whether it's the 'fairy tale' of Iraq, falling asleep on TV, or some of the other strange statements he's made, Bill Clinton is starting to hurt the campaign.
Perhaps it's time that Hillary be like most wives whose husbands have diarrhea of the mouth, and have her tell him to clam up a bit.

Ladies, Win a Date With Drew Peterson... Maybe You'll End Up Dead Too.

What Woman Wouldn't Want a Guy That Looks Like a Walrus...
Guess it's tough being a guy who's two previous wives are dead or missing. It does make it hard to get a date, so Peterson and his attorney decided to try and do something about it.....
They both called in to a local radio show, and pitched the idea of a 'Win a Date With Drew' segment for the next day. It would be the standard Dating Game kinda format - three contestants, and Peterson would ask some questions. Among those queries: 'Do you need a boob job', 'Do you get PMS', and 'Do you work in a place where license plates hang on the wall' - WTF that last one is, i have NO idea....
Fortunately, the date idea was nixed... Not by Peterson or his attorney (what is this guy thinking?), but by the radio host. Guess they were catching some flack for the idea - that or they couldn't find three women crazy enough to go on a date with this guy. Good for them. Guess he'll just have to be alone for a while - until he gets a jail cell with 'Bubba'.....

WARNING !! This Movie May Make You Sick....

'Cloverfield' Making Viewers Nauseous at the Theater...
Ever get sick watching a movie? Me neither. I did go to one of those movies at the amusement park where the floor moves along with the camera - UGH!! Well, apparently there is a movie that is doing the same thing to it's attendees.
'Cloverfield' is a new movie where aliens (or something) attack New York , and it is shot like the viewers are using home video cameras, so ther are a lot of jerky movements in it. I guess it's kind of like the Blair Witch Project, but with better special effects - and hopefully better action than "did you hear that?".......
It seems that the way it was filmed is so jerky that literally thousands of people are complaining that they are getting sick while watching it. Some of them so badly, that they demanded refunds!! Wow. Word is that the film now has a warning before it airs, warning of the possibility of getting the pukes from motion sickness....
If i want to get sick on purpose, I'll get on a roller coaster, not go to the movies. Then again, some people might like that.....

No Justice for Maria Lauterbach..

Thanks to Various Loopholes, Cesar Laurean Will Not Face Equal Justice......If He Is EVER Caught........
Today, the Onslow County, NC District Attorney got five indictments against Cpl. Cesar Laurean for the murder of Pfc. Maria Lauterbach, among other charges. While that sounds good, there are several factors in this case that make it difficult for lauterbach to have true justice for her murder... and that of her baby.
First, let's talk about her near full-term child. It seems that North Carolina doesn't recognize a fetus as a life when a crime is committed, so there are no charges against Laurean for killing Lauterbach's baby. Maybe it's just me, but that makes you a babykiller. Nonetheless, the DA hands were tied.
Secondly, all signs are that Laurean is back in his native Mexico, and Mexico refuses to extradite murderers if they can get the Death Penalty. This is a tough call, but the DA felt that he would never get Laurean if he didn't agree to drop executing him, so he dropped the death penalty. I guess he had to, but I doubt that Mexican authorities are busting their asses to catch this guy. How a guy can take a bus about 1500 miles without getting caught before crossing the border is beyond me....
Maybe Laurean will get caught in Mexico, and be brought back to face justice. But is it real justice? He will have committed rape, two counts of murder, burned them in his yard, stolen her credit cards and left the country illegally - and for all that, he will get to spend life in prison. There are crimes that deserve death, and in my mind, this bum qualifies........

Post Number 900: Ten Things You NEVER Say to Women.

Yep, these posts just keep flying by with all this free time.. I'm not sure what George Washington has to do with the Number 900, but it was all I could find.

I'm not going to tell anything earth-shattering here, but we guys don't always say the right thing. In fact, we usually say something stupid whenever we open out mouths! Ever say to your lady, "You're acting crazy...Is it that time of the month?" If not , try it sometime and see what happens......

In the attempt to keep you from saying dumb things, we submit MSN's list of Ten Things to Never Say to a Woman...

1) "What did you do to your hair?"

2) "They both look the same to me."

3) "Relax."

4) "I've got it all under control."

5) "You're not one of those feminists, are you?"

6) "When are you due?"

7) "You're being emotional."

8) "You're acting just like your mother/my mother/my ex-girlfriend."

9) "You complete me."

10) "Do you really think you should be eating that?"

Personally, I have said Number 1, and Number 3. Which ones have you said, or what other stupid things have you ever used - and probably regretted? Post a comment.


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Indentured Servitude to Pay Off My Debts...

Poverty really sucks. I've managed to not have to borrow any cash the last few weeks . The good part is that I'll be working again soon - at long last. The bad part is that I have to pay back the people I've borrowed the money from. So, I've been getting inventive in paying those debts off.
Call it bartering, call it slavery - it is whatever it is, but you do what you can to clear a debt . Tonight, I painted Bobby's cabinets, and I probably will for a little while here. Last month, I raked about 50 bags of leaves for his Mom to work off some of what I borrowed from her. It could be worse - they could make me just pay it off with cash I don't have, so I guess I'm lucky....
I suppose I would rather just pay it off, but........ Either way, I'm starting to get out of debt, rather than it getting worse, so life is turning the corner finally. Finally!

Ever Wanted to Shoot Hillary? With 'Presidential Paintball', You Can !!

In This Clip, Hillary Is Taking Out John Edwards....
Give people enough time, and they'll make a game of anything. Well, thanks to the good folks at, you can make politics the violent sport we all know it is. OK, maybe not violent, but you do get to shoot your opponent with green paintballs.
I tried it, and it's OK, but after I beat Hillary in Round 1, I couldn't get anyone else to come out and fight. I'm probably doing something wrong, but I'm not very technically adept. Another shortcoming of the game is that there are only six candidates - Clinton, Obama, Edwards, McCain, Giuliani and Romney. Apparently, the folks at MiniClip didn't see Mike Huckabee coming out of nowhere either...Enjoy !

Still No Ideas for Valentine's Day ? Don't Worry, We're Here to Help You Out...

OK Guys, You've got about 3 weeks left to get your sweetie something for Valentine's Day. We've tried to help you expand your horizons a bit, but if you're not interested in a vibrating car seat or a message in sand, we'll try to go more traditional.

If you're looking for the more flowers/jewelry/chocolates route, here's a website to help you out....,ptnrid=164,ptnrdata=302486&GT1=10835


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

But Who Is Danny Bonaduce Supporting? It's Your SC6 Celebrity Presidential Endorsement Guide..

I know, I should have had this last week, but c'mon! If you base your vote on a list like this, you shouldn't be voting at all...... But it is interesting.
With everyone from politicians to TV hosts to musicians all throwing their two cents into the ring, it's hard to remember who is for who. So, in the public interest, we here at SC6 have compiled a small (or not so small) list of celebrities who have endorsed a candidate. I can't guarantee that they are all 100% accurate, but most of these have been verified by multiple sources. If this helps you in supporting a candidate now or in November, we are glad to assist.....
Here are the candidates, and their celebrity endorsers:
Barack Obama
Oprah Winfrey, George Clooney, Will Smith, Ed Norton, Halle Berry, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Scarlett Johanssen, Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston, Tyra Banks.
Hillary Clinton
Bob Vila, Rob Reiner, Steven Spielberg, Magic Johnson, John Grisham, Barbra Streisand, Martha Stewart, Ted Danson, Madonna, Tony Bennett, Danny Bonaduce, Jenna Jameson.
John Edwards
Danny Glover, Tim Robbins, Kevin Bacon.
Dennis Kucinich
Sean Penn, Ani DiFranco, Gore Vidal, Willie Nelson, Viggo Mortensen.
John McCain
Curt Schilling, Jerry Bruckheimer, Lorne Michaels.
Rudy Giuliani
Jon Voight, Johnny Damon, Adam Sandler, Kelsey Grammer, Dennis Miller, Robert Duvall.
Mike Huckabee
Chuck Norris, Ric Flair, Stephen Baldwin.
Ron Paul
'Big Daddy' Don Garlits.
Mitt Romney had no celebrity endorsements that we could find. I thought the most interesting ones were Jena Jameson and Bob Vila for Hillary - why doesn't she promote those more? Also, Dennis Kucinich had as many endorsements as actual votes!!

Politics Can be Boring.. Just Ask Bill Clinton.

Easy Boy !!! Snoop Used to Try the Same Thing..Must Be a Lab Thing.
With the rush of primaries coming, and all the events they are scheduled for here, the candidates are starting to show the wear and tear of campaigning. Need a little evidence? Here is a clip from Monday's MLK Celebration in New York. Former President Bill Clinton was there as well, but his mind obviously was somewhere else.
Some people have made comments that Clinton was being insulting to Dr. King by falling asleep at the event, but he's running all over the country so he can be President again - I mean so his wife can be President...... Sorry!

Erection 2008....And Then There Were Five.

My brother Matt is a wise man sometimes when it comes to women. He must be, when you think about all the screwups he's had, and he still manages to attract the ladies. He gave me one piece of advice I've never forgotten - or listened to. "Mike, treat 'em like shit, and they're yours forever." The ironic part is that his wife agreed - that is before she finally left.
By now, you might be asking what this has to do with Fred Thompson. Apparently Fred has learned this lesson - at least as far as voters go - but he took it to the extreme, and now he's dropping out. Yes, the guy that Conservatives had their hopes pinned to took his time, teasing everyone as to whether he would run or not. He took too long, then he half-assed it once he got in. There is no taking it easy when you're running for President , especially this year.
In what was probably the shortest drop out statement ever. Thompson said it was over, he thanked his supporters, and said he was going back home to take a break. That's it - literally. Maybe it's refreshing to not have someone stretch the whole thing out, but it represented his campaign pretty well : lackluster.
I've been dragged out by a girl once or twice in my life, but even I leave after waiting for so long. Voters are no different. You can keep us waiting for only so long, then we give up on you. So, where do Thompson's 8-10 points in the polls go now? Huckabee, Romney, McCain??

Mitt Goes Urban.. And It Ain't Pretty.

Mitt's Scaring Small Children, But Check This Clip Out.....
There are some things in politics, and life in general, that you just don't do. I'm a white dude. Not THE whitest guy on the planet, but I'll never be mistaken for having 'street cred'... Knowing that you are the whitest guy on the planet is important - especially if you're running for President. Because when you know that, it will keep you from saying stupid things like Mitt Romney did.....
I'm not positive of where this was, but I think it was in Michigan . While campaigning, he ran into a group of black people, and stood for pictures. What did he say while standing for the pics? WHO LET THE DOGS OUT...... WOOF WOOF !! I shit you not...
Nothing is uglier than the out of date white guy trying to look cool. Mitt, you are a Presidential candidate - you are NOT COOL ! Maybe you could have been a bit more 2008, and 'Party Like a Rock Star' or something like that, rather than be so 2004.... Now this would have been good enough on word alone, but someone got this on tape, and thanks to the magic of YouTube, here it is...

Monday, January 21, 2008

Economic Stimulus, Or Just Wasting Money ?

I've had some time to digest all this talk about this economic stimulus package being proposed by literally everyone looking for a vote in 2008. I waited to see what differences there are in the President's and Congress' packages. Honestly, i can't believe the amount of money Congress is willing to waste to try and pick things up.
From what the Bush Administration is saying, they feel a good amount to kick back would be about 1% of the GDP - 1% !! What this is essentially saying is that the Federal Government has almost NO IMPACT on the economy, but they are willing to bankrupt our government for another 1% - which is about $150 Billion...... The lack of thought that Congress and the administration sees that B in billion is mind boggling.
The specifics of the plan are to give single taxpayers a check for $800, and for married couples to get $1600. Anyone singles making over $60k and couples over $110k get nothing. Of course, I qualify. The govenment is expecting me to be a good American, take this cash and waste it on groceries, maybe buy some CD's or perhaps a house to keep the crappy housing market afloat. Ironically, i got a bill from the IRS for $800 about a month ago, so that is where the cash is going - straight back to them. So, for me, the stimulus is a wash. But, is this really and effective way to fix the economy. Uh, nope.....
Time to show off my limited knowledge of economics. Let's discuss Fiscal Vs. Monetary Policy. For those of you from Abbeville, we're talking about budget vs banking..... Congress and apparently the Bush Administration feel that the government is the best way to get cash in the hands of it citizens, but the effect that fiscal policy has on the lives of people is miniscule. The market is hundreds of times larger than the size of govenment - at least for now.
To think that it can turn around an economy the size of the United States is insane!! However, the effect it has on out National Debt and budget deficit is crippling. Worse yet, it gives every social program the feeling that we have hundreds of billions of dollars to waste on anything. If we can blow $150 throwing out checks to anyone, why not another $100 billion on Welfare, $20 Billion to assist people with their heating bills in New England, and $50 billion for socialized medicine. Where does it end?
If you want to have a real effect on the economy, the best way to do it is by monetary policy. Voters mortgages, credit card bills, and car payments are all tied to interest rates. By dropping these, it makes it easier for people to pay for these things, and it allows businesses to free up cash, expand and - here's the nice part - HIRE PEOPLE. And the effect on the budget? Zero. Of course, it's not a very sexy way to do it. It is an election year, and those guys and gals in DC need to get voted back in again. God forbid they have to get a real job!! So, given the hard way and the easy way, Congress will do it the easy way, bankrupt our country a little (or alot ) more, and worry about it after they're dead.
Yes, the economy is slowing down some. It's been a lot worse, but it could be better. Don't I know it !! However, as an unemployed guy sitting at home who could surely use $800 out of nowhere, I realize that somewhere along the line, I'll be paying for that $800 - and then some. I would much rather just get a job, pay my debts off at my leisure, and not depend on my government to do it for me at the expense of my future......

Breaking News: Clyburn to Endorse Obama After Debate..

It's not often that we here at SC6 have a story that no one else does, but it happens every once in a Blue Moon. Word is that once the South Carolina Democratic debate that Jim Clyburn has been credited with is over, Clyburn will finally break his silence and endorse Barack Obama, most likely on Thursday, when the endorsement will have it maximum impact.
Clyburn promised that he would not endorse a candidate, for fear that it would tilt the Primary results - not that it's ever worked before. However, his promise was that he would stay out of it until Iowa was over, and judging by the calendar, that's over. While endorsing Obama might seem like the less prudent thing to do, he has his reasons...
Like we've been saying for probably two years now, Old Jim wants to be Transportation Secretary, and he's been hanging South Carolina out like a carrot since he picked John Kerry in 2004. Based on the odds of winning the nomination, one would think that he would endorse Hillary Clinton, but there are reasons he isn't.
First off, Clinton is likely the present, but Obama is unoubtedly the future of the Democratic Party. He might not win this year, but there is still a chance, and he will no doubt win South Carolina. Clyburn is not stupid. He will position himself with the future of the party, and take credit for winning SC.
Now for the more contraversial reason for the Obama choice. Clinton is not interested in giving Clyburn a cabinet position. Clyburn has left Clinton hanging for six months now, and as her numbers have slipped, his support has slipped. The Clinton gang rewards loyalty, and Cly has shown himself to be untrustworthy to Hillary. He might have been able to deliver South Carolina, but it wasn't guaranteed, he stayed away, Clinton will finish second, and you don't give Cabinet positions to guys who let you finish second. Lastly, and this is a fact - the Clintons don't put minorities in the Cabinet. President Bush has more minorities in his Cabinet than Clinton had.
Clyburn put himself in a tough corner with this one, but he played the polls as usual, and he likely will be shut out , since Clinton is still ahead nationally, and she will likely win. Such is the life of gutless politicians. I can't say where I got this information from, but the word is that Clyburn will let the debate go on, kiss both Obama and Clinton's tushies, then endorse Obama on Thursday for it's best effect....

Is Hugo Chavez a Cokehead ??

Anyone Who Has a Parrot With a Matching Beret Must Be on Drugs...

Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez finally has an excuse for his wacky behavior.. In an interview, he recently admitted that he chews on Coca leaves on a daily basis. Sure sounds like a "I smoked, but I didn't inhale" moment, doesn't it?

I'm not 100% familiar with the whole processing of Cocaine, but it sounds to me like chewing on Coca leaves is like getting your Coke straight from the source... Dealing with a dictator that is regularly high as a kite might be a difficult act, because you never can trust a cokehead. First, they borrow money from you, then they don't pay it back. Then they steal your credit cards. Lastly, stuff from your house starts missing and ends up at the pawn shop!! I'm just saying...........

Sound like anyone else you know????

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Holy Crap !! My Giants Make the Super Bowl !!

In early September, after watching the Giants get pounded by the Dallas Cowboys and the Green Bay Packers, I was sure that the team was not making the playoffs. Boy, does that seem like a long time ago. The Giants knocked off both Dallas and Green Bay, and they will now face the undefeated New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLII. I can't believe it....

Sure, they drove me crazy by missing field goals twice to win it, but they pulled it out in the end. Maybe they'll get killed in the Super Bowl by the Pats, but i'll worry about that in two weeks. Bobby is going to be in Pennsylvania for Super Sunday, so my schedule for the big game is open right now. There's a slight chance that I'll be working that day, but one step at a time.

Right now, none of that worries me - I'm just going to enjoy the big win, and look forward to my G-Men in the Super Bowl !!


More Valentine's Day Ideas... Just Not As Perverted !

Need Another Idea? How About a Custom Message Written in the Sand on a Mediterranean Beach?

The cool part about having a blog is that you get replies from all over the country and sometimes, the world. After my Super Vibrating Car Seat to get your sweetie's rocks off, i got a reply for this, so I'll pass it on to you.

Yes, most of you reading this blog are guys, therefore we have no imagination for romance. it's just not in our DNA. However, you have to think out of the box, and think like a woman - what goofy stuff would make them happy. Try this one. will write your customized message to your loved one in the sand on a beach in the Mediterranean - for those of you from Sellers, that's in Europe. They take a professional photo of it for you, and put it in an aluminum frame. They also send you a certificate of authenticity, with a background photo you choose from six options.

It's not cheap - about 160 euros, which is about 170 dollars. But it is something that she probably hasn't done before, and I know i've spent more on the ladies for less.. With Valentine's Day just a few weeks away, you better hurry. Knowing you guys, you'll settle for the flowers and chocolate, but I figured I try to expand your horizons.

Ms. X... Which one you like better - this , or the vibrating car seat?????


Saturday, January 19, 2008

Did Obama's Wife Cost Him the Nevada Caucus ?

Don't Mispronounce the Name of the State That You're In , Mrs. Obama...
If Hillary Clinton can win New Hampshire because she cried, then Barack Obama could have lost Nevada because his wife mispronounced the state's name. Just two days before the caucuses, she spoke to a crowd in Reno. At it, she called the state Ne-vah-dah. It turns out that they pronounce it Ne-vadd-ah. Hey, I didn't know it either, but I've never been there.
Sure, maybe it's a bit of a stretch to say that Obama lost because of this, but I've seen funnier reasons. Locals take these kind of mistakes as insults, so it's not out of the realm of possibility. Okay, maybe it's a stretch, but i bet Michelle Obama never mispronounces it again - if they let her go there....

McCain Wins South Carolina, Takes Control of the Race.

Has South Carolina Once Again Picked It's Party's Nominee? I Think So.
At long last, it's over. After the year of working on campaigns, watching the candidates speak here and at the debates, South carolina has fianlly made it's choice. In a tight battle, Sen. John McCain has beaten Gov. Mike Huckabee by three points, with Fred Thompson a distant third....
Although the race is far from over, McCain has tightened his reins on the nomination. Sure, Mitt Romney won Nevada, but like Iowa, caucuses are a big pile of crap. Primaries are what matter, and McCain has taken two straight now. Huckabee didn't get a total kill among evangelicals like he needed, and the road will get harder for him after this. Romney is still alive, but he needs to win a non-caucus in a state that he wasn't born in.
With 16% of the vote, Fred Thompson had his best showing, but it wasn't even close to what he needed to gain momentum in the race. I guess he'll stay in through Florida, but the cause is becoming a difficult one. As a Rudy Giuliani supporter I am officially concerned. He got barely more votes than I got in the 2004 Primary in the 6th District alone. Time will tell on how he does, but he may have become the guinea pig for how to NOT run a Presidential campaign. Florida is make or break for him, but the red warning lights are officially on.....
Like every election since 1980, it appears that South Carolina did today like it always does - pick the man with the best chance of winning. Despite it's disagreement with McCain on Immigration, the Bush Tax Cuts, and his working with Democrats, SC's voters see McCain very well as the GOP's best shot at beating Hillary or Obama in November. I think we'll still see a six horse race into Super Tuesday, but it may be seriously clarified after then. Either McCain runs away with the race, Giuliani finally kicks in, or Romney finds the traction he hasn't found to win a Primary.....

Primary Day Update From Florence...

Well, I got up this morning, went to the Post Office and voted. Most Election Days are pretty standard, but this one seems a bit more interesting. Here is my report from the field......

For starters, the weather. No snow here in Flotown, but it is raining and it's pretty cold. It reminds me of November 2006, but at least I'm not standing outside the polls freezing my ass off this time!! The vote count at 1130 AM was 134 - pretty low compared to last time, but it is a Saturday, so once the rain stops and the voters finish shopping, the count should be better.

Now the odd thing I've noticed. The polling locations in town have been switched all over the place. Highland Park Methodist has been switched to Florence Bible Chapel around the corner - Highland is having a Chicken Bog fundraiser for the Boy Scouts - the fundraiser looks well attended, but the polling place is pretty empty. The Church at Sandhurst is also a polling location, but who they are subbing for is unknown to me.

Due to the GOP and Dems having their Primary on alternating weeks, polling locations have been consolidated, and they are using less machines, since they can't be reprogrammed in time for the 26th. The machines don't look to be a problem, but major polling spots, like Carver Elementary - which has 2500 registered voters and votes 75% Republican, were consolidated with West Florence High School. I die laughing if all the downtown Florence polls were open today - they literally vote 99% Democratic. I figured those polls would be closed, but we don't want to disenfranchise those minority voters - even if they aren't going to show. :)

I hate to say it, but it looks pretty slow so far, and most of the voters there aren't real excited - not a lot of signs, and they're voting for voting's sake. South Carolina seems to have lost it's place as the decider of who will be the Nominee, and we're just going to have to see it play out elsewhere, and go with whoever wins..


Friday, January 18, 2008

Chargers and Pats, Giants and Packers.. Who Makes the Super Bowl ?

Tom Brady May Have an Easy Time Making His 4th Super Bowl...
We're down to four teams now, and my team is still in it. I didn't do well in picking the divisional games (1-3), but I never do well in that round. The Championship games generally aren't very good, and I don't expect anything different here. Here are my picks.
Chargers at Patriots.
The Bolts overcame some tough obstacles to beat the Colts, but they are hurting bad. Philip Rivers, LaDainian Tomlinson and Antonio Gates are all sitting out practice this week - not a good sign.. You don't prepare for the Patriots by not practicing. The defense for the Chargers is in pretty good shape, but they can only hold for so long. The weather will likely stink, but Tom Brady and the Pats O doesn't stink. It's OK, no one remembers who lost the Championship game. Pats 24-10.
Giants vs. Packers.
I'll be honest about this game involving my Giants - I don't think they'll do well. Yes, they have won nine straight road games, and they are 3-0 in NFC Championship games. But, they are playing in Green Bay, and it will be very cold and windy, and we know how Eli Manning throws in the wind. Expect the Packers to line up eight guys and MAKE Eli throw. The Packers have a good running game, their receivers are awesome, and Brett Favre has a rocket arm, so he'll throw the short slant routes, and the receivers will take off against the G-Men's beat up secondary. Brett makes his third Super Bowl - then what? Packers 31-7.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

He's Back.. Gunnery Sgt Hartman Rates the SC Primary, and Picks a Winner.

Just in time for the South Carolina Primary, SC6 brings back it's old friend, and star of our 2006 Get Out the Vote Effort, Gunnery Sgt. Hartman..... Yep, Gunny Hartman has been busy since he last spoke with us, but he's back to help you choose a candidate on Saturday. With all of the candidates claiming to be the most conservative, we're sure you'll agree that his help is needed.....Here are his comments on the candidates..
Ron Paul of Texas. "Texas? Jesus H. Christ! Only two things come from Texas - steers and Libertarian kooks!! This guy says he served? Well he wasn't a Marine... Marines don't deliver babies - they kill, kill, KILL!! Marines don't pull our troops out of Iraq - they tear off Osama's skull and take a giant crap down his neck.""
Rudy Giuliani. "Did this guy's parents have any kids that lived?? What kind of strategy is it to be leading, then drop out of all the early states?? This campaign would diddle you doggy style, and not have to common courtesy to give you a reach around."
Fred Thompson. "How tall is he - 6'5?? I didn't know they stacked crap that high..... The guy wants to be President about as much as I like the VC... I like him though - I'll trade his wife for my sister."
Mitt Romney. " Is he a peter puffer? I'll bet he could suck a golf ball through a garden hose!!! He's flipped positions so many times, he's either a gigolo or a contortionist. I've got his name, I've got HIS ASS !!"
John McCain. 'Why that little maggot makes me wanna vomit...... Six years in a camp with Charlie, and he doesn't kill one of them?? Bullshit! He's an unorganized, grabastic piece of amphibian crap. He is tough, but no one will like him because he is tough. I'm kidding - Navy guys are all sissies!!"
Mike Huckabee. 'Let me tell you something.. God has a hard-on for the Marines ,Mike Huckabee and Chuck Norris. Why? Because they kill everything they see - including whatever Huckabee is hunting. Any little slimy- crap, twinkly-toed, common ass, corksucker who takes him on is signing his own death warrant. He will PT them all until their butts churn buttermilk !! He'll..."
We get the point....... Looks like Gunny Hartman is picking Huckabee, and so are we - by a hair..