Thursday, August 23, 2007

Soap Star Endorses Wookie for President..

I Did It All For the Wookie, the Wookie - So You Can Take That Cookie......
' Days of our Lives' star Victoria Rowell will be in South Carolina this week to stump for her choice for President - Chewbacca. Even though it's not certain if Chewy is a US citizen - so far he has only produced a Drivers License from the Desert Planet of Tattooine - this has not phased Rowell from stumping for her favorite Wookie.
Truth be told, I had to Google Victoria Rowell just to find out who she is.... Hillary Clinton may not want her stumping on her behalf if she wants to win. Anyone who watches the 'stories' on daytime TV knows that she is insane, and she cheated on Kristoff St. John last year !!
Geez, I mean really people !!!

Monday, August 20, 2007

SC6 Exclusive: African-American Minister to Run for 6th Congressional Seat.

GOP Candidate Rev. Charles Butler, and his Wife.
I ran into a big surprise this week in Kingstree. Aside from finding Republicans in Williamsburg County, I also met Charles Butler. Charles announced there that he is intending to run for the Republican nomination for the 6th Congressional seat in the US House. That seat is currently being rented by Jim Clyburn, although a debate is brewing locally on whether he actually is doing anything in that capacity anymore.
Butler is a Minister in Orangeburg, and he feels that Clyburn has turned his back on the Christian values that are prevalent in his district. While this is similar to the platform espoused by Gary McLeod, I haven't heard Butler mention putting the US back on the Gold Standard, ending Social Security or banning the US Senate.
While Butler is a political novice, there are several things he has that would make a better candidacy than McLeod or even myself. He is young, well-spoken, friendly, he can out-faith Clyburn with ease, and he is African-American. My hope would be that he has a solid platform of political issues to apply from his faith, rather than the race being just a shift from the Constitution to the Bible.
I'm not endorsing Butler after just one visit, but I am willing to assist any Republican interested in running to make sure they don't make the same mistakes I made in 2004. If you are interested in meeting Butler, my best advice is to attend a local GOP meeting this Fall. I know he has the list - I gave it to him!
Good Luck, Charles !

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Florentines for Rudy Unite !! First Meeting this Tuesday.

Calling all Rudyheads!! We will have our first training session for the campaign in Florence County this Tuesday at 600PM at Newsome Automotive. Florence County Director Pete Stevenson will lead us in organizing and getting ready for the Primary in January - unless they move it up again!!
Bring a friend, food and drinks will be provided. Any team members from surroundign counties are welcome as well. See you there!!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Look !! Republicans In Williamsburg County !! They DO Exist !

Is It a Herd of Unicorn? Nope, it's GOP in Kingstree !!

I went out on the road to search for help in the District for Rudy, and I went to Brown's BBQ - excellent spicy BBQ ! In fact, I didn't realize I passed the Schoolhouse in Scranton to eat there.

Anyway, the joke I always heard was that if you put a $100 bill on the intersection of 52 and 261 in Kingstree, who would get it - Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny, A Democrat or a Republican?? The answer? The Democrat, because the other three don't exist there. Sorry.

Truth is, Williamsburg County is 35% Republican - not Red by any means, but better than most think. Barbara Mishoe is working to cultivate and motivate the base. Restarting a county party is a tall order, but my best wishes to her to achieve that. I'll help any way I can.


'Extreme Akim' ?? When Did I Miss This???

What happened to 'The Strong Arm' ?? Akim Anastopoulo of Charleston, is now "Extreme Akim" the Judge on 'An Eye for an Eye' - a court show so stupid , that it makes Judge Judy look downright cerebral.

Maybe, it's Kato Kaelin being the sidekick, maybe it's Morpheus the Bailiff, or maybe it's the rulings - 'I hereby order you to wrestle each other in creamed corn" - that's bad. To think I used to pass this knucklehead's office on Orleans Dr. everyday, and this guy's doing this now.

We really should take those TV attorney's seriously though.


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Driving Mr. Rudy: My Two Hours With Our Next President...

"Hey Rudy, Can You Spare $50k So I Can Run for Congress?"
"Forget it, Kid !"
Yesterday, I got a great opportunity - to assist someone that I am excited about helping. The Giuliani campaign called me last week to get a couple sets of wheels and drivers for a fundraiser in Florence County. My bosses at Newsome Automotive in Florence said no problem, although I don't think they understand the security that surrounds Presidential candidates. Sorry guys, I can't drive Rudy to the dealership for pictures. Ugh!
With Bobby riding as my Tonto in the other truck, we picked up the crew at the Florence Airport, and took them to Ken Ard's home in the middle of nowhere. Thanks to Ken for letting us stay outside, and for not feeding us. I can't get into details about the trip there and back, because of the Vegas rule - what is said in the car STAYS in the car..... However, I will give you my observations based on it.
Rudy is a Taskmaster.
There is no George Bush - Karl Rove 'genius' talking head relationship. He has nobody feeding him comments or opinions, and it shows. Ever notice that Rudy doesn't have to look into the clouds for answers? It's easy when you're on top of your own ideas. Rudy is in charge, and his staffers do as he requests.
Rudy is Real.
The guy you see on TV is the guy in the truck. Rudy asked me plenty of personal questions in the limited time, and driving through the numerous farms, he noticed the dried out corn, and wanted to know what do they do with it, and what is the impact of it locally. Nice. I was worried they'd keep asking "Where the hell are you taking us?" !!
Rudy Is Tough. Good.
Not everything on the campaign trail is peaches and cream. No details about what the discussion was about, but I will say this - Rudy has a way of telling you what he wants, an how he wants it, but without raising his voice, or demeaning anyone. Well, just about anyone! I would love to have a boss like Rudy in my job, and it's that kind of LEADERSHIP that America needs.
I'm glad to tell you that Rudy Giuliani did not disappoint me in any way. I always knew I was a good judge of character. The only single thing I ever saw in politics that impressed me more was in 2004 , when Jim DeMint came to speak in Orangeburg, and only 8 people showed up - and he spent all 2 hours at a single table with all of them!
There you have it - my Man Love of Rudy. Seriously, I had a good time, although I wish I had time to chat with the 20 people I knew there, including Karen Floyd - she still remembers me. If you want to help out a campaign of your choice, you can do things like this too. However, if it isn't for Rudy, don't expect any help from me!

Monday, August 13, 2007

What Is So Important That Mike Is Taking a Half Day Tomorrow??

No, I'm not meeting up for a 'nooner' - Big Political News Manana, as our friends of Fidel would say. Check in late Tuesday or Weds. AM for details............


Sunday, August 12, 2007

Mike Reino's Secret Baby Found !!!

I'm not sure if this is my kid or not, but if I had one, my kid would probably be like this....


SC6 New Product Alert: Ora-Gel Intro's It's New Racial and Gender Desensitizing Swab..

" Swab It On...... Racial and Gender Sensitivity Gone ! "

Tired of co-workers, friends and customers blaming everything on racial and gender bias? Well, help is on the way! Ora-Gel has introduced it's new Racial and Gender Desensitizing Swab. Much like it's tooth desensitizer, you simply swab in on your head, and every other orifice in your skull, and VOILA !!, irrational racial and gender bias is gone!

Invented in a secret laboratory by a bunch of white guys whose identities are hidden to protect their anonymity, Ora-Gel Racial and Gender Desensitizer is proven to work in 97% of lab rats in a recent study *

But don't take our word for it - here are a few testimonials. **

Since I was in college, I thought that I was judged unfairly because I was African-American. Then I tried Ora-Gel's Racial and Gender Desensitizer..... man, what a difference!! In just a few hours, i realized that I never got that big money job because I wasn't qualified compared to other applicants. Now I'm back getting the training I need, instead of complaining. Thanks, Ora-Gel!!

Marcus, Chicago, IL.

Being a beautiful woman in the business world, I always thought men were trying hit on me, and get sexual favors. In fact, I sued for harrassment 36 times. Then after trying Ora-Gel's new product, I realized that a man saying "You look nice today" was really just a compliment.

Tina, Alexandria , VA.

Ever since 9-11, I have been gripped with this feeling that everyone thinks I am terrorist. Then I tried Ora-Gel Racial and Gender Desensitizer, and the feeling has gone away. Allah be praised !! Sure, my paranoia is probably entirely justified, but i sure feel better. Ora-Gel Rocks !!

Samir, Eugene, OR

Say goodbye to defensiveness and meritless , knee-jerk accusations of others forever... Ora-Gel Racial and Gender Desensitizer. In all Walgreens, CVS, Kerr, WalMartPharmacy, Eckerd and other major drug stores. ***

* - Is not effective on members of NOW, NAACP, GLAAD , The Congressional Black Caucus, the Urban League, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Spike Lee, the cast of Philadelphia or Rosie O'Donnell.

** - testimonials are compensated, their names have been changed.

*** - read the package before taking. Use as directed. Side effects may include but not limited to: redness, swelling, vomiting, itchiness, priapism, runny nose, dry nose, referring oneself as Todd , Chip, or Skippy, sudden love of Golfing, the urge to do crossword puzzles, watch Spike TV, or call your friends "Bo". Do not eat before or after application - EVER. Do not say Candyman three times into a mirror, do not wear brown shoes with a black belt, do not go swimming until 1 hour after eating, do not date girls named Heather, Missy or Bunny - EVER.


Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Clyburn , Golf and Retirement - Three Things That Go Great Together.........

Jim On the Green With His Grandson.... Your Next Congressman in 2028 !!

Did anyone read the article in The State about Jim and his Man Love for Golf? Unbelievable!! This article must have been 5 pages long. That thing spanned his entire life , and it's relation to Golf. Stunning.....

Old Jim has ten tournaments scheduled this break - even Tiger Woods only hs six!! Truly Jim is living the retirees lifestyle already - and he should. He is 67 now, and he should enjoy his time. However, that doesn't mean we should be paying for it while he works on his handicap - some handicaps can't be fixed.

The man pulls a 50k a year pension from his old patronage job with the State, and he's already served hi way to another one in DC. All this while he now does less for us, and more for Jim. There was a real nice article in the Columbia City Paper about the noticeable loss of focus for his constituents, while he builds a Shrine to himself. Maybe next year will be a referendum on Jim, and a lot of eyes will be opened. But I doubt it. What happened to those articles anyway??


Need to Get Away?? Try These Concerts...

It's only 106 degrees right now, but if you have to get out of town (Like me after my fight with the Sisters of Sapphos), I have a couple suggestions... Go to a concert!!!
2007 has a couple odd ones this year. On September 9th, Farm Aid will hold it's annual show in that famous City of Grain - Randall's Island, New York City !! Oh well, for $85 to $1200, you can hang in the Big Apple and raise some money for farmers.
If 80's Metal is more your style, we have a tour for you - Van Halen is back with David Lee Roth, and Eddie is said to be straight and ready to rock. Granted, the gas can of grudges between these guys is already full, so there is no telling when the match will be lit - so get there early.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Hot Enough Fer Ya??

God, it's hot this week......

Everyone is in a bad mood......

How long 'til September???


SC6 Celebrates 500 Posts By Ticking Off Women and Lesbians on Number 499...

500 Posts...... Maybe It's Time to Give it Up.

Boy, I sure pissed off everyone on 499, eh? Anyway, the first one to tell me who wrote the song 'My Galaxie' wins $500 and a 'Throw Me to the Lesbians' t-shirt. In case you don't make the connection with the car, it's a Galaxie 500.

Is it me, or rather than making me famous, is my blog making me infamous? I'm Vice Chair of the County GOP, but the Chair doesn't call or ask for help. I'm a Co-Chair of the Giuliani Campaign, but the chair doesn't call me to tell me Rudy's coming to town in a week. It's getting a bit boring on the outside here. If I were rich, at least I'd be called eccentric. Oh well.

Time to take inventory.... Is this blog becoming redundant , or do I still have juice. Do me a favor, don't bother posting if you are going the anonymous route - have some guts please.


Sunday, August 05, 2007

The Odd Alliance: Lesbians and 'Independent' Women Join to Hate Men In the Pee Dee ??

Yesterday, I got a local magazine intended for the lady who lived here before me I guess. It is called Inner Views, and it's targeted at the female market. Now, Florence already has a ladies mag called She, but it apparently is too tame for some. This mag is a bit insulting to me personally, and I'll tell you why.
I first had an idea when I saw that the Editor was a former reporter for the Morning News - one who was rumoured to play for the other team, as we might say. No big deal. I don't mind lesbians having their own magazine, even if I don't agree with them. Then I saw an article written by someone I dated recently. Hmmm.
I'll leave her nameless, but let's jut say it's the one who dumped last year because she though I was poor - just like the Seinfeld episode. In fact, this was one in a series - the 'Independent Woman' series. This topic was buying a car. Lots of cliche crap - men don't respect women, men think that women don't anything about cars, etc. Well the funny stuff was that all the stuff she mentioned , she learned FROM A GUY at Palmetto Nissan !!
I knew the whole time that I was dating a closed off woman, who was obsessed with how much she DIDN'T need me, but I didn't know she wanted to write a book on it. It makes for an odd coupling - Liberal Lesbians and Conservative Coffee Achievers - or Red Bull more correctly. Which leads me the question..... At what point did men become the enemy? I have no problem with women making more than me, being my boss, and discovering who they are. I've had all of them already. But why the position that we are somehow holding women back??
I hate to break to these ladies, but YOU NEED US, and we need you too. Our happiness, our sanity, and the future of our species depend on it!! I know, I know..... there are no magazines aimed specifically for women. Wait, I forgot - there are about 50 of them !!!!

Another Episode of SC6's Brush With Greatness: Holy S**tballs Merlene, It's Ed Palmer From 92.9, The Eagle !!!

Smile Ed...... You're On the Internet !!
No, I didn't jump into this guy's house and have them take my picture.... Ed is a longtime buddy of Bobbo's, and now he is Bob's next door neighbor. I'm glad, because I always used to forget to check on Bobby's dogs when he went out of town.
Of course, like most Disc Jockeys, Ed Palmer isn't his real name. Ed Palmer is like Johnny Dark or Will Pendarvis - there are 500 of them. The amazing thing about Ed is the number of kids he has. SIX !! And he's younger than me. Ed has a literal Brady Bunch deal going on at his house. Seriously, I don't know the names of any of his kids - I just call them Greg , Marcia, Peter, Jan, Bobby or Cindy - depending on their age.
Ed is a good egg, and he appreciates my wacky sense of humor. Okay, maybe he's not a superstar, he does get a lot of harrassment as a 'celebrity'. By the way, I once again smoked Bob, Ed and their wives in Trivial Pursuit in both 80's and 90's Editions... I rule !!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Treasurer Candidate Drops Bid After Bribery Scandal.........

Capps Gives Up After Promise of Free Arby's and a T-Shirt !!!
On my profile, I listed by occupation as Political Kamikaze. Well, tonight I hit a new low, as I took out one of the most promising grassroots campaigns ever - barely before it even began. I feel no remorse - it's my job, people.
Like most of you know, I am a big Mark Sanford supporter, and I decided to 'eliminate' any and all other candidates for the upcoming Treasurer position. I was going to work on Rep. Converse Chellis, but after work, I see that someone else was working on that. That led me to the No. 2 guy - Earl "Love Gun" Capps.
In a deliciously deceptive move, I invited Earl to Florence to discuss the upcoming campaign. After three years of coercive activity, I had been able to identify Earl's weaknesses - women, Beer, and Fast Food. Since I can't get women myself, I decided to focus on the other two.
I bought Capps a Beef 'n Cheddar (his fave), but before he got to eat, I had another surprise for him. It seems that Earl had been named an official member of the Ukrainian Beer Team - a bogus group of my own imagination. Like I said - genius !! I then gave Earl his 'official' t-shirt, while coronating him with a packet of Horsey Sauce to the blaring tones of Faster Pussycat's Fly High Michelle - or is that Enuff Z'nuff? Anyway, Earl was insane with joy.......
He started dancing around, and acting like Ivan Drago from Rocky IV, yelling "I MUST BREAK YOU!! I MUST BREAK YOU !!!!" I guess he doesn't know that Drago was Russian. It was kinda embarrassing, but at 1000 PM the aren't many people in Arby's. Then, in the midst of his joy, I lowered the boom.........
'Earl, you can't have the Arby's or be on the Beer Team unless you quit running for Treasurer.' "What about the T-Shirt?? ", asked Earl. "Can't keep that either, buddy". A look of confusion, heartache and indecision all at the same time appeared on his face. What would Capps do? Would his own personal ambition or his personal demons win out?? Then Capps made up his mind.....
"F**k It. Pass the Curly Fries, Man."
Mission Accomplished.


Bai Yun is Pregnant.......... Ron Burgundy Begins Panda Watch 2007 !!
Yesiree Bob, Bai Yun, a 13 year old panda at the San Diego Zoo (which is German for a Whale's Vagina Zoo), is officially pregnant with twins. Police are on the scene , interrogating other pandas at the zoo. After the investigation, they are expected to arrest the offending panda with statutory rape.
I expect this to go the route like Anna Nicole Smith - where everyone lines up, claiming to be the daddy - including Bobby. Stay Classy, South Carolina !!!!