Friday, December 29, 2006

They Say Bad News Always Comes in Threes.... Well, Almost......

It's been an interesting week. After hearing of the passing of James Brown and Gerald Ford, I was a little worried. Usually, these things come in threes, one of them being someone you know. Well, I'd like to thank the new Iraqi government for sparing me the anxiety of wondering who I know might be leaving by donating Saddam Hussein to the Dead Pool.

Coming this weekend....... SC6 goes on the road !

Erection 2008: The Breck Girl Joins the List of Candidates With a Hard-On for the Presidency.....

Candidate John Edwards, giving the crowd the Middle Eastern sign for "Up Your Pooper"!

In a big surprise this week, former Senator John Edwards announced in New Orleans that he will seek the Presidency for a second time. I had no idea Edwards was from New Orleans!! Questions abound for the second try for Edwards. Will he accept the second banana job if he doen't quite pull it off again? How much more will he be scrutinized now that he is a leading candidate with a full 1 1/2 years under the bright light of politics? Can he come up with another "Two Americas"? Where can you find good conditioner in Iowa and New Hampshire??

The second time around is tough on candidates, unless they gain momentum in the offseason. Unfortunately, John Edwards spent half of the time in seclusion, much like Al Gore did, before he took a nosedive.

Elections come in cycles. 2008 can resemble either of two previous elections. It can look like 1976, where a Southern outsider with a toothy, goofy smile and not a ton of substance can win. This would play out nicely for Edwards. However, I see 2008 as another Election...... 1968. We have an unpopular war that just seems to be getting worse, with a lame duck President. The parallels to '68 and the left vs. right fighting reminds me of where we may be heading in 2 years. Where will we be in Iraq in 2 years? The Democrats do seem to be making a push further left, with Hillary Clinton playing the femme Bobby Kennedy, retreading the successful past of the party.

If this is correct, does this mean that we'll see Dick Cheney or Dan Quayle as the next President? I doubt it. But it could shape up as one of the most interesting races since '88, where both sides are wide open, with no real heir apparent.

Edwards in 2008.... Someone a chipmunk could relate to!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Get Ready for the 2007 Edition of Animal House...........Columbia Style !!

I was watching Animal House during my lunch hour, which reminds me........ Bobby, how could you not see Animal House until you're 37??? Anyway, it gave me the idea of the upcoming reconvening of the House of Representatives and Senate next month. I could have done Washington, but I figured you guys would be more interested in the Columbia House....... which reminds me, I need some new CD's.

I'll list out the main characters from the movie, and you guys tell me who best represents them in Columbia. I have 1 or 2 that I'll give my picks .. Enjoy!


Too bad John Graham Altman
is gone...




Jakie Knotts, anyone??

Larry Kroger, aka Pinto.


Jim Merrill, but Jim is a little cooler.....


Lastly, Bird. The only one with a Southern accent.

John Rickenbacker is an Idiot, and Why Republicans Should be Glad He Is.........

Nothing makes me happier than stupid politicians. Sure there are plenty of them, but every once in a while, someone does something that is REALLY STUPID. John Ricken backer is really stupid!! To review from an earlier post, Rickenbacker, who was Orangeburg County Council Chairman at the time, was arrested for soliciting and accepting $50,000 in bribes from an undercover FBI agent for inside information regarding contracts involving a County Medical Center.

Well, Rickenbacker pleaded guilty this week, so whether he goes to jail or not is not certain, one thing is certain - his political career is probably over. From all I know, Rickenbacker has to give up his post as Councilman. That leaves it up to Governor Sanford to choose his replacement. The funny part is that the entire scenario could have been avoided, but apparently no one in Orangeburg had the guts or brains to figure this out.

Maybe no one else noticed, but Rickenbacker was actually re-elected in November, well after his indictment. Did anyone really think Rickenbacker wasn't guilty? That being the case, maybe someone in the Orangeburg Democratic party should have seen the writing on the wall, and said, "John, maybe you should step down and let someone else sit on council."

If this doesn't seem like a big deal, you have to understand Orangeburg County a bit..... You see, Republicans aren't allowed in the county - or at least it seems that way. There are no sitting Republicans anywhere in Orangeburg, and there was no foreseeable chance of that changing anytime soon. Until now...

If Rickenbacker had stepped down, then another person would be in his seat - a Democrat. then there would be no change in the balance of power. Instead, either through a lack of foresight, intelligence or el grande huevos, he stayed in his seat, which he now will lose, and a Republican will no doubt take his place - if they can find anyone willing to admit they are one there!! My hope is they put Roy Lindsey on Council - I might pay to see that!

Democrats must be kicking themselves right now, knowing that the door has been opened for a Republican to get on Council, and show the people how it is done, possibly opening the door for more. Worst is that it has been caused not by the will of the voters, but by the stupidity of their Leader...... Forrest Gumpenbacker!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Happy Birthday to SC6 !! We Hit the Big 0-1!!

One year ago today, I anonymously started SC6... Like Josh Gross said, it was to get a discussion going about the issues that plagued the 6th Congressional District of South Carolina. I think we did a good job of contributing to the issues, although a lot more could have been done.

Well, after 365 days and 290 posts, our little baby has finally cut her teeth. Thanks to our regulars: Earl, West Rhino, Moye, Bobby, Joshua. Thanks to the others: Anon for Porn sites, Anon for Low Cost Prescription Drugs, Anon for Easy Moneymaking Ideas..... And thanks to the others who have come and gone this year: Young Michael, Chip, and Mary D, who I feel sorry for - may you learn to love someone aside from yourself one day. And lastly, to my buddy Randy, who I knew for far too short a time.

What's in store for Year Two? Beats the crap out of me! I do have a Presidential campaign to run now, but there is work and out of work too. Like most things in my life, I plan on doing SC6 by the seat of my pants, with little planning. Stay Tuned, and I'll try to keep it interesting. If you would like to see or not see something, let me know.

It Worked Last Time..... Earl Capps for DOT Commissioner!!!!

This week, SCDOT Commissioner Elizabeth Mabry steeped down, amid a recent report that the state agency has wasted millions of dollars intended for road improvements. That's when it hit me......... what we need is Earl Capps in Columbia !

Nevermind that I just nominated my dog for President, Earl would be great in the DOT. For those of you who don't know, Earl's main vocation is in building highways, so The Ponytail knows roads!

Aside from that, picture a DOT Board meeting like this........ the patronage suits are talking thier usual BS, and Earl has just enough of a break between the Doken tracks on his I-POD to take the headphones off, and tell them to get their acts straight! Problem solved, and Mark Sanford is happy with the savings. Sounds good to me.

I leave the comments section open for the Draftee to reply. EARL???????

Monday, December 18, 2006

A New Candidate for President Emerges..... My Dog, Snoop !!

Snoop: Not the First President with No Balls, But the First With Fleas !!

Now that the mid-term elections are over, we are finding out which candidates are putting their names in the hat, and which ones are dropping out. However, a new candidate is entering a fold......... my dog Snoop!

Before you laugh this off, listen to me. Snoop has all the tools and abilities to lead the United States into the future. Don't believe me? Let me list them out for you.....

Snoop is a Fiscal Conservative.

Yep, Snoop is definitely not a liberal spendaholic. Want proof? No problem. Everytime I feed him, he only eats about half his food, and saves the other half for later. All those concerned about deficit spending and the Social Security Trust Fund have their man, uh, dog.

Snoop Is Tough on Homeland Security.

The Minuteman Militia has nothing on my Lab Mutt ! Ever vigilant, Snoop keeps an eye on the homefront all day long, and out of the house, he chases away every cat, squirrel and other varmint in the area! Al Qaeda doesn't have a chance in America with Snoop at the helm. I'm not sure I'd trust him with the little red button though...

Snoop Appeals to the Common Man.

An orphan born into abject poverty, Snoop was taken in by a charming, kind and handsome man who immediately had Snoop's privates removed. Also, being a Labrador, he is black. His appeal crosses over into all demographic groups, with the exception of drive thru cashiers at fast food restaurants. Truly, Snoop is a dog of the people.

Snoop Has the Political Pedigree.

Born into the political juggernaut that is the Reino clan, Snoop has been a student of the game all his life. Truth be told, it was Snoop who came up with the famous "Mike Reino Milk Bonz BBQ" back in 2004. Didn't go? Well, neither did anyone else. He's still working on it.

Snoop Is a Taskmaster.

Tired of politicians changing their stances based on polls and which way the wind blows? Give Snoop a try... He has this rawhide bone that he incessantly chews on all day long, and he takes it wherever he goes. House on fire? Nuclear Holocaust? New BS Supreme Court Ruling? WHATEVER ! Snoop just keeps on chewing til the bone is GONE! To quote Mr. Miyagi, "Focus, Daniel san!"

Convinced yet? We've estimated that my dog has appeal to approximately 98.7% of the voting public. And since he is 6 1/2 years old, that translates to about 46 human years, so he's old enough now. I see Snoop as a true Neo-Reagan Republican for the 21st Century. More conservative than McCain or Giuliani, and no public faux pas like 'Macaca' , because he barks.

Send your checks to: Snoop for President, Florence, SC.

Snoop for President......Because the race for President is gonna go to the dogs anyway!!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Any Doubt That Bobby Harrell's Running for Governor in 2010??

If anyone had any doubt that Bobby Harrell wants to be your next Governor, this week left no doubt that he wants the job, at least in my mind. The Speaker of the House , seen here with the Belgian Olympic Chess Squad (actually it's the SC FFA leaders), decided to announce his submission for legislation to raise the LIFE Scholarships amounts for Math and Science majors.

Now I have a couple questions here. Firstly, I am not a fan of LIFE Scholarships. The main problem South Carolina schools have is in the early years, yet we keep throwing money at Higher Ed. Doesn't make sense to me. Most of these scholarship winners are for students at higher income districts. nothing I love more than giving a kid on Sullivan's Island a scholarship! The other question I have is the criteria: a B average, eh? With that kind of exacting, tough standard, I can see teachers being pressured to give kids a B so they can go to college and get some free cash. Once again, the curve is pushed up, and we enable another generation of kids with an unearned B, just so they can feel adequate.

Secondly, didn't Gov. Sanford just put out his budget a couple days ago. It seems to me that Harrell is trying to undercut the Governor a bit here. I live in a completely different TV market here in Flotown, and it made the news on TV and radio. Clearly, there was a big push behind this endeavor. I'll tell you one thing, I don't remember the last time TV 13 mentioned Bobby Harrell. A main complaint of Sanford is always that he doesn't work with the House and Senate.... Well, it doesn't look like Harrell is playing very nice here either, does it?

While Math and Science are crucial to improving education in South Carolina, is it really right to take taxpayer money and give it to someone who might not really be interested in that field? Extra incentives in business or in private scholarships is fine by me, but when you're dealing with public funds, you can't give special treatment to a student just because they are in a certain field. Does the B Math student really deserve extra money than the A+ student who "only" wants to be a teacher or go to tech school? Not in my book. My hope is that Speaker Harrell takes a step back, realizes how this all looks, and reasseses how to approach this new term . Play nice, fellas!

SC6 Enters the 21st Century...... I Finally Buy a Digital Camera !!

Well, I finally entered the digital age yesterday... I finished my Christmas shopping yesterday, and I did well enough this year to treat myself. For years I have used those cheapie Kodak disposable cameras at events for picture taking. Maybe that's why all my pictures look like crap! So I went to Best Buy yesterday and I got a Kodak c743 Digital Camera with the photo docking station and 1 MB SD card. It has a 3X programmable zoom lens and is 7.1 megapixels.... or as I understood it, blah, blah blah..

Here's what I know. It's so easy, a cave_, uh...... even I could use it. I'm pretty stupid when it comes to technology, but I set the whole thing up on my own. The docking station automatically imported all my existing photos and made real nice 4x6's. What does that mean? That I can take all my Brooke Burke jpg.'s, make them inot pictures, and tell everyone that she's my girlfriend in Niagara Falls!!

I'll try to use it to give everyone a more inside look at SC6's world, so what have I learned???



Saturday, December 16, 2006

Wal-Mart Has Nothing to Fear With the Dems in Charge, and Here's Why........

Since I fianlly didn't have to work on a Saturday today, I got watch Fox's "Cavuto on Business" this morning over a homemade breakfast burrito. One of the topics was the effect a Democratic controlled Congress would have on Wal-Mart would be. The overriding thought is that the Dems will force a slew of regulations that will cripple the retail giant.

I've spent a lot of time learning about Congress and Wal-Mart. I tried to get in one, and fought the other - and I still am. The relationship between the two is very comfy, and in a nutshell, here is how much it will change - NONE. And why? One simple reason........MONEY.

Like most big corporations, Wal-Mart spends a lot of money on political contributions, and they pay big on both sides. Since the re-election rate is about 98%, it makes sense for companies to play the safe bet and spend the money on incumbents. So no matter who runs Congress, Wal-Mart already has them paid for.

You might be asking, "Hey Mike, wouldn't a Congressman who opposes the way Wal-Mart does business do something ?" .. Uh, not if they want to raise cash. Washington is full of hypocrites who would sell out their mothers for donations. The first priority of each Congressman and Senator is to get RE-ELECTED... Everything else is secondary, and if that means speaking out on Kelo vs. New Haven, but still taking money from Big Box corporations, so be it. Let's keep a big point in mind........ THEY'RE FREAKIN' POLITICIANS, PEOPLE!!!!

End of class for today, folks!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Uncovered!! Sanford's New Budget Raises Cash for Private Schools Using "Win a Date With Gov. McDreamy" Ploy...

Governor Sanford's new budget proposal is now out, and while the MSM may catch the obvious changes in the new budget - more troopers, more road funding - we here at SC6 found a new wrinkle, and a disturbing one at that..

With the recent defeat of Sanford supported Education Superintendent Karen Floyd, the Governor has apparently found a new way to fund private schools: Serial dating.

According to documents found in the budget, we have found an intricate shuffling of funds that in the end go to an account aimed at raising money for non-public schools. Long considered an attractive man, Sanford has started a program called "Win a Date with Gov. McDreamy", an obvious play on the character on the ABC program "Grey's Anatomy', a show popular with ladies and gay men. Contributors are treated to a $3 movie and a Twix bar, while chatting with Sanford. Through a series of budet transfers, the money ends up in the Dept. of Agriculture account under "Dates". This would not normally arouse suspicion, until we found out that Dates are not grown in South Carolina.......
While this has many educrats up in arms, the end all of this is that there is nothing illegal with the program. "From what I see, it is private money going to fund private education, so what is the problem?" said political analyst ,Veal Pigpen. Sanford's people don't know what the fuss is. Staffer Jason Miller quoted, "Mark's a good looking guy, and we're just using that to help one of his causes...... besides, we've only raised $22 so far, so what's the big deal?"

Sunday, December 10, 2006

NASCAR Champ Breaks Wrist... Advocates Call for Seatbelts on Golf Carts !

NASCAR Nextel Cup Champion Jimmie Johnson was injured today at a charity golf tournament when he fell out of a golf cart and broke his wrist. He will not be allowed to drive a racecar for about a month, but luckily it was his left wrist - what racers call his "non-shifting hand". Probably a little more info than I wanted....

This latest event has caused proponents of golf cart safety to call on installation of seat belts on golf carts. Claudio Agnetti, former golf cart racer and President of Golf Cart Racer Advocates for Protection (G-CRAP), has spoken out for years on cart safety. "G-CRAP's position has always been to focus on driver protection. Hundreds of people are injured every year on golf carts all across the nation. Of course, those NASCAR Guys are a bunch of hot dogs. Maybe this will straighten them out." Asked about the nature of the accidents, Agnetti replied "It runs the entire gamut: skinned knees, flyaway clubs, spilled drinks...... those NASCAR boys might change their minds when one of them sprain's an ankle one of these days."

Excessive speed might be only a contributing factor, but it seems to be the only one advocates are willing to address at this point. When asked about banning alcoholic beverages on golf carts, Agnetti said, " Now that's just wrong..... there has to be some element of risk." For now, you are welcome to ride a golf cart unprotected.........IF YOU DARE !!!!!!!

Jimmie Johnson


Saturday, December 09, 2006

The Hit List: Who to Look Out for With Florence County's Highway Money......

With all of the focus on who won and who lost (like me!), the passing of the 1% Sales Tax Hike to match the State Infrastructure Bank money set aside f or Florence County. To reiterate my position, deep down, the infrastructure bank is an unfair program, where statewide tax dollars are funneled to improve roads in the more urban cities in South Carolina. However, improving roads in Florence County will be key to it's future growth. Like about 55% of residents in Florence, I voted for it.

It's cost taxpayers about $128 million, with the State chipping in $250 million. That's a lot of jack, folks.. From day one, I have warned about some politicians who have pushed for his tax increase, but haven't really told the voters how they personally can benefit. Now I have nothing against a person making money, but for those of you who can't understand why people spend $500k running for an office that pays $10,000 a year - now you know why they do it... With that, here are a few politicians to look out for when the cash comes through:

Rusty Smith: Florence County Council.

Smith is Chairman of County Council, and heis the owner of K.G. Smith Rentals in Lake City. How he'll benefit is pretty easy: The road builders will not have all the equipment needed, so they'll go to Rusty and rent it from him. Why do I not trust him? Smith has long taken advantage of his office for his benefit. His home has been undertaxed for years, and his father was County Treasurer, who was forced from office for improper conduct in office.

Frank Willis: Mayor, City of Florence.

Yep, the man who almost was Governor ( if you count getting half the votes of Oscar Lovelace almost) is ready to cash in too. Willis owns Willis Construction, so there will be plenty of his trucks on the job sites. Since he didn't get enough votes to get to Columbia, maybe he can make enough to get there. No doubt his wife would love that...

Sen. Hugh Leatherman, Florence.

If anyone was pushing for the tax hike, it was Leatherman. And for good reason.......... Leatherman owns Wyboo Investments, which includes Florence Concrete Products, and a boatload of concrete will be used in the next seven years. The amount of money that he will make scares me. Now the question that comes up is: "doesn't the DOT board choose the contractors?" Yes, they do, and Hugh has that loophole tied up too. His son in law is on the board, now serving his 3rd term - which is illegal by the way. I've had a slew of feelings with regards to him, and this project. Do I thank him for getting the money, even though I don't like the program? Do I get disgusted with how much he spent to get this vote passed, knowing that he will probably make millions?

Mike Reino - Private Citizen, Florence, SC.

How's this for honesty? I'll probably make a couple extra dollars. We'll have lots of trucks coming into town, trucks break, and I'll be there to fix 'em. Sure, I'd make more money if we raised the sales tax 1% to subsidize auto repairs - but I'm not a Senator....

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Rocky Balboa: I'm Italian, and Even I Don't Want to See This Junk!!

Even Mason Dixon Can't Look at Rocky Balboa.......

There's nothing like going out on top.......or maybe one movie too many , or two. Maybe I don't get it, but what exactly is the premise of this new Rocky movie? He is old? Did that last movie..... Fights a black man? Done in 1,2, and 3...... Fights an unbeatable champ? Uh, all four of them!!

I can't really see where this one is going, but here's a suggestion. Rocky is about 65 by now, so he fights Dixon for his Social Security check. Everything goes ok for Rocco, until reality happens when a septagenarian fights the Heavyweight Champ - he literally gets killed by one of Dixon's punches. End of Story, End of Series. Thank God. Rocky is buried once and for all, and he stops embarrassing Italians for good. Anyone here ever see Eddie Murphy's "Raw"? That's what is was like for me, thanks to lugheads like Sly. At least "The Godfather" made it look like we had brains.

Another thing: No Adrian, no movie.

Recommendations That Didn't Make The Iraq Study Group's List.....

1. Speed Up Iraqi Army training by buying 50,000 X-Box's at Best Buy.

2. Create trust with the people by giving them what they really want........KFC's "Magic Bucket".

3. Divide Iraq by playing Assad/Al-Maliki/Ahmadinejad, a new version of "Paper/Rock/Scisssors".

4. Cut Saddam Hussein a break - let him finally be center square on his "Baghdad Squares" Trial.

5. Improve Iraqi Army training by making them "Really Super Duper Soldiers".

6. The Cowboy Way - Black hats for Sunnis, White hats for Shiites.

7. The Playground Way - Yell "Do Over!!"

8. A Real Do Over......

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

With Inventive Scams Like These, it's a Wonder Communism Failed..

Everyone has heard of the Russian mail order bride deal.... Where girls named Olga, Svetlana and Natasha leave their homes and hook up with guys in America that they don't even know, in the hope of a better life. Shortly afterwards, came the scammers.

If you've ever done business in Russia, you know what I mean. Since the fall of Communism, the amount of black market and disreputable business in Russia has been insane. I had to buy a bunch of document software, and Russia was the only place it came from. Until I got the stuff, I was sure that Sergei had taken off with my $2000 and gone on vacation.

The bride scam is like that. You get some anonymous e-mail from a girl who looks like Maria Sharapova, saying that she thinks your are "looking good, pardon my bad English".... Within two e-mails, she is in love with you, and then comes some sob story about how she needs money for her sick mother, or chess lessons. End of fun.

Well, I got another one this week, so I decided to play along. I hadn't been asked for any money yet, and I couldn't figure out the angle. She wants to come to America, she can get a job, and they'll put her up - so where is the catch?? I decided to go to the Russian Brides Scam website (yes , there actually is one), and I looked on the blacklist. Sure enough, there was Natalia, along with e-mails she sent to guys that were almost word for word like mine. So I looked up what letter she would send next... It seems that she will get to Moscow, but run out of cash for the plane flight, so I'll need to send it via Western Union. OOPS!! Sorry, honey, out of cash? It's a long walk back to Siberia I guess!!

Too bad it won't work out, because here's what she looks like...

Anyone have $800 I can borrow ???????

Monday, December 04, 2006

Rock Star: Jim Clyburn Finals , With a Special Clyburn/Bono Duet!!

Yes, it's finally here - The final installment of Rock Star: Jim Clyburn ! Tommy Lee, Kurt Loder and James Carville have all done their jobs, now it is up to Jim himself to pick his newest intern. Jim and his close buddy Bono are tuning up, so let's pass it on to our lovely hostess, Brooke Burke !!

Brooke: Hi, and welcome to Rock Star: Jim Clyburn... After two grueling rounds, at least for me, Todd and Ja'Ron have made it to the Finals, where one of them will win a dream job: the chance to be a lackey intern for the House Majority Whipmaster. The duties are tough; gassing up the tank on Jim's taxpayer-paid Lincoln, repeatedly lying to constituents about the congressmen's voting record, and running to Starbuck's for Jim's favorite: the Half-Calf Decaf Double Mochaccino Latte'. Don't ask me to say it again!!

Since we are in the Finals, we don't have a reward round - but we have a special treat for you. A live duet with Jim Clyburn, and his favorite artist, Bono from U2!!

Jim: Thanks Brooke, and may I say - You Are BANGING!!

Brooke: Uh, thanks Jim.... Bono, what made you appear here?

Bono: Well, a major focus of mine has been relieving the debt of Third World countries, and Jim has been very supportive of helping out countries in Africa and the Caribbean.

Brooke: Hey Jim.. By just writing off this debt, don't we eventually worsen our own debt, and saddle our children's future??

Jim: Uh.......Maybe.

Brooke: Just asking. Well, here they are ...... Bono and J Cly , with their own version of Still haven't Found What I'm looking For..........

Bono: I have climbed highest mountains, I have run through the fields, only to be with you, only to be with you..........

Jim: I have kissed Nancy's bum, I lie to Seniors, 'cause they're dumb, just keep believing me, just keep believing me. And that bridge will get built, 'cause I love that Pork!!

Bono: Hey, that's not how we practiced it!!

Jim: Hey Bono, you talk kinda funny....... do you like Lucky Charms??

Bono: I speak ENGLISH !! What the hell language are you speaking in??

Jim: C'mon Bono, say it.........GET IN MY BELLY !!!! GET IN MY BELLY !!!! I'm J Cly, and I'm a frickin' STAR !!!!

Brooke: Uh, we better take a break here.... Wait a second, and we'll have the final question, and I'll change outfits again... CUT !!!!!

tick, tock....

Brooke: OK, we've locked Bono in a closet for his own protection, and we're ready to ask Todd and Ja'Ron the question which will determine who wins, and who goes home...Ja'Ron will go first.......Jim, the floor is yours.

Jim: Saloma malechem, my brother. Ja'Ron, for 250 years, african americans were held in bondage against their will in slavery by America. Some believe that the descendants of those people are entitled to reparations. An important part of being on staff is knowing your boss' position on an issue.... what is my position on reparations?

Ja'Ron: I read a comment from you on this. You are against reparations in principle..

Jim: Uh......... that ......isn't .........quite........... right.

Ja'Ron: What? I saw it! You're against suing for reparations!!!

Jim: Not exactly, son....

Brooke: I'll need silence here, because the question now goes to Todd - our unemployed former page for Congressman Foley. Todd??

Todd: Lick my salami, Jim.

Jim: What?

Todd: What you said to him....

Jim: I said Saloma melachem, dipshit! Not lick my salami.....

Todd: Sorry.....Well, Jim would gladly sue the United States of America for reparations, but who gets what would be a big mess. So the correct answer would be that he is for reparations, but he plays both sides of the issue....

Brooke: Jim, is that correct???

Jim: DAMMIT................... YES!!!

Brooke: Todd, you are our winner!!!!

Todd: Holy Crap!!

Jim: Holy Crap !!

Brooke: Ja'Ron, please take off your "Hello, my Name Is" sticker and enter the execution chamber.

Ja'Ron: What??

Brooke: Rules are Rules, Ja'Ron !

Todd: Thanks, Brooke. Now I can eat again!!


Brooke: That's all the time we have left... Thanks for watching Rock Star: Jim Clyburn!

Todd: Mr. Clyburn, I wanted to ask you a few questions about your stance on Iraq...

Jim: Lord, help me!!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Review of the Transition of Power: Democratic Missteps

I've been a little slow in talking about some of the issues that have come up since the Dems took back the House last month. A good indicator of how things will go is what issues come up before they actually take power. It looks like the extreme left of the party sees the writing on the wall - that they might be left out of the fun, and some of their ideas will fall by the wayside. Let's review some of them, and not to pick on them, but more so to show that no party is "Unified 100%", and that there is a kook fringe also.

Hoyer v. Murtha. Nancy Pelosi's choice didn't make it, and a lot of the members, Jim Clyburn included, refused to say who they voted for. In the end, the right guy got the job - Murtha has a nice military background, but there is a history of quid pro quo in his decisions, and he doesn't seem to have the right temperament for this job.

Minimum Wage. Did anyone else have a good laugh seeing Trust Fund baby Ted Kennedy with all the DC kids, asking to raise the minimum wage $2.00 an hour? Yes, it is time to give the minimum wage a little boost, even though most of the market has long since past it. However two things concern me: for some businesses, jacking the wage up $2.00 will raise their salary expense up 40%, and turn their business from a profit maker to a loser, then they close, and everyone loses, or they raise prices, and everyone loses. Now, if we go back to last year, the issue did come up, and the Democrats voted against raising the wage. Uh.........

The Draft? Add this to #3 on my list of Signs that The End is Near. Charles Rangel says that maybe we should institute the draft, the reasoning being that politicians would be less apt to go to war if THEIR kids had to go....Maybe Joe Wilson could answer that question. The worm certainly has turned when a Democrat with a 93 Liberal rating asks to draft our kids. A military full of men and women who do not want to be there is a bad idea. Everyone else has been mum on the idea, so that tells you on it's chances.

Intelligence Chair. This is the scary one. Going back to last year, there has been speculation that Pelosi wants to replace Jane Harmon with Alcee Hastings. Hastings problems before he even got to DC are well documented, but more importantly, I've seen Harmon a few times, and she is the one to have the job. Her knowledge is is thorough, and she doesn't appear to be motivated by politics to the extent that others have. There will be considerable pressure from the CBC to name Hastings, but that will be a bad move. Can you hear "and Hasty, you doing a hell of a job" at some point?? Inteligence in this day is too important to not put your best man, or woman in this case, in the post.

In NASCAR, it's easy to catch a car, but hard to pass him. In politics, it's easier to say what to do, but harder to do it. If the Dems ignore the kook fringe, they may do okay - but it might be tough when the Speaker pnders to that fringemore than her party. Good Luck !!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

SC6 Human Interest Story: Blind and Wheelchair Bound Student Makes U. of L Marching Band..

ESPN had a really nice piece on a student at the University of Louisville. The boy was born blind and unable to walk, but he has managed to become an accomplished pianist and trumpeter. He recently fulfilled a dream when he made the Louisville Cardinals Marching Band...

You might be asking, "How do you march in a wheelchair?". Well, he gets a little help from his Dad, who pushes him in formation. Dad also takes his on to classes everyday, in addition to working the night shift at UPS. Dad didn't complain about working so hard for his son, because he considers the boy his hero...... Sounds like they both are in my book.

Good job on the piece, and I hope ESPN replays it when Louisville plays in their bowl game.

One of These Two Teams Will Go to the Orange Bowl ??

It's Saturday afternoon, and I'm watching perhaps the worst college football game of all time..... The ACC Championship game between Georgia Tech and Wake Forest absolutely sucks! It's 3-3 as it's nears the end of the 3rd Quarter, and at this point, I don't care who wins..

I thought Wake making the championship would be a good story, but this game has everything going against it.......... The weather sucks, the offenses can't complete a pass, they're playing in a Pro Stadium that's about 1/3 full, and the best teams aren't there - Clemson, Boston College and Maryland looked better than these two. It's no coincidence that the winner of this game plays against probably the 3rd or 4th seed in the Big Ten - and they'll still get crushed.

Yep, this is another beef about the BCS system.. Can we please have a playoff system, so crap teams like these two don't get Top 8 automatic byes when they are ranked 16th and 23rd i the country???? Ok, I'm off my soapbox.