Sunday, December 16, 2012

Cartoons of the Week....

   Hey, remember when we would have ONE cartoon every Sunday? Well, this week we have an all-time high of FIVE political cartoons for you!  Call it rewarding a faithful audience. Besides, this will be the only Christmas present you get from us...

   Like we remind you from time to time, these 'toons are on a one week delay. No doubt next week's will be very somber, but it gives you an idea of what we were thinking about before Newtown.  Basically, it was two things: Christmas and the Fiscal Cliff.  So, when you can combine both, chances are you will make SC6. You can go the Elf On the Shelf route..

The Basketball Season Route....

Or the Three Wise Men Route - or is that One Wise Man, and the Other Two?

But Life is not all Fiscal Cliffs and Basketball... With Pot being legalized in some Western States, even Santa has to be careful with munching on certain goodies.

Meanwhile, North Korean Doughboy Kim Jong Un was able to shoot a satellite into Outer Space, where it's bouncing around aimlessly - but far enough to worry everyone in the Pacific.  It's always every son's goal to show up his old man...


Sunday, December 09, 2012

Today's Founders Quote: No Similitude to Nobles

"As our president bears no resemblance to a king so we shall see the Senate has no similitude to nobles. First, not being hereditary, their collective knowledge, wisdom, and virtue are not precarious. For by these qualities alone are they to obtain their offices, and they will have none of the peculiar qualities and vices of those men who possess power merely because their father held it before them."

- Tench Coxe, from An American Citizen, 1787.

This quote may seem a bit out of place today, but in two years, when the voters of the 6th Congressional District of South Carolina are faced with a second generation of Clyburns in Congress, you'll be looking for this quote.  We've seen it in the car business a million times: Dad works hard and builds a successful business from nothing - then he retires and leaves it all to his know-nothing idiot son.  Soon, said business goes belly up, or is sold to a corporation to avoid that fate.  Here is one piece of good advice today: NEVER work for a guy named Skip, Chip or Trey... You're just asking for trouble.

Congress is no different, but we seem to think that the only person who can keep up the 'legacy' of a man or woman is their dolt of an offspring.... Anyone else hear the whispers of Chelsea Clinton getting into politics? F**king please !!!  No, Congress is not the House of Lords, and it's not a lifetime appointment. It's where the best our district has to offer is sent to represent all of us - and every two years, there should be a choice of at least two qualified people to pick from.  Remember this in two years, when we say "I told you so".... and get ready!


Cartoons of the Week ....

   Welcome back to the return of SC6.. We thought Irony took us over this week, when we posted our "We're Not Dead Yet" comment - then got pretty sick this week. Such are withdrawals from medications.  Anyway, we tried to rest up after work this week, and we're feeling a tad better. What better way to celebrate our return than with our usual Sunday Morning fare - Cartoons and Hot Chicks with Founders Quotes!

   Like ourselves, the Fiscal Cliff (formerly known as Taxmaggedon) is on the minds of most people not stuck in a fog - even poltical cartoonists.  There were a few, but we chose this one... Why? Because Obama and the GOP are being a bunch of clowns.  Ass Clowns, if you asked Bobby for his opinion... Anyone want to bet that when these politicians in DC were in High School and College, they all did their studying and projects the night before it was due?  I wouldn't take that bet either..

      But, not all of life is politics.... So, in the rest of the world segment, we note the conception of Prince William and Duchess Kate's SuperWASP offspring, soon to be known as the future King/Queen of England!  Kate was suffering from extreme morning sickness (re: she was puking so much, she got dehydrated), and the announcement that YES, she was preggers sent the media into a tizzy... That stork better haul ass, or he's gonna get sucked into a CNN jet turbo engine.  Either that, or he should go back to selling Vlasic Pickles.   'Prince William? That's the silliest accent I ever heard!"...


Sunday, December 02, 2012

Rumors of Our Demise Are Greatly Exaggerated..

We're Back !  Why? Because America NEEDS Us ...

    No, you are not seeing a Ghost, or even one of those Zombies from The Walking Dead.... This is a new post from SC6!  Yeah, it's been a while, but life has been much more of a priority for us lately than politics.  While a Presidential election season may seem to be a odd time to walk away from the game, it's a common practice for us. Why? Because there IS such a thing as political overload, and even though we consider ourselves more informed than most people, we choose not to contribute to it..

   Yes, the last few weeks of an election are torture, even to us.  It drives us crazy to hear opinions on Facebook and Twitter from people who don't follow it except for the last 90 days of a campaign. Sure, they're entitled to their opinions..... we just wish they wouldn't.  We admit it - this is about all we have.  We don't work for campaigns, we don't knock on doors or make phone calls.  Why? Because anxiety problems keep us from being able to get out often.  We quietly sit by, listen intently, then give the best solutions to our country's problems - and we're pretty damned good at it!

   Really though, there were two reasons we took a break: first, we changed jobs and moved. Yes, we are now in Laurinburg, North Carolina full time. We went though a home sale (14 months - Thank God it's over!), a home purchase, and learning a new industry.  Like we said, life took a big priority.  Work is going great, and the past 2 months have been spent doing minor renovations on the new casa. There's more we'd like to do on the house, but the budget is wiped out for now, so there's time to blog now! Lucky You..

   More importantly, our health has been a concern in 2012.  Ever since we got back to Florence, we seemed to have troubles. We thought we had allergies, and other problems have dogged  us all year. It was easy to blog when we weren't working. We basically sat around, blogged when we could, and rested if we felt less than 100%, which occured a lot.  Adding work to the mix made blogging almost impossible. We're starting to feel better, and there is more free time, so we're going to give it a shot...

  Honestly, we thought we might be done if Mitt Romney won the election. Like Moses leading his people to the promised land, we view ourselves as the messenger of what our country needs to do to move forward - and it hasn't. We thought Mitt Romney would have been a very good President. But Barack Obama won , which was no surprise. What stunned us a bit more was the American People voted back a Democratic Senate and a Republican House.. So, we have all the same players that brought us here.  Clearly, voters didn't get the message, so we had an epiphany - America Needs Us.

   Given the circumstances we're in right now, there is little option except for us to get back to guiding you and the country to a better place. Is that a cocky view? Hell yeah, but it's true.  We always take others opinions into consideration, and it helps us come up with strong, bipartisan solutions... Like it or not, SC6 is back, and we're still keeping the SC6 name.  Our 7th anniversary will be here in a few weeks, and we know how important a baby's 7th year is - and this is our baby!  We appreciate your support through the years, and we'll try to keep it going at a high level...