Sunday, March 30, 2008

Running for Office Becomes Cool Again in Florence..

Wait, There's No River in Downtown Florence ! S**t, That's Florence Italy !!!
Believe it or not, I couldn't find a photo of Florence on Google, except for Tomlinson's Hardware and the Carolina Wings. If they want their pics on my blog, they can pay me. Nobody rides for free, baby....
Anyway, in this year of political change, it seems that change has even made it's way into Old Flotown. Now that filing time is about over, the race is taking shape, and it look like the city races are going to be pretty interesting.
For starters, Mayor and former Governor candidate Frank Willis will have competition to be re-elected. Odder yet, it is from his own party - if you ever thought that Willis really was a Democrat. If you were reading my blog back in '06, you already know my firsthand experience in hearing Willis' hypocrisy. Willis will be tested by local attorney Stephen Wukela, who ran against Sen. Hugh Leatherman in 2004. Wukela did a decent job against Leatherman, but that was an impossible race to win. He will have an easier time against Willis. There are a lot of Democrats who are not happy with Willis' tepidness to put his fist down against the pair of dummies that have been slowing downtown progress on City Council.
I met Wukela on the campaign trail in '04, and he's a nice guy, although his politics are way left of mine. The interesting and more important race is for City Council. the two at-large seats are up. They are currently held by Bobby Holland and Rick Woodard. The way things have played out now make it a very compelling race. Florence County Planning Commission Chair Glynn Willis ( a cousin of Frank, though less of a politician) entered the race to challenge them. Even a Democrat is running for the hard to win at-large seat. Octavia Williams-Blake is the Director of Occupational Health at McLeod Health, and is a Florence native. I know both Glynn and Octavia as well. Hey, Florence is a small city.... Also in is Steve Powers, who owns S/W Printing , an is chair of a Downtown Merchants Association. I don't know Powers, but I get a bit leery of people who own property in an area being developed running for office. BIG conflicts of interest there folks....
My experience with both of them ties into my dealings with the Planning Commission. Glynn was on the board back in 2003, and Blake's husband was the County Attorney then. Glynn eventually took over as Chair, and he has done agreat job of straightening out the face of the Commission. There are a lot less Real Estate agents and developers on board, so naturally, they listen to residents much more than when I had my problems. He listens as well as anyone I have encountered in City Government, and he is an avid reader of SC6 ! There isn't much you can ask for in government.
Octavia is an extremely smart and friendly person. I used to change the oil on her Volvo(?) when I worked at Florence Toyota, and I also saw her at a GOP fundraiser for -I think - Andre Bauer back in 2004. She is not a typical tax and spend Democrat. It was nice to hear an African-American say that the main thing government needs to do is not take money away from it's citizens. Like I said, she is a pretty smart woman. Too bad there aren't more like her. I would kill for her to take on Ed Robinson or Billy D. Williams .
For complete disclosure, I can't say the same for her husband Charlie, who used to be County Attorney. I beat a developer twice on a zoning issue, so they sued the county, and they eventually caved in and rezoned it without a hearing. Why was I not advised, since I was the only person representing the residents? Because, as Blake told me, "It wasn't any of your business." F.U.2 Sir........ As a footnote, Blake is now - SURPRISE !! - a Real Estate Attorney for Gary Finklea, the busiest developer in town right now. But, he's not running, his wife is....
Lastly, I almost was stunned into submission by the Community Times this week. The Times is the local African-American paper - and also the likely source of the outing of my night in the County Jail back in '06. The editor was praising all the candidates running this year. I quote..
'If you vote for people because they make a lot of noise, talk the talk, or because they are the most popular candidate, then you get what you voted for - nothing. You get people who lack the vision or plan. The voters of the City of Florence can no longer support candidates who are selfish and egotistical, people who only concern themselves with the districts they represent, or what is in the deal for them. "
I thought this was great.. mainly because I thought he was talking about Ed Robinson and Billy D. Williams, who have blocked any downtown progress, and thus have hurt their own people by not creating opportunity. It was a tough position for a black paper to take. Then I realized that Robinson and Williams are not running this year, so I guess the editor was referring to Woodard and Holland. Speaking of egos, when was the last time Woodard or Holland were arrested, had a BS press conference of even made the paper? Just asking.....
Overall, i'm glad to see people here in Florence to actually get off their butts and get involved. I can't do everything here myself !!!

SC6 Lost Movie Classic: Crossroads

The Karate Kid Takes on Satan... With a Guitar !
I think I have a new series to add to SC6 today - SC6 Lost Movie Classics. The purpose of it is to pull movies out of my collection, and ones that just come to mind that represent myslef and SC6. The first one today is the 1986 classic, 'Crossroads'.
In case you've never seen it, here's a synopsis: Ralph Macchio is a kid from Long Island, who trains at Julliard Music Academy during the day, but he also works at a nursing home. Ralph finds out that one of the residents may be a famous blues harmonica player, who knew blues guitar legend Robert Johnson. Ralph thinks maybe if he befriends Willie, he may be able to learn and record Johnson's famous missing "30th Song". Willie is played by Joe Seneca, who bears an incredible likeness to Jim Clyburn during his Methuselah, beard-wearing days.
Willie promises he'll teach him the song, if Ralph breaks him out. Ralph does it, and Willie takes him on a journey back to the Mississippi Delta to teach him all about the blues - to show him that it's more than just "a good man feeling bad". Ralph also hooks up with a young, pre-boob job Jami Gertz, but naturally, she takes off - hey it IS the blues....
Eventually, Willie comes clean. There is no 30th song, and he just wanted to get out of the nursing home. But, the main reason is that Willie made a deal with the devil, and now he feels cheated. Satan - who is black of course - makes a deal that if Macchio agrees to a guitar playoff - also called 'cutting heads' - and wins, he'll let Willie out of the deal. If he loses, Macchio gets a straight ticket to Hades as well.
It's a great movies, especially if you like blues music, life Down South, and that Doe-eyed sweetie that Macchio is. Just kidding on that one !! Here is the clip of the Guitar Playoff between Macchio and rock legend Steve Vai, who was great in this. By the way, both Macchio and Vai are Long Island natives.......

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Breaking News: Mark McBride to Run for Senate as an Independent.

This just in... According to an e-mail from a supporter of his, former Myrtle Beach mayor and US Senate candidate Mark McBride will not run as a Republican, and instead, he will be an independent candidate. Here is the quote from the e-mail as it was forwarded to me......

It is with great emotions that we have decided to> make the following campaign announcement today. After lengthy discussions and thought, it has become clear that the direction we need to pursue is one independent of the Republican Party establishment. While I still consider myself a very conservative Republican, the party itself has put major constraints on our campaign.....

I spoke to Mark and his wife Laura at last week's 6th District convention, and they did not have an easy time there. It seemed that he was almost skipped when the Senate candidates had an opportunity to speak. I joked with them that even I had learned to stop running for public office, but this is what they want to do.

Even when Mark was an establishment candidate, he had the ability to aggravate some people - not that that is a bad thing. It's often needed to get things done in government. This race however, is an almost impossible climb, and the GOP thinks they have plenty of candidates right now.... Perhaps too many, even with McBride out.

I like Mark a lot, he was the very last person to leave the convention last week, with wife and kids in tow. He truly does enjoy campaigning, I wish him the best in this year's race, and I look forward to seeing him on the road....


Free Obama's White Grandma Hits It's 1st Anniversary.

Barry and His Papa and Nana In Better Days... Nice Jacket!

Every once in a while, I'd write a post about Barack Obama, and then I'd get an anonymous post, stating "Free Barack Obama's White Grandma". ????? So today, i decided to take a small peek into the statement...

Free Barack Obama's White Grandma comes from an article written by Andy Martin, who is not an Obama fan. It basically states that she has been locked in a closet - possibly against her will - and that she may not have many complimentary things to say about Baby Barry... I have no idea, but I found it funny that I searched this exactly on the one year anniversary of the article today, so Happy Birthday...

Maybe she is old, and she's not allowed to interview due to health issues, but with the recent throwing of the old woman under the bus by Obama himself during the Preachergate debacle last week,maybe there is some truth to it.

Speaking personally, lot of us running for office have relatives that DO NOT need to be in front of cameras uring an election. Jimmy Carter had Billy Bud, Bill Clinton had Roger, and I had my Dad. The guy who never ran for office had the balls to tell me how to run a campaign, like he's damn Lee Atwater or something. I'm sure he thought having me thrown in jail was a master political stroke in his mind......

Last year, maybe Martin's article looked like a semi-bigoted attempt to smear Obama when he was a fringe candidate, but one year to the day later, perhaps it was actually a harbinger of the truth - or maybe he got lucky!


SC6 Expose !!! We Uncover Clyburn's Covert Operation to Bilk House Bank Out of Millions......

Here's Jim... WHERE ELSE ?? On the Golf Course, and Out of the District..

Let's see if this one makes the New York Times... Our crack (or is it cracked? Crackhead?) staff at SC6 has uncovered a scheme to bilk millions of dollars out of the House Bank, and SC6 has followed a trail that leads to the second home of House Whipmaster Jim Clyburn - a neighboring foot locker at a Golf Club he frequents !

After a thorough investigation, SC6 has located the team that worked the scam.

Based at a software enginering firm in Texas, this team came up with an intricate, or maybe not so intricate plan to skim funds away from the House Bank in Washington DC...

The team members are Peter Gibbons, Michael Bolton (no relation to the singer) and Samir Nagadi.., uh Nagime.... - lets just call him Samir for simplicity's sake. Here's how the scam worked: a software bug was implanted into the House Bank, where a percentage of leftover funds were skimmed , then set up into an account. "It's kinda like in Superman III", according to Bolton.

The money was pulled out of the account and a check was put into Clyburn's foot locker at a Golf Club he frequents in the DC area. However, the check was placed into an adjoining locker, belonging to this man...

His name is Milton Waddams. He was last seen in the Caribbean, drinking a Mai Tai on thebeach, and threating to put Salt Peter in the guacamole...

According to Waddams supervisor, Bill Lumbergh, "We fired him years ago, RIIGHT, and we stopped paying him, so YEEEAAHHH, we uh, fixed the glitch. He also thougt we stole his stapler. RIIIIGHT." Now Waddams is missing , and Clyburn's co-conspirators are dropping dime on the Congressman. Said Gibbons, "There is NO WAY I'm going to a Federal, pound you in the ass prison alone, man!!" Samir concurred, although he noted, "You do get congigal visits"........

Calls to Clyburn's office were not attempted.


This Guy Is NOT Our Friend....

Since When Do Men of God Lead Armies Against Their Own Country?
If you've been watching the news this week, you may have seen that casualties in Iraq have spiked up a bit, mostly from sectarian fighting in Basra, and rockets being lobbed into the Green Zone of Baghdad. The main source of the trouble? Muqtada al-Sadr.
Yes, Mookie is back. You may have remembered that he left Iraq and fled to Iran - a sure sign that trouble would soon follow. Face it, the guy wasn't going on a religious retreat..... or maybe he was, at least in his mind. Well, it's ayear later, and no doubt al-Sadr has been restocked by the Shiite led Iranian government, and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Like Osama bin Laden, we had a chance to take him out, we didn't, and now he' s back and even stronger.
We know why al-Sadr is pushing now. John McCain is the GOP nominee, and if elected, we may have a permanent presence in Iraq, a la Japan and Korea... The extremists want us gone for good, and that will only happen if a Democrat is elected, so they have to make it look like the surge is not working. Maybe it isn't.
I've been back and forth on this for a long time. I don't like being in Iraq, especially when the Iraqi government can't get their shit together to unify themselves, and we sit around as targets on a daily basis. We started the war on terror after the 9-11 attacks, but when you take a step back at the failures of the actual attack, it leaves some doubt as to whether going into Iraq is still needed. All of the lapses that caused the 9-11 attack have been fixed, and we are no longer asleep at the wheel when it comes to the threat.
I'm not saying that we need to entirely pull out of Iraq, but that maybe a covert operation aimed specifically at the terrorists there would be more effective, less costly, and be able to calm the Iraqi people to drop their guns, and get back to work. I wouldn't like it if my next door neighbor were parked on my front lawn every day, so I can empathize...
Maybe this isn't the popular train of thought in the GOP, but it seems to me that the violence in Iraq will only settle down to a certain point if we keep our presence there. The jihadists may claim victory at first, but when we keep picking them off in the shadows one by one, five years from now, we may be finally asking what happened to them, and Iraq will finally be peaceful again.

Friday, March 28, 2008

The 84 Congressional DWI Story: Fact or Fiction ?

So.... Exactly Where IS The Bar At ??
I got an e-mail earlier this week, and it piqued an interest in me... It goes like this:
36 have been accused of spousal abuse
7 have been arrested for fraud
19 have been accused of writing bad checks
117 have directly or indirectly bankrupted at least 2 businesses
3 have done time for assault
71, repeat 71 cannot get a credit card due to bad credit
14 have been arrested on drug-related charges
8 have been arrested for shoplifting
21 currently are defendants in lawsuits and
84 have been arrested for drunk driving in the last year
Can you guess which organization this is? NBA or NFL ? Give up yet? . . Scroll down.
Neither, it's the 535 members of the United States Congress. The same group of idiots that crank out hundreds of new laws each year designed to keep the rest of us in line. You gotta pass this one on! AND THEY JUST VOTED THEMSELVES A $15,000 PER MONTH PENSION FOR LIFE AFTER SERVING ONLY ONE TERM IN CONGRESS !!!
Now, after reading this, my first thought was "is this true?". So, I did a little research. This basically an e-mail made in 1999. Who wrote it is unknown to me, but most sites dispute the accuracy, mainly because they use terms like 'accused' and 'alleged', and worst of all - not one congressman was mentioned. Not exactly a hard hitting accusation, is it?
It is pretty hard to believe that one of every five congressmen were stopped for drunnk driving in a single year. My first question is, knowing that Jim Clyburn does love his Jack Daniels and Diet Coke, was he one of them? The amazing part of it all is that IT DOESN'T MATTER, BECAUSE CONGRESSMEN CAN'T BE ARRESTED FOR DWI'S IN DC......
Sad, but true. Don't believe me? It's in the Constitution.. As read in Article 1, Section6, "They shall in all cases, except treason, felony and breach of the peace, be priviledged from arrest during their attendance at the session of their respective houses, and in going to and returning from the same." Gary McLeod would be proud of me....
Essentially, they are bulletproof from prosecution for it. Remember that Kennedy who got all stoned on Ambien and nearly ran over the Capitol Hill guards because he was so whacked out? Ever notice that he wasn't charged? That's why.....
Why does the law exist? It's a little known codicile in the Faber constitution that gives the Dean unlimited power in times of campus emergency. Wait , that's from Animal House....... It's a copy of English Parliamentary Privilege, which was designed to keep members from being stopped by opponents to vote by getting them wasted on the way to the House. Yeah, it sounds pretty stupid to me too. But , this is part of what our country was built on. Not perfect, but it somehow works.
As far as copying English Law, I would like to quote History Expert, Jeff Spicoli...."Like, we left England because their rules were bogus... But if we don't make a different set of rules, and fast... well then, we'll just be bogus too." Well said, Bud....

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Why Don't We Have Signs Like This in the US ??

Speaking of no sense of humor..... Signs, Signs, everywhere there's signs !! But, the signs in the United States are pretty humorless. Ever get a giggle out of a deer crossing sign, or a runaway truck zone sign? I didn't think so.

We always pick on the English and Canada for being dull and dry, but there are some very funny things that come from there. Monty Python, The Kids in the Hall, and SCTV ...... And now, let's not forget their signs. Here are a few examples...

if you sprinkle when you tinkle, be a sweetie, and wipe the seatie.

seems to the point , doesn't it?

Ms. X, How 'bout a spin????

This One's my favorite...


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Clinton's Are Losing Their Sense of Humor...

Easy Bill, That's Your DAUGHTER !!!

Politics is no fun when you're losing... Especially when you were a solid lock for the nomination six months ago. Such is life for the Clintons, and it's starting to show........

We're used to seeing Bill and Hillary lose their cool at times, but even Chelsea is getting testy. At a campaign stop at Butler University in Indiana, a student asked if her mothers credibility had been damaged after the Monica Lewinsky scandal, and her answer was this....

Wow, you're the first person actually that's ever asked me that question, in the, maybe 70 college campuses that I've been to," Clinton bitterly said at Butler University. "And I don't think that's any of your business."

Uh huh. Makes the refusing to interview with the 9 year old kid in Iowa seem downright nice, doesn't it? Guess if I had to field questions from smartasses like these for months on end, I'd get tired of it too. I'm sure that when she started this, the intention was just to get out there to cover all the ground, but Chelsea has been force into the position of having to actually make a difference. And the stress is showing...... If Chelsea had a chance to voice how she's feeling right now, my guess is it would be like this...

Tough times indeed......

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

New Report: Social Security , Medicare Bankruptcy Continues On, Congress Plays a Fiddle.....

Time to touch on a sertain subject again - the one that PROVED I am smarter than your Congressman. Social Security and Medicare. Why talk about it today? Well, because the trustees for both spoke on Capitol Hill today to give their annual 'We're screwed, when are you gonna do something about it?' speech. Big surprise - it isn't getting any better.
Social Security is still chugging along on schedule - they will outspend their incoming money in 2017, and by 2041, it will be completely bankrupt. Only Congress could fuck up an annuity!! Medicare is in serious trouble, folks. It will be outspending THIS YEAR, and will be bankrupt by 2019. If Congress knew anything about financial planning, tye would have gotten on this years ago - like we suggested back in 2004 - but 'stay the course' continues to be Washington's mantra. OHHHHMMMMM.... OHHHHMMMM. Nope, it's still there.
Like I've always said, they key to turning around Social Security is to invest in more than T-Bills and other low-yield instruments. Democrats have a certain phobia about giving control of cash to people more talented than them, so I'll compromise. Find the investments, but have them in control of The Fed or some other policy wonk in DC that has half a brain. If you don't trust Wall Street, find someone you DO trust - just get off your butts and do it...
Medicare is a big problem. Why? Because the cash is already gone. You can't invest what you don't have. So, that leaves you with two options - raise funds or cut expenses. I know where I'm going on this one. Expenditures need to be cut, and drastically. Everyone to the left might complain that we'll be taking srevies away from the elderly , but is it worth bankrupting the country for? Most retirees are welthier than I am, they've gotten everything FDR promised them, and now I have to support them when it won't be there for me? Not fair, I say.
On a more compassionate note, there are effective ways to fix this. Here's a few tips.
Get rid of the Automatic Spending Raise.
When Congress has a shit fit over lowering the raise from 7.7% to 7.3%, things are going the wrong way. Cut the raise to about 5% for inflation and increases in population, and see how much we save.
Simplify Medicare Part D.
I hate to say it, but the Democrats are right, when it come to negotiating prices. In these times of double digit inflation in medical costs, you need to save where you can. Speaking of which.......
Stop Paying Hospitals for Negligence.
Maybe you didn't know this, but if the doctor amputates the wrong leg, guess who pays for it? You and Medicare. Why? Because there is no oversight, and Medicare doesn't fight for your dollars at all. Some states are beginning to get smart on this. Pennsylvania has made up a list of about 25 "F. Up's" that they will not pay doctors of hospitals for. You screwed up? Don't charge us for it. If I did that in the Auto Repair business, my ass would be getting sued. It's all a matter of common sense....
That's my real world solution of the day. Maybe it makes a little too much sense for Washington, but I guess that's why I'm not there...

Monday, March 24, 2008

Too Lazy or Stupid to Tune a Guitar? Fear Not, Gibson Introduces the Robot Self-Tuning Axe !

If you've ever had problems tuning your guitar, and have an extra $2500 burning a hole in your pocket, has Gibson got a toy for you !! Yes, it's their Robot Self-Tuning Guitar. Still interested? Well, then buy me one, dammit!
Exactly what is different about the Robot? Well, it has a CPU in the headstock, tuning keys that act like tire pressure monitors on you tires, and a transmitter in the bridge, along with a lithium charging system in the plug to keep it powered. Tuning is a pain in the ass, depending on what type of guitar you have, and the type of locking tremolo (or whammy bar) you have. If you have a crap setup, prepare to retune your guitar every other song you play - not a good prospect if you are playing a live show. Also, if you have songs that require different tuning patterns, you usually need a minuet or two to do it. This thing takes all of that away.
Simply set your tuning type, and play across the strings. The bridge read the vibrations per minute that make up a chord, transmits it to the CPU in the headstock, and the CPU sends a message to the tuners, which automatically adjust the tuning - it could be any easier !!!
Now, I'm sure it's not as easy as it sounds, and it only comes in blue - you want it in red, then paint it yourself !! Did I also mention it costs about 10 times as much as a loaded Kramer Striker with a dead-on Floyd Rose locking nut tremolo? But you would definitely the first on your block with one of these - at least for a month or two.....

Ever Had Mud Wrestlers Rash or Mary Hart Epilepsy? Then You Qualify for A Top Ten Odd Illness....

If You're Gonna be Sick, Make It Interesting.........
As we go through the last few days of Flu season (BORING!!), and get ready for Allergy season (MORE BORING), might we suggest you aim more towards a more unique way of being sick.. How did I come up with this? Here at Honda, we have a technician who has a habit of being out sick alot, particularly on Mondays.
It's never an ordinary one either...He either needs a colonoscopy, or his duodenum is perforated and bleeding - or something else. So, I went online to assist him in continuing to find more exotic sicknesses - and I found this. The Top Ten Weird Illness List. It may be crazy of me to post on this, but at least I didn't make this stuff up !!! If you have another one to add, feel free to list it - at your own peril....

What Should We Talk About Today....Hmmm, How About Jim Clyburn !!

Jim's Thrown a Dud On His Dealings With HUD....
Why show the picture of Jim on the golf course with his grandson again? Because that's where Jim apparently does all his work. Don't laugh - that kid is now the Undersecretary of Transportation.....
I'm a little late, but what else could I talk about in my first post as Vice-Chair of Old Jim's Country. If you've been reading the papers, you saw that there is a bit of a stink over Jim possibly nudge-nudge, wink-winking his way into a lucrative HUD no-bid contract for a buddy of his. It went very quickly from him being an acquaintance of 15 yrs to a golfing buddy since I was about 4 years old. Must have forgot about those other 20 years....
Anyway, I'm going to play a fair angle on this one. Honestly, I don't think he mentioned anyone by name to get his friend a contract to work on rebuilding New Orleans. It was probably more like him saying 'You need to hire more minority contractors', then kinda just stared at his buddy for about five minutes. That's legal, right? Here's what my beef is...
He says he wants more minority ownership of the contracts - did I mention they were Halliburton-type, no-bid contracts? Whatever. The beef is that Jim, like he always does, has a first priority of making money for minorities. Fine with me, but there is one thing I don't like at all. Why isn't he finding the jobs for minorities IN HIS DISTRICT ??? Here's how he has jus screwed other blacks in the 6th District - like he always does.....
You might say that he did push for a minority-owned contractor in South Carolina - but it is in Hilton Head, which is the 2nd Congressional District. And worse, since it is Hilton Head, where the unemployment rate is about 3.5%, all of the people employe on these jobs will be Mexican, many of which are probably residentailly challenged as far as legal status. Then again, Jim doesn't give a crap about using illegals anyway. We owe them so much as it is....
When you look at it that way, you get the impression that Clyburn wasn't looking at the end game of pushing for just any minority-owned contractor. I imagine there were plenty of qualified contractors in the 6th District that could do the gig - but what are their golf handicaps? Or, how much have their contributed to Jim?? Nudge-nudge, wink-wink.......

Saturday, March 22, 2008

A Funny Thing Happened In Orangeburg Today.....

"I Do Not Seek, and If Nominated, I Will Not Accept" - Numerous People.

" I'm Just Here to Vote, and Help My Buddies" - Mike at 1000 AM

" What the Heck... I'll Do It" - Mike at 1200 PM.

Sometimes, things that you don't anticipate happen, and what starts out as an ordinary day turns into a big surprise. No, I didn't find a girlfriend out of the blue. But, I was named Vice-Chair of the Sixth Congressional District of SC for the GOP. Talk about a good fit...

I had never attended the district convention before, so I was very excited to see how it went, and who would be there. It was unbelieveable. It was like going to your high school reunion. I easily knew more than half of the people there from running for Congress from 2004-2006. And it paid off handsomely when it came to working for those I felt deserved positions within the party. Moye Graham was named as a delegate to the National Convention . Moye deserved it, and Earl Capps did his usual great job of promoting Moye. Moye isn't completely out of the woods to make the trip to Minneapolis this summer. He is tied for second delegate, but South Carolina may be penalized for moving their primary up a couple weeks this year. Hopefully, the spots will stay, and Moye will get to vote John McCain in.

Tommy Grimes put his consensus building skills and work ethic to oust Celestine Parker as Chair. I'm sorry for Celestine, but I'm sure she can give us some good advice to advance the GOP's agenda in proving that the 6th District can be turned around. Speaking of which, we have a new candidate running for Congress. Nancy Harrelson from Marion (it seems everyone in Marion is named Harrelson !) , has put in her money, and she will be on the ballot in June. The big question is will Gary McLeod be there? He hasn't looked well recently, and word is that he will no longer be running. Gary is famous for putting his name in the ring at the very last minute, so I would count him in until they close the entry box.

Lastly, the big surprise. While the races for Chair and the delegates were goin gon, I noticed that no one seemed to be running for Vice-Chair. Tommy confirmed it, but he did say that moye was considering going for it, so the two of us had a Pow-Wow. After a few coin tosses, Paper/Rock/Scissors games, and One Potato Two Potato, Moye said that I was the best choice for the job. Moye has a post in the district as well - he will be Secretary-Treasurer. Expect a lot of noise from this gang - we are three hardworking and motivated people !

Here's some pics from Orangeburg.....

900 AM, and everyone is leaving material for the delegates.

The dreaded flat seats in the cafeteria.. My ass still hurts!

Earl, sharpening his power ax, with Hugh Weathers and Andre Bauer.......

Tommy and Moye - ready for Victory !!!!

Florence GOP Legend Charlie Appleby and Shelby Phillips.

Don't mess with the Wyboo Crew from Clarendon !!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Barack Obama Is a Tar Heel Fan ???

Obama Learns What Fred Thompson Didn't......
Some politicians are smarter than others... Remember last fall, when Fred Thompson was asked who he was rooting for in the Tennessee - South Carolina game ? Thompson of course was all for his home state Vols, and I said at the time that a Gamecocks loss meant a Thompson loss come January. Guess what? I was right again !!
Barack Obama has learned his lesson. It seems that Obama has picked the North Carolina Tar Heels to win it all in this month's NCAA Tournament. A safe bet, no doubt, but is it one based on politics? With North Carolina's Primary coming next month, it would seem that Obama may be - dare I say - pandering to the Tar Heel State for votes? Here's the article, you decide for yourself......Thanks, Bobby.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

SC6 Takes You Inside the SC 6th District Convention !

What Do Munchkins Have to do With the GOP? Is Hugh Leatherman Coming?
All I know is I Googled Imaged 'SC GOP', and I got this - courtesy of the SC Dem Blog, which hasn't had anything to say since April '07. You're a dedicated bunch of people, fellas. Nothing like a pile of politicians with ADD. Focus, guys..... FOCUS !!!!!!!
I've been pretty involved with politics for the last 4 years, and this will be the first meeting of the 6th Congressional District since I began my one man crusade against Congress. It looks like I am full circle - four years later, and I am just as unimportant as I was then!
This weekend, we will all be gathering on Orangeburg at Wilkinson High School on Bruin Pkwy to meet, make some contacts, and elect a new group of officers. I had considered running for a post, but financial and time restrictions got in the way. With my contacts, i'm sure I would have won something. Instead, I'll use it to push MY AGENDA , and to shape the area as I see fit.
Armed with my laptop and my digital camera, SC6 will give you an inside look at the Convention, so that you feel like you are there. Don't thank me for saving you the $20 on gas - just send me a check for $10, and we'll call it even.... Hey, it might not be as packed as the State Convention, but you can guarantee that if shit like the Earl Capps - Rick Beltram spat goes on, you'll hear it , no problem !!
I know Moye will be there. Any of you guys planning on being there?

It's a Fruit, It Smells Like Vaginosis, and People Are Killing For It... SC6 Brings You the Durian.

I don't say this often, but you HAVE to check this out. I never thought we could add to our Strange Fruit series, but this tops them all... Ever see a fruit that goes for $50 each, smells like bad punani, and has caused people to get killed, while hotels have outlawed them for permanently stinking up their rooms? Now you have....
Here's a National Geographic clip that tells the story behind the Durian, and it's unbelieveable furor in Malaysian Borneo. Much like Westerners like stinky cheese, Malaysians have a thing for fruit that smells like bad fish. Yes, it is considered a delicacy - and they can keep it ! Just check it out here.........

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Dickie V Joins SC6 For It's NCAA Picks....

It's NCAA Tourney Time, Baby !!!!!
Sorry for the delay.... My laptop had a minor problem yesterday- AKA, I'm an idiot. No, I'm not a big basketball fan, but I do like the NCAA Tournament, because it's do or die time - lose, and you're out...
No, Dick Vitale isn't here, so we'll be spared from all the Diaper Dandy / Windex Man / Screaming... The games have already started, so I'm getting this out late, but I'm not cheating, I promise.. Kent State?? What was i thinking? Here are the picks...
East Region:
UNC over Mt St Mary's
Indiana over Arkansas
Notre Dame over George Mason
Washington St over Winthrop
Oklahoma over St. Joe's
Louisville over Boise State
Butler over South Alabama
Tennessee over American
Midwest Region:
Kansas over Portland State
Kent State over UNLV
Villanova over Clemson
Vanderbilt over Siena
USC over Kansas State
Wisconsin over Cal-State -Fullerton
Gonzaga over Davidson
Georgetown over Md - Balt. Cty.
South Region:
Memphis State over TX-Arlington
Oregon over Miss. State
Michigan State over Temple
Pitt over Oral Roberts
Marquette over Kentucky
Stanford over Cornell
St. Mary's over Miami
Texas over Austin Peay
West Region:
UCLA over Miss Valley State
Texas A&M over BYU
Drake over Western Kentucky
U Conn. over San Diego
Purdue over Baylor
Xavier over Georgia
West Virginia over Arizona
Duke over Belmont

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Second Amendment Right vs. Public Safety: SCOTUS Takes On Handguns Bans..

Will They Always Have the Supreme Court Look Like Cartoons, Or Will They Allow Cameras Someday??
While all eyes are on Barack Obama's speech about Race and his Pastor (zzzzzzzz), a case that is more likely to affect voters in South Carolina was in the Supreme Court today. Attorneys argued before SCOTUS both for and against Washington, DC's longtime ban on handguns. From all signs, the court has no doubt about the right to bear arms, the real question seems to be whether the Second Amendment overrules a municipality's right to ban CERTAIN arms.
I know how most of you guys feel about this. Some are die-hard right to bear people, and a few feel that not all arms should be legal. This has never come up before the Supreme Court before, so the ruling of the court has the possibility to send shockwaves throughout America. Even here in South Carolina. I wouldn't be surprised if Charleston or N. Charleston tried to instill a handgun ban someday. Eh, maybe not. We'll find out later on this year........

Here's Something Earl Would Like.. I Think.

I almost had nothing to chat about today, so I was only going to post this, but I got lucky. I was watching VH1 Classic - the greatest channel ever invented - last night. They had the VH1 Def Leppard movie , and a step by step story on the making of their "Hysteria" album. My sophomore year at ECU, that's about all I watched... Back when MTV showed videos, and had good game shows. But, I digress........
A very important part of life is to learn something everyday. Whether it be a fact, a part of your job, or even trivia, you should learn something - ANYTHING !! So, here is what I learned last night.....
Steve Clark drank - a lot.
Rick Allen wasn't a very good driver. If you can't beat a Jaguar in a Corvette, you suck as a driver.
That's about it. Hey, I learned something.... Here's a classic video of Def Leppard.....

Monday, March 17, 2008

$5.19 A Gallon Gas - In America !!! WTF ??

It doesn't look like much, but this little pump stump has the most expensive gas in the United States - $5.19 a gallon for regular. How does it get away with it? Simple - location, location, location..
Situated on a beautiful hillside next to US 1 right on the California coastline, it is absolutely the nicest view you'll get from a gas station. Another factor is that there is no other gas station for 40 miles in either direction. Need gas now? It's safe to say your screwed then.... I saw a TV report on this station, and multiple people drove up, asked how much, and promptly kept on driving. "It happens all the time" was the owner's response. Hey buddy, F.U. too !
And I thought Miller's Amoco on hwy 76 off of I-95 was a ripoff !!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day...

It's a Pot at the End of a Rainbow, But It Doesn't Look Like Gold......

All of the parades have already happened, but today technically still St. Patrick's Day. Have a nice one! To quote an old Irish saying, "May the road rise up to meet you, may the wind always be at your back, and pay me back the five bucks you owe me." Or something like that........


Fox News Puts the Screws to Obama...

You Can't Hide Forever, Barack !!

You might have noticed lately that Barack Obama has never done a live interview with Fox News - long viewed as a conservative network. Fox News has noticed also, especially Chris Wallace, host of Fox News Sunday. Wallace is hitting back for the snub.....

Fox News Sunday has unveiled it's 'ObamaWatch' - a counter that marks how long it has been since Obama promised Wallace an interview, and how long it's been. Apparently, it just hit it's 2 year anniversary, because the counter is at 730 days as of today's show - and it is still running. And they will review it ever Sunday, until Obama gives in.

Sure, you can expect a few tough questions, but Hillary Clinton has been on Fox several times, and I think they have been pretty accomodating. Why Obama has been reticent to go on is starting to take on alife of it's own. If he had done this months ago, it would not be a big deal. This may be overblown anyway, because Obama kind of appeared on Fox Friday. He answered a few questions about his pastor that thinks the government gave AIDS to blacks on purpose to kill them all. HMMMM...

It'll be fun to see how it all plays out, and what it will be like once Obama finally does go on Fox News. Wallace can be pretty tough when he wants to be, so he may bring out the big ammo to punish Obama for the primetime and longterm snub. My guess is the counter will be going for a bit longer - at least til the Convention. Obama has bigger fish than Wallace to fry for now. Word is he's in Pennsylvania lately...


Saturday, March 15, 2008

SC6 Endorses Moye Graham for 6th District Convention Representative..

Yes, That Is an Actual Photo of Moye....
We here at SC6 would like to take a minute here to endorse a good buddy of our blog. Next weekend, the GOP will have it's 6th Congressional District Convention at that bastion of Republicanism - Orangeburg Wilkinson High School on March 22nd. We ask those of you who live in the 6th District to take a few hours from your Easter weekend, come on out, and help pick your leaders. One of them to pick is Moye Graham.
Moye is one of the hardest working guys within the GOP that I know. He does alot of travelling during the week, but he still manages to have a great GOP resume'... First Vice Chair of the Clarendon GOP, member of the RNC, NRSC and too many other posts to mention. He has the endorsement of people serving in the GOP from the local and county level, all the way to SC Secretary of State Mark Hammond. And he has mine too. How does Moye pull this off ? Superhuman powers.......
Yes, it takes superpowers to be able to work so hard , and still be able to handle the workload that the 6th District National Committeeman requires. No problem for Moye. Here are a few facts to consider....
Chuck Norris Is Afraid of Moye Graham.
Moye is NOT related to Lindsey.
Moye can bend, melt or cut thru steel by staring at it.
Moye doesn't fly to his work - the plane rides him.
Greeleyville will change it's name to Graham as soon as Moye lets them.
Clemson calls themselves the Tigers after Moye's ferocity in politics.
Chicks dig Moye.
Oh, there's more - but times constraints are tight. I would like to add one personal comment. One of the other candidates is the Lt. Governor. Nothing against Andre Bauer, but he's not from the 6th District, he doesn't work at the grassroots level in the 6th District, and the job should fall to a person who is at that level working up, not from the top looking down. We need two people whose Job 1 is the 6th District, not overseeing the Senate and the entire state, then the 6th District. Maybe they think it's an easy seat, but I can find two other people I'd pick first. I'm off my stump.

This Has NOTHING To Do With Politics..

While looking up the Swift Kids clip, I ran across this clip of Cookie Monster. Being a child of Sesame Street, I have a bit of nostalgia for it. This clip is him singing his smash hit, "C Is For Cookie" - he did it all for the Cookie !

Hillary Gets Swift Kidded...

Here's another thing we found about this week - Swift Kids for Truth ! A play off of the 2004 campaign against John Kerry, it's a group of little kids attacking the candidates on a variety of unimportant issues. This one is aimed at Hillary Clinton, and her biggest weakness - Pantsuits !!


Friday, March 14, 2008

Would You Spend 40 Grand For a Date With Scarlett Johansson? Why It Makes Sense to Some...

As Grandpa Would Say..... HUBBA , HUBBA !!
Time to reflect and discuss..... Scarlett Johansson recently had a bidding to go to a premiere of her latest movie as her date. The winner was a guy from England, who put in the winning $40,000 bid - yep, 40k, baby.....
Now, why would someone pay that kinda loot , when they know they aren't getting anywhere with her? For the tax deduction, of course. The donation was for a favorite charity of Johansson's that helps reduce poverty. Not a bad idea... Think about it... You're a rich guy, you need to up your charitable deductions to save on taxes this year... Well, you could write a check to the Salvation Army - or, I COULD GO ON A DATE WITH AN A-LIST STARLET !!!!! Hey, my mind's made up !
Granted, Johansson is a full throttle Barack Obama fan, so you might need to either wear earplugs , or suspend your political beliefs for a couple hours. I think I wouldn't mind it. Guaranteed, I'd have someone taking pics of me and Scarlett nonstop the whole time!!
There are worse things in life to do...

They're Trying Already... House Passes Bill to Raise Taxes on Millions of Americans.

Quick, Send Tax Dollars to Washington - Nancy Needs More Surgery !!
Often we say that the founding fathers were just average businessmen and farmers, but times like yesterday prove that they were brilliant. What am i talking about? I'll get to it in a minute....
Maybe you didn't hear about it - mainly because a lot of media outlets didn't mention it - MSN ???? The House of Representatives passed a bill that raises taxes to millions of citizens. The goal is to get the Federal Government into the black again in five years. That's a nice objective, but why must they always solve financila difficulties by raising taxes? Could they once cut spending? Wait, I forgot. These are the people who call lowering the annual welfare increase from 7.7% to 7.5% " a cut". Big government strikes again.
I suppose I could go on a lengthy diatribe on DC again, or the Democrats (and some Republicans) and how they love to make the world more dependent on Washington everyday. However, I've matured a bit. I don't go crazy about these things anymore - at least not this year. The founding fathers have saved us once again by instilling checks and balances to save America from it's 'leaders'... Luckily, President Bush, who forgot for a long time what a veto pen looked like, will no doubt kick this piece of crap back down The Hill. Next year? That's another story....

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Hey, Meet My New Girlfriend..... Elliot Spitzer's Ex- Call Girl !!!

So much for there always being something to blog about.... Honestly, I've been so busy selling stuff today, that I don't have anything to talk about. When that happens, go with the safe bet - HOT CHICKS IN BIKINI'S !!!!!
Is it me, or does Ashley Dupre look a lot like Lauren Lowrey from Channel 15? Yummm. Word is that Ashley is gonna hang out at my house "Til Da Shiznit Blows Over"....

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

SC6 Retro Commercial: Watch My Twin Hawk His Breakin' and Poppin' Video and Kit !!

It's bad enough when everyone thinks you look like someone like Carlton Banks from 'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air', but it's worse when people start SENDING you clips of him !!!
Okay, maybe it's not him. Here is a YouTube clip of Alphonso Ribiero, who was known as 'The Tap Dance Kid' before he was on Silver Spoons and The Fresh Prince. It's a classic early 1980's TV ad for his dance video and kit - complete with a breakin' floor, also known as a piece of cardboard. They spared no expense....
I'll tell you the funniest part of it - aside from the dancing - is Ribiero's think New Yawk accent. It's 180 degrees from Carlton Banks. Enjoy!

Who Would Have Thought That Mary Ann Was the 'Bad Girl' of Gilligan's Island?? Ginger Never Got Busted for Ganga !

We always knew Gilligan was a pothead, but Mary Ann too?? Yep. Dawn Wells, best known as Mary Ann on Gilligan's Island, pleaded guilty to marijuana possession after a traffic stop on her 69th birthday. Yes, Mary Ann is 69 - you are getting OLD !!!!!!
She was busted in Idaho back in November. the funny part is apparently, Dawn has a lot of friends, because she had about twenty of them making up stories to back her up that she wasn't stoned that day. Among them: She picked up a pair of hitchhikers on the way home, that she was swerving because she was having trouble with the heat controls on her new car. That a friend borrowed the car earlier, and he left it in there, and lastly that she didn't drink at all during her birthday party. Man, they sure were lining up to cover her butt, weren't they??
I was always a Ginger guy - hey, I like redheads, sue me !! But after hearing about Mary Ann's liberal attitudes, I might want to hang out with her instead.... Anyone got a bong I can borrow?

Turning the Odometer Over: SC6 Hits Post Number 1000 !

Today, we truly hit a milestone.... Blog post number 1000... Wow. I had no idea that SC6 would go this far, or that I'd even have 1000 topics to talk about. Then again, Jim Clyburn always has something stupid to say, and I'm usually doing something dumb myself.
I always thought that when I got to Post Number 1000, I'd have something really big to discuss or review, but honestly, I can't htink of much. I had the annual recap in January, and the 2 year anniversary in December. And the last two months haven't been too exciting either. The only thing I thought about was that I have had seven job changes since I started SC6 twenty-seven months ago. That's a new job every four months - Holy Shit! I've also only dated two girls in that time also. I'm getting depressed here......
Here's a few ideas I had to celebrate Number 1000......
The Top 1000 Democratic Superdelegates.
1000 Things I Miss About Ms. X
Ranking the Best 1000 Years Since Christ's Birth
Guess How Many M&M's Are In the Jar????
My 1000 Biggest F**kups.
Not exactly something worth reading is it? Most of the time I hit a milestone, I think about quitting blogging. After doing it this long, I realize that there will always be SOMETHING to chat about soon. SC6 has kinda hit a stride where we're not quite hamstrung by talking about politics only, or at least not in such a serious manner. Thanks for playing along for so long, gang!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Screwing With Your Kids About Pop Rocks and Coke.

Rest In Peace, Mikey.......... You Lucky Bastard !!
Time to share one of those funny things you come across every now and then. I was chatting with a co-worker about the old Life cereal commercial with Mikey. Naturally , i YouTube'd it since she's only 24, and had never seen it.
I then came across the old Pop Rocks and Coke killing Mikey story, and there was this video a Dad made, warning his kid about the dangers of Pop Rocks and Coke. I wish my Dad had this sense of humor...

How Money Will Get You Too In Pinstripes..

Think that life isn't fair? Well, you're probably right. Case in point - Billy Crystal. The New York Yankees announced today that Crystal will play in an exhibition game this week, right as Crystal celebrates his 60th birthday. I'm turning in July, so I've decided that i want to be the starting pitcher in the All-Star Game. Why not? I'm pretty well known too..
The funny part is that Crystal, who produced the movie "61" about Mickey Mantle an Roger Maris, is always portraye as this huge lifelong Yankee fan. However, I have my doubts. In perhaps his most famous role in 'City Slickers' , what hat is he wearing? A METS hat !! Yeah, the Yankees were pretty suckass back in 1991, but hey, show some cajones, man !!
This isn't the first time a movie star has tried to play ball. Garth Brooks played spring training a few times, and he went like 0-100....

Monday, March 10, 2008

I Get Solicited By Wrestlers for Jesus on MySpace..

WAHOO !!!!! Let's Go Rasslin', Boys !
I live a pretty sheltered life. Not financially, but I really don't get out a lot, and I'm not always up to date on everything. Sometimes it's better that way.. Don't believe me? Maybe after I tell you what I got on MySpace today...
I got an e-mail today from some guy named Grady in Hartsville, so I opened it with some trepidation. No Grady isn't a girl showing off her webcam site - it's a guy who wants to fight with me. Not that he's pissed at me or anything. Here's what the e-mail said..... "Hey, Mike! It's Grady in Hartsville. 43, 185 - do you do any submission wrestling? " Uhh.....
I checked his profile, and he talks about Jesus a lot, so I imagine he's one of those wrestlers for Jesus guys. For those of you wondering, the numbers are his age and weight. I guess I'm in his weight class, so he wants to wrestle me - for fun. Whose fun, i'm not sure... I thought I would encounter so freaks here on the blog, but MySpace has got this beat as far as the kooks go. For those of you interested in wrestling Grady, you can go online there, and enter Grady_SJHS. Good Luck - you pencil-necked Geek !!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

How to Fix the Florida/Michigan Delegate Mess....

With Residents Like These Two, Maybe We Shouldn't Let Them Count.........

I'm back in Hilton Head now, although I'm wondering where Matt is. Now word from him in Daytona, and I can't get him on the phone.. Anyway, listening to POTUS '08 for three hours, I got to listen to the roundup from all the Sunday AM talk shows. A major topic of them was what the DNC should do about the delegates from Florida and Michigan. The delegates were stripped from both states for having primaries before Feb. 5th, and like most Democrats, they can't live with the decision made. Basically , the two states want do-overs. Depending on which candidate they support, everyone is throwing his/her two cents into the fray. Since we here at SC6 don't have a dog in the fight, we'll give our own objective opinion....

But first, we need to give kudos to today's Washington Idiot of the Week - Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (D-FL). On Fox today, she had the balls to accuse the GOP of causing the problem with the primary because the GOP runs the majority of the Florida House. Brit Hume, right on top of it asked who introduced the bill, and how many Democrats voted against it... The answers are a Democrat and None. Wasserman-Schultz, who's name is damn long, my hands are starting to cramp just typing it, said "Well, that's because it included a part of the bill that guaranteed a paper receipt, and no one was going to vote against a bill that had that on it." Let me get this straight.... They voted for getting a receipt to show their vote counted in exchange for GUARANTEEING that their vote won't count? Nice try, you stupid yenta..... Go back to DC, and get those frigging cotton balls out of your mouth...

Here are a few of the option mentioned:

Do Over.

Ok, who pays for this? Michigan is broke and the DNC and both campaigns seem unwilling to flip the bill. Who gets to vote this time? Everyone, or just the people from the Primary? Way too expensive a deal, and by the time it gets set, all the Snowbirds will be back up North. Besides, the Florida primary was pretty much legitimate. Over 3.6 million people voted. No good.

Mail In Ballots.

This is a great Banana Republic idea, so we might as well have it in Cuba or Guatemala... Again, do all the voters get ballots? What if you moved? Also, the fraud would be unbelieveable. They send six ballots to the house, including your dead Aunt Alice, and all you have to do is mail all of them in. Then again, it does seem like the Democratic Way..

Firehouse Caucuses.

To save money, all voters would go to the nearest Firehouse Subs restaurant and vote .... Kidding ! They would have only about 150 caucus locations - and we know how great caucuses are - and vote a winner. I'll take a wild stab at this one, but I'll say the Obama Team came up with this one. Nice try...

Our Solution.

Since the DNC won't have enough balls to stick with their original decision - or risk pissing off the 4th and 8th most populous states in the country - something has to be done. Here's out two cents...

Florida's primary, with the exception that candidates couldn't visit there, was legitimate. In fact, maybe that's how they ought to do it. Watch TV, decide who you like on the issues, and go vote. Yes, Hillary Clinton would get 37 more delegates than Obama, but hell, she won, didn't she? It's not worth the expense or headache to run another primary.

And what about Michigan? Well, that's another story. When there is only one candidate on the ballot, those results can't count - unless you live in Russia or Venezuela. Something has to be done here. A 50/50 split isn't really fair, because the delegates are forced into voting a certain way. Here is my solution: make the Michigan delegates like Superdelegates, and let them vote how they want at the convention. they're chosen by their own party, so it's seems fair that they'll vote as the state would vote. There's almost no time, and definitely no money in Michigan to have another election. Sure, there could be some 'incentivising' for them to vote a certain way, but tell me the Superdelegates don't do the same thing. In short, I say if you want to have the stupidity of superdelegates, then go all the way with it.

If you have other solutions, chime 'em in...