Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Today's Snippet ....

A Dog's Best Revenge........
Thanks to Ben for the pic.

Jack-Ass Suffers From Hoof In Mouth Disease....

You'd be laughing too if you had duped everyone into thinking you were honest.........

Had enough yet people? Actually, I am a bit stunned that Katon Dawson put out a press release about Jim - it's a rarity. Maybe he realizes that taking this crook on instead of play concede and submit works better. Yes, I said crook. The man hasn't made a dollar that wasn't paid for by your taxes his entire life, all to build his own temple of personal power. A Taj Mahal to himself!

Don't believe me. Look at everything that has gone on this year since he became Whip. Everything has been aimed at self-promotion. Every news report makes it sound like whoever he endorses is a magic coronation from God himself. And all the while, the 6th District has lost it's representation. Oh, he's still in DC, but multitasking is clearly not is forte. All his focus is on being Whip, and powerbrokering for his own benefit. Look at the numbers for projects in the 6th District - Lake Marion Water Authority, on life support.......... Clyburn Connector, dead. By the way, it's a very good week for politicians pushing bridges to nowhere........

Now he talks about Iraq in terms of what is bad or good for the Democrats ??? It gives you a good idea of where his priorities lie. This Whip gig has gone to his head, and every issue now is dealt in terms of 'how can i maximize this for my Party?' Real Nice.

Jim likes to think of himself as an astute, well-spoken and intelligent man, but he overestimates himself. He stuck a Size 16 Dress Shoe into that well-spoken mouth of his. Is it any surprise that NO ONE trusts Congress?? Iraq is not a game... It is not a political football........ It is an issue that affects people's lives today, and the shape of our world in the future from now on!!

Can we please have a candidate to challenge, question and call out Jim Clyburn? Can we find one person with the guts to say what we all know - that our Congressman has lost his way more than ever. That we all know his main focus is to put himself in position for the Secretary of Transportation post if a Democrat is elected next year. All signs point that way, as long as you are paying attention. Or maybe, in these days of "Bring Home the Pork", all we care about is how high up the power chart they are.


Monday, July 30, 2007

Late Congratulations to the New Host of the Price Is Right..........Luke Perry !!

Boy, this sure was a surprise !! From 90210 to The Price Is Right? That sure is a stretch. Hey, those guys know what they want... What ?? DREW CAREY ????? Oh.
I hate to say it, but that is a true story. I need to clean my ears out..

Gary McLeod Not Running for Congress in '08 ?? Very Intriguing.

Where were you in '92?? Actually, it was '94, '96,'98, '02, '04 and '06......
According to the comments being by our buddy from Greeleyville and Davis Station, 6-time Congressional Candidate from my own District, Gary McLeod, will not be running in 2008. Word from Moye is that McLeod is seeking to run against Senator Lindsey Graham next year. I'm not exactly sure that this is the person people were hoping would run against Graham, but if it's like previous 'burning bushes', McLeod may have been assuaged to run from a higher authority........
Gary has not looked well in recent years. He is frail , gaunt, and looks like that Seinfeld episode where Kramer incessantly smoked cigars. Hopefully, Gary is just calling it quits, and he'll work in politics outside of running. I think he could earn a lot of respect by doing so and giving his insights into the Constitution, and not by flamethrowing others in the party.
That being said, the question is now asked..........WHO TAKES HIS PLACE? Let's examine a couple candidates..
Jim McGee. Would I love to see the former State Representative run. He is a simple talking, easygoing man who is also very intelligent, and a great consensus builder. Anyone who can build a friendship with Gilda Cobb-Hunter and still be a solid Republican has to be. By the way, most people already know Jim from his TV 13 days. Unfortunately, I think Jim has his eyes on the Judicial bench. Too bad.
Dean Fowler. Dean is the only Republican countywide elected official in Florence County, and he's done it twice. Dean is also the State Chair of the SC Treasurer's Assn, so he has roots built all across the state and district. Deano is a solid Christian, family man, and he is a seasoned campaigner. Again , I don't think Dean is interested. He also will be running in 2008 for Treasurer (if he wants to), so the timing is bad.
Darla Moore. Is she a Republican?? She spends money like a Democrat , but she makes it like a Republican! Moore seems to have taken an interest in local issues a bit more in recent years, and someone as high profile as her would bring a lot of attention to SC6. The district, not me.. But, would Moore take the pay cut? I doubt it.
Thomas Ravenel. Yes, TRav lives somewhere near Meggett in the 6th District, so he is eligible. It would make one hell of a comeback, and he could easily outspend Clyburn - or more correctly, his Union and attorney donors. Alas, I've talked personally to TR about this, and he thinks the 6th District is a lost cause for anyone, much less him.
Mike Reino. Ahhh.... Lord knows Joshua Gross would love to see me lob bombs at Clyburn for months on end. I would like to have a debate with Jim just once. I know Jim thinks he is smarter than me, and just about anyone here. I would disagree strenuously on that point. There is one part that holds me back - cash. If I could get enough cash to take a month off and travel endlessly across the District to get my name out, there would be a lot of benefits. First, the GOP would have it's image improved in the area. Secondly, the DNCC would have a lot less cash to play with. Maybe you don't know it, but Old Jim is the top donor in the Dem Leadership - why not, he has no competition. If I could get 50K, I would end up making Clyburn spend 20 or 30 times that amount in local advertising, instead of him writing a check in DC, and hurting GOP candidates across the country, like last year. Aw heck, I don't know..
What do you think? Am I more useful with my laptop, or would I be more effective with a free pass to November 2008?

Sunday, July 29, 2007

How to Legally Buy Votes: Build a Library From Your "Foundation Money".

As if Campaign Finance laws were not leaky enough, the Clinton's have found a new wrinkle to secure votes in various areas. There will be a new library in Chesterfield County, but the state , federal, and local governments have nothing to do with it. Bill and Hillary have everything to do with it. Something is wrong here.. Rhino ?? Please explain..
The money isn't coming from the Clinton's campaign fund, but there is some inventive money activity here. It appears the money is being donated by the Clinton's Foundation. Hell, I didn't know they even had one, and here's why I didn't think they'd have one.
Thanks to Monicagate and Whitewater, the Clinton's supposedly were flatassed broke from what I heard. Remember everyone asking for donation to 'Save Bill' ?? Now, they have a Foundation?? It is a pretty inventive way to get out of maximum campaign donations.
Let's say Tom Hanks just made a new movie, and the check just cleared. He gives his campaign donation to Bill and Hill, but he wants to do more - a lot more... Whats a rich A-lister to do?? Easy, give as much cashish as you want to their 'Foundation'. It's tax deductible (probably), and you there is no limit. Then Bill and Hill take that cash and selectively choose projects in a targeted area - like Chesterfield. It may be Marlboro County, but does it really matter?
The guys in Podunk don't give a flip where the money's coming from - they're just glad they don't have to raise property taxes, or car taxes, or water or sewage rates. They take it, but there is a string attached - a BIG STRING. No doubt that the Mayor, County Council and every local official there are now miraculously supporting Clinton. Go Hillary !!
It seems to me that there should be some law that disallows donations from a politician's foundation or other charitable group while they are in or running for office. Makes sense to me - who do I have to call to get this done? Oh........ forget it.

Edwards Wants to Raise the Minimum Wage to 1/47 of a Haircut - or $9.50 an Hour ....

I Gotta Say, John Edwards Does Make One Sexy Bitch..
I don't know how PhotoShop stock isn't as high as Google's.. That stuff is great! No, I found this on search. I didn't make it. See Al Gore, it's that easy to give credit to people, instead of taking it yourself.
In another move by a multi-millionaire aimed at pandering to the poor, John Edwards says raising the minimum wage to 7.25 or 40% in 24 months isn't enough. He wants to raise it to $9.50 an hour. So, any job you do - or don't do - will earn you $380 a week. The only problem is someone has to pay you that, and chances are, they will not want to pay it for the same job they paid you $206 earlier. So, you or one or more of your co-workers will get fired. Case closed. But, there is good news..........
Yes. Big Momma Gummint will surely be there to save you with Welfare, Unemployment Insurance, and other programs so you won't have to work anyway. Who wants to worry about work and paying bills anyway - all that stuff is a headache. I say Thank God for John Edwards' hair !! I say that because it obviously isn't his brain thinking up these ideas..

Gwynn and Ripken Go Into the Hall of Fame...

Congrats to Cal Ripken Jr. and Tony Gwynn on their induction into Baseball's Hall of Fame. As we speak, our own Bobby is in Cooperstown, and I expect a full report from him for the blog when he gets back. This year's class is especially timely - in this time where every record seems to be questioned thanks to 'juice', we have two inductees whose merits cannot be challenged.
Cal Ripken's stats year to year were never spectacular, but over his career, they added up. Then you have to include one stat that no one else has come close to in our lifetime - 2632. No need to even tell you what that is. More importantly, he was the face of the Orioles and baseball. Cal is a class act - in and out of baseball. And , as my sister once told me, "Cal's got the freakin' SEXIEST blue eyes". They don't put those stats on baseball cards, so I had no idea.
Tony Gwynn could just flat out HIT. He ended up with 3141 career hits, but he retired early. For awhile, I thought Gwynn had a shot at Pete Rose's record. Gwynn was another ambassador of the game. It is no wonder that Gwynn and Ripken both never left their original franchises - they were that important. You just can't picture them in another uniform, as it should be.......

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Like Barack Obama, Here's a List of My Personal Exaggerations to Impress People....

Running for President KICKS ASS !!!!!!!!
In case you missed it, Barack Obama stuck his foot in his mouth with yet another "missquote" - or what you and I call a lie. It seems Obama was talking about education, and he decided it was time to pander and talk about SC Education (or lack thereof). Well , Obammy saif that there were schools in the Pee Dee that were built in the Civil war era. WTF ??!!
Uh, if a school was built 140 years ago, it would be a historic landmark, and eligible for all the funding it would want. Where exactly is this 140 year old school?? My theory is that this school is near Ft. Moultrie, and that the firing on Ft. Sumter was all a big mistake for this school's grand opening..
Of course, Obama's handlers said he 'misspoke', but why let the truth get in the way of a good story?? I'm starting to see a trend: Obama panders, Obama misspeaks, everyone swoons..... Damn, I wish I got a free pass like that when I ran. I do understand it though. If I was getting the red-hot love that he was getting, i'd stretch the truth too. In that vein, here are the best lies I've told to get women to like me.
My Porsche is in the Shop.
My trust fund is on the way...
I take the bus to meet 'the little people'.
Reino is Italian for "Studmuffin"
My Mom WAS a thief !!
I go the bar by myself 'cause I'm '5-0'.
Gov. Sanford just acts like he doesn't know me.
I stopped playing guitar because I make too much on my day job.
Campaigns want to hire me - but why hurt the other guy's feelings?
Do you have a little Italian in you? Would you like a little Italian in you?

There's Only One Way to Go With Drugs......Down.

Today's lesson: drugs only get you in trouble. Remember Lindsay Lohan three or four years ago? She was pretty hot, she seemed like she has a good head on her shoulders, ..... she was the It Girl for Disney !! Now she looks about a week away from being a bag lady with 60 stray cats in her shopping cart..... I seriously worry about this kid.
On the other end, we have Thomas Ravenel - a guy who had every advantage in life: money , a name, money and prestige. Now all of it is gone, except the money. It's cool having a boatload of hot chicks everywhere you go, but when you play Joe Hollywood, eventually the wheels will fall off the wagon. My hope is Thomas walks away from politics for good, and just focuses on being a good private citizen.
I have probably a dozen buddies that went through the 12 step program, and if they didn't, I wouldn't be around them anymore. We all have to grow up eventually, and those who do drugs are on a one-way trip to the gutter. Over time, it takes over your life, and will turn you into a shell of yourself, and those around you. Stay Clean !!!!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Don't Tell Al Sharpton: Blacks Are 'Trickin Out Their 'Hoe's'...........

The following is a true story........................

As you read previously, National Action Network Chair Al Sharpton is on the warpath to discourage the use of the word 'ho'. Santa Claus has already changed his tagline to 'Hey, hey ,hey", and we had other examples. Well, Sharpton has an uphill battle on his hands...

It seems that African-Americans are using the term 'Hoe' for something even I never heard before........ The Chevy Tahoe. On Saturday, I had a customer (female A-A), and on the back window was "My Hoe". Yes, she hets asked a lot about it, but she says she's keeping it on her window. More power to her !!

I can understand. I used to call my old Toyota 'Camry Diaz'. But, I never called her a hoe...... or a Ho. Any stupid names you eve had for a car? Sure, it has nothing to do with politics, but hey, it's the weekend....


Weekend Fluff Piece: Scott Baio Is My Hero !!!

I saw a Yahoo piece about Scott Baio while at work today, and the amount of high-grade A lit women that this guy has dated is truly amazing...... Sure, everyone knows he went out with Erin Moran during their "Joanie Loves Chachi" days, and a lot of us know that Baio went out with Pam Anderson when she was a nobody. Well, Yahoo had a list, and it is truly impressive - even compared to chicks that Moye has dated! In addition to Moran and Anderson, here are a few more to consider....

Julie McCullough. In case you forgot her, she was the hottie on Growing Pains that got fired after Kirk Cameron couldn't take that she did a Playboy spread. Do you know why Kirk Cameron is gay? THAT'S WHY.

Erika Eleniak. The original hottie from Baywatch.

Heather Locklear. Yep, before she got hooked on Rock Stars, she hooked up with Charles in Charge !!

Natalie Raitano. The little brunette from VIP. Guess Pam gave him a good review...

Not impressed? How about adding Nicole Eggert, Denise Richards, Alyssa Milano, Nicolette Sheridan, Beverly D'Angelo, Leslie Anne Warren, Jeannette Jonsson and Connie Woods ? Honestly, I don't know the last two, but they both look pretty good.

Still going at 45, Baio is starring in a reality show on VH-1 , "Scott Baio is 45... And Single", where he is forced to rehash his bad-boy days with his ex's to figure out what he is doing wrong.....If what he had is wrong , i don't wanna be right !!



Bush Colonoscopy Goes Awry .......

President Bush, Feeling Out of Sorts After Being Violated By His 'Substitute Doctor'......Nancy Pelosi.
President Bush's weekend colonoscopy went differently than planned, when his normal doctor was unavailable, and he was somehow replaced by House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi. The incident has left President unable to walk, much less keep up his normal schedule.
No one knows for sure how Pelosi was allowed near Bush during the proceedure, but Pelosi did give a hint. "Let's just say my wallet is about $100 lighter." No one from the Bush Administration is talking, but an insider tells SC6 that Pelosi went wide and deep........ "That camera she used looked like a periscope from an old German U-Boat. What she done to him WAS WRONG ..."

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Masculinely Challenged Candidate: John Edwards Has His Cancer-Addled Wife Attack Clinton......

Maybe Ann Coulter Was Right....
Is there anyone more full of BS on either side than John Edwards?? The multi-millionaire that gets paid to lecture on poverty. The Two Americas? Oh yeah - the haircut.
Now, with Edwards stuck in neutral in the polls and fundraising and quickly becoming a second tier candidate, decided to let his wife play Bad Cop, since it is too early to get into the real meat of the campaign, AKA 'It's on Baby!'
It's amazing to me to what lengths candidates will go to get a spike in the polls. Oh yeah, he announced his wife's cancer in a nationally televised press conference, then he lets her take the rap for the attack on Clinton's ability to be a good candidate for women. Then again, I kind of like how the whole thing played out...... Hillary gets slammed by her own party, and Edwards looks like a scheming wimp. Good Job guys !!

Does This Mean Michael Vick Won't be Replacing Bob Barker ??

"This is Michael Vick, reminding you to help control the pet population......Dogfight the Muthaf***r !!!!
Only Michael Vick could do something stupid enough to make his brother Marcus look good. I don't know whether he has anything to do with this or not, but at what point do these star athletes realize that their "homeboys" need to keep their butts out of trouble. Pacman? Ray Lewis? Tank Johnson?
Yeah, I grew up in a rough neighborhood too, but I had enough sense to leave my friends that did or sold drugs or other illegal stuff behind. Vick might have lost his 'street cred', but there is a real good possibility that he will be sitting out a few games and losing millions of dollars because of his retarded buddies having to fight dogs on his property. Oh yeah, and he might go to jail - but that would probably help with his Rap Album......

Reino's Filiblogster Gets Cut Off In Attempt to Block Reid's Filibuster..

Neverending E-Mail to Senate Leader Gets Cut in Mid-Blog.....
I had a brilliant idea yesterday. To stop Harry Reid's filibuster attempt last night by sending him an e-mail in mid-filibuster, hinting of a 'Magic Bullet' that implicated the Bush Administration's knowledge of 9/11 and the fabrication of Saddam Hussein's WMD possession.
The hook was to get him interested, then to divert his attention long enough to end his filibuster by timing out from the podium. I'm telling all of you, it was damned brilliant - the best post I have ever done, and probably one of the Top 5 in SC Blog history - right up there with BBQ & Politics' "Soil Conditions" campaign. It was funny, challenging and wide ranging - a veritable Gettysburg Address of Blogging.
But, like most great things, technology got in the way. I got disconnected from my router to Blogger, and POOF!! , it was all gone. The time being lost, and the original fire gone, the post vanished from my noodle. Recreating it would be futile..... Dust in the Wind, Dude...... Dust in the Wind.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Here's a Quick Update on What's Up in Rudyville...And How You Can Help..

I've gotten some updates from Command Central regarding the campaign. Not to pick on other campaigns, but rather than starting big and fat and running out of cash, the SC organization strated small, and continues to progress. Here are the highlights.....
Help Needed in the 6th District.
Like most groups that start small, there are a few areas that need County Reps - and , as usual, the 6th District and Pee Dee head the list. Marion, Dillon, Chesterfield, Lee, Clarendon, Williamsburg and Calhoun Counties need go to men and women. I know someone who could fill two of those spots. His name rhymes with Boy Fram !! It might seem like an impossibility to find people here, but I disagree. Contrary to popular belief, it is not illegal to be a Republican in Marion and Williamsburg. Also, we are talking about less conservative areas, so a middle of the road guy like Rudy Giuliani should have an easier time. Drop a note to me at reino2004@msn.com if you want to help , or know someone who is interested.
Offices Open in Cola and Chucktown.
We now have home bases in Columbia and Charleston, so if you need swag or signs, those are the places to go.
Join the Reino 4 Rudy Fundraising Ball Team !
Maybe you're saying, 'mike, I'd love to see Rudy win, but I don't have the time. However, I do have this huge pile of cash that I was going to throw in my fireplace. Would giving you some help Rudy become President??' Uh........ YEAH! I have registered my own team of fundraisers for the Giuliani campaign online at Rudy's website, so join in! Just log in at https://www.joinrudy2008.com/Baseball/invite/5FDK/ , and you'll be on my team! A reminder, I won the Title in my last year in Fantasy Football, and I'm in First Place in Fantasy Baseball this year, so we have high standards here when it comes to web activities....
That's it for now. Stay tune for all the latest on the Giuliani campaign - without resorting to slamming on the other GOP candidates. That reminds me - Palmetto Scoop (Poop) stinks ! Have a great day!

Only One SC Town Makes Money Mag's Top 100.....Seven Oaks ???

Here Is Where Seven Oaks Is........ Now We BOTH Know .....
I read the list of Money Magazine's Top 100 Towns in the US today. I swore that SC was going to miss out completely on making the list, but those wizards snuck one Palmetto town just in under the wire - Seven Oaks !! Uh, Seven Oaks ?? Yep, it just made it at #98 !
Apparently, it is a section of Columbia in Lexington County - one that I have never been through, or I went through it and didn't even know it. The criteria was a little screwy, but it seems to be based on which little towns in America have an Opera Hall or where everyone goes to private school. If those are the criteria, then SC will never crack that list. By the way, I didn't see a town on this list that had property taxes below $4000 a year. If you jacked Florence's taxes to that level, we'd have an Opera Hall too - that is, if anyone still lived here.
No doubt there are plenty of politicians who think that this would be the answer to all of our problems - including the schools. Thank God we haven't gone that route - yet. Beware folks, those people are out there, so always be vigilant....

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Clinton Campaign Gets Help From Proctor and Gamble on It's New Slogan....

" Hillary Clinton: Balls Like a Man, Dressed Like Woman"
Hey, is it just me, or is Hillary describing the size of her 'Manhood' above ?? Why do I have Aerosmith's 'Dude Looks like a Lady' going thru my head over and over as I write this???? I'll quit while I'm behind.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Earl, If You Aren't Here, There Is No Justice.......

Lovers of 80's Metal , here is the event for you... It's ROCKLAHOMA, a three-day extravaganza of Heavy Metal acts from that most cherished decade of Aqua Net, Checkerboard Converse All-Stars and Neon Tiger Stripe Parachute pants !!
Unfortunately, if you aren't there now, it's too late. Scheduled to appear in Pryor, Oklahoma are the following: Poison, Ratt, Quiet Riot, Slaughter, Y&T, White Lion, Vince Neil, Dokken, Winger, Skid Row, Warrant, Enuff z'nuff, Firehouse, Faster Pussycat, Bang Tango, Bulletboys, Twisted Sister, Queensryche, Jackyl, Great White, LA Guns and Britny Fox... WHEW !!!
Three day tickets were $90, and the VIP Tix were $275, which included reserved seating and all the beer and food you can eat. That's a lot of beer, Earl! Hope you're there - ready to rock out with your, uh.. your socks out!

Surviving Another Friday the 13th....

I know, it's Saturday the 14th, but I wanted to make sure I didn't hex myself by doing the post on Friday. I don't really believe in Friday the 13th, but there are a lot of people who do. My best friend's mom wouldn't let him out or even go to school on Friday the 13th (his Dad passed away on that day).
Black cats, walking under ladders, breaking glass..........any other ones I forget?? Got any special rituals to avoid 7 years of bad luck? Lay 'em on me..

Friday, July 13, 2007

SC6 Mathematics Gives You Bobby's Theorem of the Pro's and Con's in Politics....

In a recent post, Bobby left one of his famous long diatribes at all things political, and once again, he ended it by complaining about President Bush. In it, he had a neat little equation about politics that I personally hadn't seen before. Then, after I read it, I had Bobby killed. I kid, I kid........

It's short, but it has a lot of truth to it. So, without further adieu, I give that theory to you....

The opposite of Pro is Con.

Therefore, what is the opposite of Progress?? CONGRESS.

So simple, yet so true.


Is It September Already, Or Is Congress Jumping the Gun ??

"Zalkovsky, You've Got 30 Minutes to Kill Every Insurgent, Unite Parliament, Build Infrastructure and have Every Iraqi love Us, or we're going home........ NANCY SAYS SO !
Happy Labor Day everyone ! How was your weekend? Have the Yankees caught the Red Sox yet? I can't believe the kids are already back at school. What? It's still July??? That can't be, because I heard that the Democrats are trying to pull the troops out of Iraq, and that was supposed to be AFTER Gen. Petraeus' evaluation. I thought I missed it.
Am I to believe that the Democrats backed out on their promise to wait until Petraeus' report....... Could those people who promised to bring honesty back to Congress actually be lying to America?? Of course, they will say that they are just doing the people's will - that they got home for Independence Day break, and they were just inundated by people screaming 'Get out of Iraq NOW !!' . My reply? Bullshit.
Trust me, I and most people are not happy about being in Iraq, but this is the reality of the times. Both sides have valid points, but when one side backs out of an agreement under the guise of 'saving lives', I have a problem. It is entirely possible that in September, the Dems could have started the rollback based on Gen. Petraeus' report. They might have even looked like the good guys, and peace between the two parties might have begun. Forget it now.
It is entirely possible that this move will backfire on Pelosi, Reid and all the people in DC who only think about polls, and don't really understand the impact of leaving Iraq. Let me throw this scenario at you. We leave Iraq, and sometime in the near future, we are finally attacked again. How will it look then? If we were in Iraq, and we were attacked, the Republicans and President Bush would have no political ammunition to use, and no doubt we would be out. By leaving now, Bush can say that by going to Iraq, we protected our homeland. Maybe they never thought of it that way...... After all, thinking down the road isn't a trait born into the Democratic Party.
Even in the worst of partisan times, the deals brokered between the parties always stood. The Dems might think they are doing the right thing, and saving American lives, but for how long? It's possible and probable that we will lose lives here once again, and who will be blamed for the loss of those people.......... the ones who lost no one for 6 years while we fought the enemy overseas, or the ones who left them to thrive and attack us again??

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Is Anyone Else Looking Forward to Sheehan-Pelosi In 2008?

Sheehan Shows off Her Favorite T-Shirt....... Stolen From Pelosi ?????
I for one would love to see the upcoming Cindy Sheehan - Nancy Pelosi battle next year. Not since 2004, when a young guy with no money and less political experience, decided to take on a kook Republican/Constitutionalist using the laughable term '(Con)Fusion Candidate'.
In the same silly vein, but from the opposite end, we have Pelosi/Sheehan - a competition between two candidates to see who can be further to the left. How do you gauge who is more Liberal? Who gets out of Iraq faster? Who gives more to Illegals and Convicts? Sending the entire Bush Administration to jail?
My suggestion is to wire both of these nutjobs for the next year, because the two of them will leave a trail of sound bites that will have to be heard to be believed. Ladies........ startup your engines !!!!

Here's How to Tell the Clinton's Marriage Is a Sham...

Above - Bill Clinton, dreaming of someone else, and Hillary, wishing she were ANYWHERE else.....

We all know that those poor Clintons are caught in a loveless marriage of convenience. There are few things worse in life than being clamped onto a spouse that you don't love, and worse, having to perform PDA's to 'show your love'.

We're not gonna list the entire evidenciary pile here, but I've noticed a little example that seems to occur everytime I see the Clintons in public - especially on their recent tour... It's real simple. Watch them when they meet each other. Bill will hug Hillary, maybe try a peck on the cheek. Hillary?? She smiles, but she won't even fake kissing him. There is some real anger there, folks....

Maybe she doesn't know that they make lipstick that doesn't rub off now....... And maybe she still hates Bill for getting a little action in the Oval Office, among numerous other places. Or perhaps Hill has discovered the love that dare not speak it's name, and she is repulsed by Bill and his Peironi Pepperoni. I have no idea, but next time they're on the campaign trail, check it out - it's pretty Hill-larious..


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

National Action Network Forces Santa Claus to Stop Using the Word 'Ho'..

"Ho, Ho, Ho" To Become 'Hey, Hey, Hey" ????
Fresh off his attack on website TMZ.com for referring to Beyonce's recent outfit as "Roboho", National Action Network leader Al Sharpton has now set his sights on another OWG (Old White Guy) who overuses the term 'Ho'.......... Santa Claus !!
Sharpton has put a crinkle in Kris Kringle's gig every December 25th. "WTF?? I've just gone from a beloved icon to a Fat Albert rip-off !!", Santa sent out in an e-mail from the North Pole. "This witch hunt has gone too far. What's next? Banning garden tools? (Hoe). Thank God Don Ho just passed away......... no doubt Sharpton would be on his ukelele too."
Sharpton was not apologetic. "We here at National Action Network.net are going to end the use of this derogatory term..... in all it's forms. We urge everyone to go to National Action Network.net and join us at National Action Network.net to assist in National Action Network.net's goal of ending racism in all forms - at least those that we at National Action Network.net find offensive."
While relatives of Don Ho were unavailable for comment, we asked a guy at Lowe's for a comment on the possible banning of H... uh, those tool thingys. "Honestly, we don't sell too many Ho... most people like them power tillers now anyway."
Possible Replacement Terms for Santa:
Hey, Hey, Hey.
Yo, Yo, Yo.
Hi, Hi, Hi.
Oy, Oy, Oy.
Oui, Oui, Oui.
Ollie, Ollie, Oxen Free.

Sorry for the Delay, Folks...... The Move Is Now Complete.

Okay, the move from my 2BR 1BA duplex ( in which 1 BR wasn't used) to my new 3BR, 2.5 BA house on a half-acre lot in a decent neighborhood is finally done. I wish the transition to Bell South DSL was easier, but I think the kinks are now out.
We now return you to SC6........... The BEST blog in South Carolina !! The blog that others don't (or won't) tell you about. While suckass blogs like Palmetto Pooper Scooper play dirty in their politics for pay, we try to play fair, and mix a little humor with our honest posts.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Fourth of July Shocker .... Kobayashi Goes Down !!

Break Out the Alka-Seltzer....... Kobayashi Tops His Own Record by Eating 63 Dogs....... And Still Loses !!

We're proud to report that the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest Champ is once again an American. Joey Chestnut, a college student from California, munched and contorted his way through 66 hot dogs and buns in a mere 12 minutes!!

If you have never seen this event before, it must be experienced. It was on ESPN today, and it had all the pageantry and tension of the Super Bowl. Watching it is like reading the stock ticker as Chestnut and Kobayashi quickly showed them to be the ones to beat. In the last minute, the two were literally neck and neck, but Kobayashi nearly puked up a mouthful of the garlicky dogs, and at the end, it was clear that Chestnut had won.

Joey Chestnut............... A true American Hero !


Tuesday, July 03, 2007

SC6 Celebrates Independence Day.. Mr. Clyburn, Please Read Below for What the "Basic Tenets" of America Actually Were.

"It's nice, Thomas....... But where is the part about Affirmative Action?"

Like most holidays, we Americans forget the reason we have the day off. So, we here at SC6 are hoping that you take just a second to remember WHY we celebrate the 4th of July. It's not about hot dogs, hamburgers, beer and fireworks..... Trust me, those last two don't go together very well!

Nope, we have off to commemorate the day a group of men , tired of being treated as unequals while still taxed as equals, stood up against a King 3000 miles away, and demanded equality.....EQUALITY , not special treatment. If you want special treatment, move to Quebec ! If you think otherwise, let's go back and read the text............

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security. — Such has been the patient sufferance of these Colonies; and such is now the necessity which constrains them to alter their former Systems of Government........

Sure, these were a bunch of white guys, many of whom owned slaves. They were human - not perfect. Room was made to correct any inequities that might have existed when the Declaration was written, and these amendments leveled the disparities to give people the opportunity to be equal. Somehow, our leaders have lost that sense of equality. Reparations, Affirmative Action, Quotas........ These are terms that are incorrect, misguided , and - dare I say - Un-American.

Of course, my argument is falling on deaf and paid-for ears. Maybe if politicians voted how they felt, rather than who's paying for them, our country would probably solve it's problems faster. That's not the American way , is it? Imagine if Clyburn and I had the same campaign budget.... Hey, I can dream .....

Happy Indepenence Day!!


Pardon Me As I Sound a Lot Like Sunny Philips..... Rudy Wins the GOP Fundraising Battle This Quarter..

Looks Like Rudy's Got a Little Extra Lettuce on That Hero.. Or is it a Sub.. Or Grinder... Or Hoagie ????

Ah, the first week of July...... When beancounters like our beloved Sunny wait with eager anticipation for those candidate fundraising reports. I never got very excited about them when I ran - adding up all those zero's wasn't much fun. Now I know how Ron Paul feels - or Jim Gilmore or Sam Brownback.

For those of you who care, my man Rudy Giuliani ran away with the fundraising battle this quarter, raising $15 Million for the primary and $2M more for the general election. Mitt Romney raised $14M, but if you peek a bit closer, the numbers aren't a s good as they look. M-Rom gave a personal check for $6.5M to the campaign, so he actually only raised $7.5M.. It looks like Romney has his own 401k matching plan. I wish I got a 85% match !!

John McCain actually beat Romney by raising $11.2 M, but most people are treating this as a disappointment. True, he is laying off 50 employees, and others are now working for free or reduced salaries, but I wouldn't write him off yet. McCain will now be leaner and meaner - but those cement shoes he has on his feet from the Immigration debate are pretty heavy. Is this talk breaking Reagan's 11th Commandment ?

Now, someone's name is missing: Fred Thompson. By next Quarter, he will be, so this will be one to watch. My prediction? Thompson will win. Thousands of his supporters are just sitting there , waiting for the announcement so they can send money. Thompson better win. If he doesn't , he will be in big trouble financially. Giuliani has $18 Mill IN THE BANK, with NO DEBT !! Paying for that startup will eat up a lot of Thompson's cash. Money in politics is like money in life - it isn't everything, but you need a certain amount of it to be comfortable....

Speaking of comfortable, those Dems sure are raising a boatload of cash! The question is: How much of that will be left after the Primaries? We all know Dems don't think much about saving for the future. That reminds me....... what ever happened to that Amerislave.. I mean Amerisave program of Nancy Pelosi's ????


Sunday, July 01, 2007

Out of Jail, and On the Job Already.... Paris Hilton Turns In Her First Report: Sam Brownback !!


Wow! Less than a week out of jail, and Paris Hilton already has her first Erection 2008 Candidate report done. Maybe she IS turning over a new leaf, but from that tape I saw, I kinda liked it when she turned over..... UGH !!!

SC6: Paris, before you give your first report, tell us - What was it like doing Larry King Live??

PH: He smells like Vapo-Rub.

SC6: Yeah, i've heard that before...... Were you worried about what questions he might ask?

PH: Not really.. like, my Mom and Dad already told him what he could and couldn't ask before the taping...

SC6: Gotcha.. I love a good game of softball when i know I'm gonna win before the game too.. So, tell us about Sam Brownback...

PH: Brownback Mountain?? I LOVE that movie !! Heath Ledger is a hottie , and Jake Gyllenh.... uh, that other guy has the sexiest eyes! I didn't like it when they kissed in that film, but I've seen worse. Did you ever see Cameron Diaz at a Red Carpet event? Who's her designer, Gianni Versucky?? it's like, 'Look, I weigh 60 pounds , I haven't seen daylight in a year, and I shop at Big Lots'.....

SC6: Paris sweetie, that's Brokeback Mountain.... We're talking about Senator Sam BROWN-back from Kansas. He's running for President.

PH: Whaaaaaat ? Who's he?

SC6: Ok, we'll help you.... Some people say that his candidacy is impotent now, because his views are similar to first tier candidate Fred Thompson. What's the real story?

PH: Fred?!! Ha, ha! Back when I was a kid, Nicky and I used to hang out and go clubbing in the Hamptons, and we'd dance to 'I'm Too Sexy' and drink Long Island Iced Teas all night !!

SC6: That's Right Said Fred, not Fred Thompson....... and weren't you like 12 when that song came out?

PH: Maybe...

SC6: The train is way off track here, Paris . What about Sam Brownback ??

PH: Uh, whoever he is, he needs a new publicist, 'cause nobody I know has heard of him. Might I suggest Lizzie Grubman, or that guy from 'Entourage'....... They Rock !

SC6: Well, it took awhile, but in the end, Paris is right on the ball......... Ahem.. Stay tuned for Paris' next report on the Presidential candidates as Erection 2008: The Candidates With a Hard-On for the Presidency ( Except One) continues.............


SC6 Endorsement: Vote Shirley Hinson for SC Senate Tuesday..

If you live in Dorchester or Berkeley Counties, and you can vote in the SC Senate race Tuesday (something about 90% of you eligible didn't do), get out and vote for Rep. Shirley Hinson to replace the late Bill Mescher.

I met Bill Mescher a few times, and I consider him to be a friend. He was always willing to put his name out for me, and he was a sensible guy in Columbia. More importantly, several people I know well were very close with Bill, and they are for Hinson. They would know best who would fill his shoes, and in their opinions, Shirley Hinson is the person for the job.

Of course, I have met Shirley several times at GOP functions, and she seems pretty well respected, and she was supportive for what I was trying back in my glory days. Sure, there was a lot of hubbub when she ran against her ex, but that is long over, and those who were working against her now are working for her - that says a lot.

Honestly, I don't know much about the other guy running. Word is that he is for the selling of Santee Cooper, something that Mescher , a board member of Santee Cooper, would never go for. We all know that Gov. Sanford has tried in the past to sell the utility, and I am a supporter of him. However, I'm not obligated to agree 100% with someone I support, and I don't think selling it is in the state interest right now. Santee has big plans the next few years, including a $1 Billion investment in Kingsburg, and I would rather see any sale happen after the investments are complete. That's a blog post for another day...

Choose Hinson as the lesser of two evils?? Who knows.. All I know is the ones who knew Bill Mescher best say Shirley Hinson in the right one on Tuesday, so get out and vote, and bring a friend!