Sunday, June 05, 2011

Erection 2012, The Race For the White House: Sarah Palin Hits the Road .... And the Campaign Trail?

Palin Plays the Media As She Tows the Campaign Line ....

    It was all Sarah Palin, all week as she toured America's famous historical landmarks.  It was classic Caribou Barbie: well publicized, opinionated, with the usual faux pas or two..  So the big question is whether Palin is in or not in 2012.  So far, we're 0-1 on handicapping candidates.  Our guess is Palin is out, but she wants to the conscience of the GOP next year.....

    Yeah, Palin's negatives within the party and especially outside are pretty lengthy.  While she may be a darling of the Tea Party, the TP's still don't run the party, nor are they the majority nationwide.  She's likeable, but the presidential gravitas that we look for still is absent.  Get her off the teleprompter or to speak extemperaneously, and watch the flubs come a flyin'.. 

     Also, just like Mike Huckabee, the post 2008 life has been much, much easier - and rewarding. Financially.... Palin is cleaning up on the speaking circuit and with the book deals.  Why run for President?  But, just because you're not running for office doesn't mean you can't wield power, right? Ask Bill Clinton... Nope, that is our guess. Much like last year in South Carolina, when she helped Nikki Haley, Palin wants to shape America in her vision. Whether America agrees with her or not - or even the GOP for that matter - remains to be seen. 

     Palin is a great cheerleader and headline grabber, which is more than we can say for just about everyone else in the party, with the exceptions of John (The Crying Game) Boehner and Paul Ryan.  If she can tighten her game up a bit, she can be an effective tool for the party. More effective than if she actually ran....If not, she could end up making the GOP look divided .... and foolish.   We'll see.


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west_rhino said...

Nicer booty than Rudy and apt to exhaust some of the left's fierpower... good kamakazi is Palin!