Sunday, August 28, 2011

Today's Founders Quote: Ages Yet Unborn

"It should be the highest ambition of every American to extend his views beyond himself, and to bear in mind that his conduct will not only affect himself, his country, and his immediate posterity; but that its influence may be co-extensive with the world, and stamp political happiness or misery on ages yet unborn."

- George Washington, 1789.

    It always amazes us how far ahead of his time our first President was.  His ability to know what importance the United States and their actions from the start would affect the world was astonishing.  Too often, leaders are too concerned with today.  To them, the future is just the next election, when they need to think 20, 20 and 50 years down the road. If we did, we wouldn't be in the mess we are today. 

    One thing that stamps happiness on us is a hot redhead like Tina Hobley... Yummy!!


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