Monday, September 01, 2014

History Quiz Time: What Day is Today?

Yeah, It's Monday. It's Labor Day.  But ..........

     Happy Labor Day, everyone!  We hope you are enjoying the holiday by not working - or doing anything, for that matter.  We're watching Nat Geo Channel's 80's and 90's retrospective shows....   Yeah, it's a day to let the batteries recharge.  We had a good post to write, but we'll let it wait til tomorrow.

     Not everyday is a day for politics - even for us.  But, we couldn't help but remember that today was September 1st.  It's one of the most important dates in history, although many Americans don't know it.  We recognize another date, because we tend to be a little self-important.  Still guessing?  OK, we'll make it easier. It's the 75th anniversary..........

    Yes, on September 1st 1939, the Nazi's invaded Poland, which started World War II - the most important event of the 20th Century.  While most Americans know December 7th, September 1st is not as well-known. But we're history buffs, because knowing the past helps aid future decisions, which we will show tomorrow.  Anyway, thanks for reading, and we hope we didn't make youthink too much!


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