Sunday, September 07, 2014

Nate Silver Is Seeing Red........

The Wizard of the 2012 Election Is Seeing a Republican Senate ....... And That
Just May Be Good For Barack Obama and America.

        Like we have said, and will continue to say over and over, our job here is to cut through the bullshit, and give you the straight dope.   It drives us crazy when politicians will use info from somewhere because it agrees with their needs, but ignore other info when it disagrees with them.  It's called Cherrypicking - and we can't stand it.  So, we will try to introduce you to a couple people that apparently see things with a clear eye. 

       First off, we bring you Nate Silver. Honestly, we never heard of Nate, until his 538 website just about correctly called the 2012 Presidential Election.  We kind of thought he was possibly a partisan hack, but apparently, he's just using data.  When everyone thought that Mitt Romney was going to give Barack Obama a run for his money two years ago, Silver said all the swing states would go Obama's way - and he was right.  Well, now Silver is focusing on the numbers from the states with Senate seats up for grabs - and he says the odds of the GOP taking control is about 64%.   Not a mathematical certainty, but that's pretty good.  Of course, one mistake or two by a GOP candidate, and it all could change.....

    During the discussion of it on This Week, we learned one thing, and thought of another.  First, we saw how the staleness of the Democrat's ticket emotes an sense of entitlement, similar to the House of Lords.  Of the seats up for grabs, four of them are Democratic political legacies - Mary Landrieu, Mark Pryor, Mark Begich and Michelle Nunn.  Honestly, we hate when the seemingly only possible choice for an outgoing Senator or Congressman is his spouse or child...........  Of course, South Carolina is no stranger to this.  We have our Campbells, Ravenels - and someday in the 6th District, the Clyburns. 

   Now, with the real possibility of Barack Obama having to deal with a Republican majority in both houses, you'd think he'd be bummed out for the last two years of his term, before heading off to the golf course.  We disagree.  In fact, if Obama plays his cards right, backs off the political rhetoric, and is the adult in the room, this could be a great opportunity for America - oh, and his legacy. 

    What are we talking about?  THE DEAL.  The Big Deal.  Or even a small deal or two.  Lets face it - DC has been a wasteland for bipartisanship since 2000.  It's no coincidence that the last good bipartisan agreement from DC was the Welfare Reforms in 1995.  Go back in your memory, and remember the setup:  Democrat President, Republican House and Senate.  It's almost the best scenario for decent compromise and change, without going overboard, like when it's a clean sweep.

   Here's why it works.....     The problem right now is you have jerkoffs like Harry Reid and John Boehner running the majorities, from opposite sides.  Nothing they pass is anything close to what the other side is passing.  That doesn't allow for the all-important reconciliation that finalizes change to occur.  Now if you're a Republican, you're thinking you can pass anything you want........  Wrong.  Why? One word:  VETO.  Obama can veto any bill, and it would have to be overridden - a near impossibility. But, the veto is his only option, and Americans - even disinterested ones - don't want to the President act like a veto machine.  No one likes a One-Man Obstruction Crew.......

     There is only one answer - a deal.  Any kind of deal, on a full array of issues.   The one good thing is that we may finally have a clearing up of the confusion on Capitol Hill that were put in place by the voters.  See, it IS your fault.......... It is out best hope right now.  Capitol Hill is where all the problems start.........but it's also when the solutions come from legislatively.  It has to be.



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