Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cain Takes Florida Straw Poll ?? Why and What It Means.

Take Your Bow, Godfather ..... For Now.

     After working 11 1/2 hrs 12 of the last 13 days, we woke up to our usual Sunday am routine - an omlette and Fox News Sunday!   One thing that broke our routine and woke us up real fast was the word that former Godfather's Pizza CEO Herman Cain won the Florida Straw Poll....

    Now, the rule that has always applied (and still does here) is that STRAW POLLS DON'T MEAN ANYTHING.... No, Cain did not win Florida - he got about 1000 of 2657 attendees to vote for him.  Yeah, he bum rushed the party, and walked out with the keg, a couple CD's, and the hottest girl there...  But, there are legitimate reasons for the win as well....

    In a year where jobs, and the Federal Budget are paramount, Cain has submitted perhaps the most realistic and fair tax reform plan.  His 9/9/9 Plan, which includes a flat tax and national sales tax, has a good amount of equity and fairness to it.  No, we are not Fair Tax fans at all, but compared to the 23% tax they've been dropping, a 9% sales tax is more reasonable.  Everyone else's plans haven't made much of a splash - while most of them haven't even submitted a plan.  2012 is not the year of semantics and promises - we want numbers.  Cain has done that, and it paid off Saturday.

    So, do we now put Cain in the top spot?  Uh, no.  1000 supporters is not a campaign make.  But, we might be apt to move him up to a Top Three or maybe Four.  Wins in anything do that, but it is fleeting and fluid.  Ask Michelle Bachmann...  The main fact to pull from the Florida Straw Poll is that GOP voters are not happy with the field, to it's own detriment, and we'll get into that shortly.  For now, Cain can finally put a notch in his belt, and hope it starts a roll up the polls with more participants than an old Pee Dee Pride hockey game.



Moye Graham said...

CPAC usually goes for Ron Paul. This means nothing.

Anonymous said...

Gary Johnson had the best line when he quipped that his neighbor's two dogs have created more "shovel ready jobs" than Obummer. Bachman is beginning to look like she has gone from rocketing up to free fall,Newt still appears the most scholarly, Rick Santorum and Ron Paul are mad the world and Huntsman has all the traction of bald tires on a wet track at the Darlington Raceway.

Add to that Perry's possible temporary brain to mouth speech impediment and Romney's flip/flop/flip and it should be no surprise that Cain won the straw poll. He didn't gaffe, he was clear and concise,his tax plan is different from anything else out there (especially what little is out there). The problem I see it that too many of our candidates look like a high school football team that will have to play Oklahoma/Alabama/LSU for the all the marbles.

No wonder Governor's Christie's phone is ringing off the hook!!...teg