Sunday, September 25, 2011

We Don't Know How, But .......

One Post Causes SC6 To Have More Hits in 3 Days Than The Previous Six Months....

     More stunning to us than Hermain Cain's Florida win today was what we saw when we clicked onto our Blog Stats.  We have a decent traffic stream - more than even we originally thought.  Most months, we have about 12-15000 hits a month.  Our alltime high was last October, right before the 2010 Elections.... We had 21,862 hits.  On September 13th, that was blown out of the water.....

    Apparently, SOMETHING made the rounds suddenly.  The 12th was a normal day - 629 hits. Like a lightning flash, SC6 became a hot blog..... Here are the numbers:

9/13   - 24,985 hits
9/14   - 43,588 hits
9/15   - 11,463 hits
9/16   - 2298    hits
9/17   - 1461    hits

and it continued pretty much through the 21, which was our last day over 1000 hits.  We checked the data, and it appears that our source for the hits had nothing to do with our bread and butter - politics.  Nope, politics only gets you so far.  To get the hits, you gotta show some leg... Specifically, Scarlett Johanssen.

We can't even remember when that post was exactly - we may have posted on her twice.  But after the 78,000 hit total in just 72 hours, SC6 is well poised to crack the 100,000 hit barrier - in a single month!  Yes, we're both proud and not proud at the same time.  Almost six years now, and we're still just throw poop against the wall......... and seeing what sticks.  Still haven't figured it out!


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Anonymous said...

To paraphrase an old saying on TV ratings--hits are hits take'm anyway you can get them. Now the question is will you put some more famous leg on to keep those hits coming??...teg