Sunday, September 25, 2011

Screw You... Send the Parking Ticket to the U.N.

If This Guy Is Like Most Diplomats, His Car Is Illegally Parked.

    You may have noticed all the news this week from the United Nations, as they have been discussing possible recognition of Palestine. With all of the leaders that have been in town this week (Obama, Ahmadinejad, Abbas and Netanyahu among them), the East Side of Manhattan has been one gigantic traffic stop.

   Yes, when the UN diplomats are in town, most of the major thoroughfares in New York are blocked.  In short, millions of commuters have to wait or figure out how to get to work, home or a client some other way. All week......

   Apparently, that is still not enough for UN diplomats... It seems that they have trouble parking legally as well - anywhere!  As of this week, New York City is owed a total $16.7 million for unpaid parking tickets.  Egypt leads the pack at $1.9 million, followed closely by Nigeria at $1 million, and Indonesia at $725k.... Literally EVERY country in the UN owes New York money for parking tickets...

    It has gotten so bad, a group of New York-area congressmen are submitting legislation that would impose sanctions for any country that owes the city money.  We're not sure exactly what those sanctions are, but it should be interesting to see them try and collect..

   So, while you may think diplomatic immunity was only used for DWI's, drugs and killing prostitutes, you are corrected - and it's been going on for a long time, as we can attest.  Back in the Summer of 1990, I worked at Robert Moses State Park, which is a beach basically.  I found a car parked in the corner of the lot, literally blocking the entry way to the beach.  So, if an ambulance or police had to get on the beach, they could not.  I called the police, had the car towed, then waited for the diplomat to return.... I advised him he endangered lives, so we towed the car back to the mainland 12 miles away, and I gave him the phone number to the tow company and a taxi company that would pick him up - and for him to fuck himself.  I was 22, and it was my first experience at giving a political bigwig the finger.  It was beautiful....


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