Sunday, July 24, 2011

And Some Things We See Coming ...

Amy Winehouse's Passing Proves An Old Post of Our's Right

      We're sure all of you know by now about the death of Amy Winehouse by now.  Musically, we don't know if her best days were already past her at age 27, but we know two things for sure: First, we'll never know the answer to that, and secondly, drugs robbed it from her...

    For those longtime readers of the blog, you may have remembered a post from a couple years ago, stating ours worries that this day would come.  Rumors then that her husband had turned her into a heroin addict, and hearing this past month that she walked out of rehab was not a good sign.

   The toughest part in becoming a successful singer or musician is to be able to differentiate yourself.  Listen to the cookie cutter music that Disney Channel and Pop Music churns out, and you'll know what I mean... Winehouse not only did that with her voice, but her music as well.  Yes, it was a rebirth of music from the past, but still, no one else was doing what she was.  Today, singers like Adele, who we absolutely love, owe a kudo or two for blazing a trail for non-trad pop singers to break through.

   Of course, the toughest part of BEING a star is handling the fame and success, and Winehouse did that badly.  Fame turns you almost into a cartoonish figure, where the normal parts of who you are gets lost.  It seems that she spent too much time feeding the bad girl routine, and the drugs soon follow.  There is a hard, cold fact: Heroin kills.  I know of one person who did heroin, and he is dead. Riding the snake is a dance with Satan that ends in one way: The House Wins.

   Amy Winehouse now joins the long list of other rock stars who didn't make it to 28: Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain and a few others... many of them involved Heroin.  If there is anything to learn from stupidity like this, that is it.


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