Sunday, July 31, 2011

We Might Be In a Little Pain This Week...

OK, OK... It's Only Half That Many Teeth

     On a personal note, we will be off from work on Wednesday, as we are getting two wisdom teeth pulled.  Yeah, most people get them pulled at 25, but dental coverage was a lost item for us the past five years or so.

    In hindsight, we've had a ton of related health problems from it: tooth pain, swollen glands, sinus problems, dizziness, etc.  Our hope is that these all end with the impacted tooth being yanked out at long last..  We'll see.

   Whether we are just out for the day, or longer depends on if my face looks like a chipmunk, or if it goes as well as the last time I had a tooth pulled.  Didn't even take an aspirin last time.  But wisdom teeth are supposed to be another matter.  Wish us luck!


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west_rhino said...

Take the tapered dosages of steroids and antibiotics and I expect you'll do fine.

It's going to feel wierd for a bit, but your mouth will be back in action probably too soon.