Thursday, June 11, 2009

K-Flo Fever Hits Flotown ..

The SCGOP Chair Came Well Prepared For Our Question Tonight ....

Maybe it's me, but this blog might actually be starting to get somewhere. It was pretty arrogant of me to post a comment directly to the state party Chair, and expect it to get to her, but damn if Karen Floyd didn't get the question ahead of time - and even better, she made it her first question to answer, without me even having to ask it ! It's official - my head no longer fits in standard doorways....

It was an interesting meeting in Florence tonight. It was by far the most attended meeting I've been to. It was hard to jam 80 people into the conference room at First Reliance. If this keeps up, we're going to have to start renting out the Civic Center. I would guess that having the SCGOP Chair definitely helped attendance, much like my birthday parties always had a billion kids because it was in July, and we had a HUGE pool.

It was the first meeting under Dr. Joe Griffin's leadership, and he let it flow without interjecting too much, so it was nice, but there were some ugly parts too. I was in the hallway, but I heard him, Dean Fowler and another person do a GOP Rap bit. I still haven't regained my hearing, and word is that tomorrow morning, Dean will be resigning his position as County Treasurer out of shame......

Now, onto my question. I'm not sure Karen liked it all that much... When the first comment is "That sounds like a question the Democrats would ask", you start to wonder if your political career just suddenly came to a screeching halt. South Carolina has less of a problem with finding the face of the party than we do nationally, but Floyd assured us that there are strong leaders in Washington that will chart a positive course for us, although I wanted to ask who she felt they were. But other questions came - sort of.

We had our buddy who owns the pickup truck with the odd comments on the side ask Karen a question, but as usual, he went off the deep end, declared that the top of the party is fractured, then decided that he had enough of the GOP, and he walked out. Thank you, Karen !!! Why didn't you come years ago? Yeah, we all disagree at some point, but have some friggin' decorum.... Here's a couple pics.

Standing Room Only !!

SCFYR Chair Britton Pruett and Jamie Rogers flanking SCGOP Parliamentarian Todd Kincannon. Britton's interview will be up this weekend...

Then the members of the Grand Old Par-tay gather at Creek Ratz to celebrate Todd's Birthday. Bunny Ears, Britton? Real Mature !!! Kidding..



Clarendon mg said...

All I can say is Karen is the most BEAUTIFUL State Chair in the country and smart also.

Anonymous said...

I will agree with you there MG, Karen Floyd is a very smart and very classy lady. It is an honor to call her Madam Chair and a bigger honor to call her a friend. Our good friend and state parlimentarian Todd Kincannon also came to talk to us about Party Structure. I think we all gained a bit of insight in to how our party operates and why.

The FCGOP appreciates Chairwoman Floyd and Parlimentarian Kincannon's willingness to speak to us about the future of the SCGOP. We look forward to thier return visits in the years ahead.

Respectfully Yours,

Stephanie Rawlinson
Executive Committeewoman
Florence County Republican Party

Ranger said...

Mike. I don't think she really likes you. Her body language is screaming "Take me away Calgon." very tight and forced smile. Dude, I don't think she's into you.

Ron McGill

P.S. for those of you who don't know what take me away calgon means. I feel old right now. sigh.

Anonymous said...

Mike, you really got Chairwomen Floyd's attention, didn't you? And your question did sound like one the Democrats would ask. You are not are Democrat are you? It was wonderful to have her at Dr. Griffins first GOP Meeting as party chair.The Florence County Republican team is working hard. Karen Floyd is living proof that beauty and brains go well together. State parliamentarian Todd Kincannon, was very informative on the rules for the GOP Party. After all we are the party that thinks you should follow the rules. I look forward to both Karen and Todd serving our party with great distinction.

As I watched the question and answer session, the mood of frustration with a few folks was loud and clear..... I was thinking.... I did not vote for President Obama, and I am sure no one in the room did either..... but he is our President.....and elections have serious consequences.

I also did not vote for Clinton or Carter. I did not agree with them on very many issues, but I was never afraid of either one of them.........

I am, however, afraid of President Obama.......I have learned when I feel afraid.........the best cure is action!!!

We all have much more power than we know...we have the power to persuade or the power to irritate, the choice is ours.

I am urging everyone I know to choose a side,join the political party that most closely represents their values,and begin working to change communities for the better.

Politics is not a trickle down system (like economics) is a grassroots up system.

We live in the greatest, most free country God ever allowed to exist on this planet. With that comes great responsibility.

Freedom is not free, it always has and always will come at a price. You can not just curse the darkness you must find a way to bring solutions.

I suggest attending the local public forums on school budgets.. your tax dollars are being spent. Public schools are really community schools...even if you have no children attending ....let your presences tell the elected officials you care how your tax dollars are spent! You do not have to speak...are pitch a fit...just GO.

Go to your school board meetings. Go to the city and county council meetings. Invite a friend to go with you, trust me, it works. These local authorities have the power to tax and regulate you to death. In Florence county the vote of 5 men..can tax and regulate you. You must not depend on the same old soldiers to fight the good fight for you at every meeting. Elected officials begin to see these lone soles as the community NUTs....and soon ignor them. Elected officials must know the taxpayer is watching, and will not give up freedoms and money for political frivolous whims. No one can do it for you.

Ok....down off the soap box.... Be on the lookout....there is a GOP precinct meeting coming to your neighbor soon....because together we can save our country one community at a time......see you there, Betty

Mike Reino said...

No, I'm not a Democrat, but I do think nationally, we have an identity problem. Seriously, who is the face of the party up there?

And I didn't say that Karen was into me, although you can't see where her hand is... wait, that was my my own hand on my ass...

Yeah, I had the same vibe when I saw the pic, but Karen has taken some very smiley pics with me in the past, and she keeps asking when i will run for office again. Of course, the answer is always "I'm done running for office".

Ranger said...

Mike I was so not going to go with where's the hand. I thought about. Actually wrote about it. Then decided no. Sigh. The cat's out of the bag now.

Ron McGill

Anonymous said...

You know Mike, we all sit in front of our flat screen TVs and think...nationally...some of us even think globally.....but the only thinking that can really produces results is the local thinking that grows into action in our communities.

Mike Reino said...

You have a flat screen TV ??? What are you doing Super Bowl Sunday??