Saturday, June 20, 2009

Seriously, Who Would You Name Your New School After - An NBA Star, or Janet Reno ?

Yeah, Alonzo Mourning Is SLIGHTLY Cooler Than Janet Reno ..
Poor Janet Reno. First Waco, Then Will Ferrell does his Janet Reno's Dance Party spoof, now this.... The Miami-Dade School Board met this week to choose who to name their newest campus in Biscayne Bay after. They had an unusual pair to choose from. First was former Miami-Dade State Attorney and US Attorney General Reno, and secondly was former Miami Heat star Alonzo Mourning. On the surface, it doesn't seem to be a difficult choice. How many schools are named after NBA stars - aside from Cazzie Russell Reform School in Nacodogches, Texas? OK, that one doesn't exist.....
Well, surprise of surprises, they board decided to name the school after Mourning and his wife Tracy. It turns out that the pair have done a lot of work with kids in the Greater Miami area - and being an NBA star didn't hurt. Meanwhile, it appears that Reno past mistakes came back to haunt her in this case - you might remember a little Cuban kid named Elian Gonzalez that Reno back to Communist Cuba. Well, the locals haven't forgotten about it, and it didn't help her chances much. Better luck next time, Janet. If you call your Congressman, theyd be glad to name a Post Office after you - it's their specialty !!!


Bobby said...

how about Alonzo Reno High School

Anonymous said...

is she gay