Sunday, November 13, 2011

SC6 Remembers Richard Otto ....

    We always worry a little bit when we write these memorials of friends that we lose.  We never realized that our Google priority basically means that anyone searching for that person will see this right at the top.  In a way, it's not right, because for some of them, we only know one aspect of that person... But, we would be remiss not to honor them at all.

    This week, the SC6 family lost a good friend and hardworking Republican when Richard Otto passed away from pancreatic cancer.  I first met Richard and his wife Peggy during my first run in 2004.  In the nearly 8 years since, rarely did a Clarendon County GOP meeting come without Richard and Peggy in attendance.  Richard was a big bear of a man, with a heart and smile to match.  

     Richard did more than attend meetings there.  He was Second District Vice Chair of the County, and did probably the most hated and thankless job - Poll Watcher.  When I last spoke in Clarendon just a month ago, I talked about making your work in the party whatever you wanted it to be.  For some of us, it was up front.  For others, it's making phone calls, or taking an unpaid post in the local party.  Richard epitomized that idea... Not every Republican in South Carolina might know Richard, but that was their loss, for it's people like Richard who ARE the party.  They do all the work. They hold up the platform for the other people.

     Like I said, I only know a small part of Richard Otto, and a lot of great Republicans.  His kids and grandkids may read this, and not know how much we appreciated his work - just like I know almost nothing of what he did outside of the French Hens or Wyboo Plantation.  But, at least they can read this and know we in the GOP want to say one thing.  Thank You, Richard.  You will be missed....



June Brailsford said...

Mike, This is beautiful. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. I will make sure Peggy and Richard's family read this.
We enjoyed your visit last month. Please come back whenever you can. You are always welcome in Clarendon County.

Moye Graham said...

This is really a good Tribute Mike. I know Richard would have loved it and also would have said you do not have to do this. We will miss him.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful way to be remembered. He made an impact on everyone that he touched shoulders with throughout his life's journey. Mr. Otto will be missed by many of us. Thanks for paying tribute to him.

Marie H. Dukes

GamecockGrad said...

Mike -
Great job with this. Richard Otto defined the definition of grassroots warrior and will be especially missed.

Like you, I was honored to have his support and will miss his presence at Clarendon GOP meetings.