Sunday, November 20, 2011

Today's Founders Quote: The Best Engine

"War is not the best engine for us to resort to; nature has given us one in our commerce, which if properly managed, will be a better instrument for obliging the interested nations of Europe to treat us with justice."

- Thomas Jefferson to Thomas Pinckney, 1797.

    The cynical way to look at this would be to say that you can buy lots of friends, but we look at the first part of the statement - War does not make friends.... The one common thing that all nations have is that we truly like freedom, and the things that come with it.   Money is one of those things.. Secretly, even Communists like it a little.  Our ability to make and market products to countries that cannot do it will always make us allies around the world. 

    People also like beautiful blondes like Candice Swanepoel - even Communists!  Don't believe what they tell you.... They LOVE 'em!


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