Sunday, August 12, 2012

Another Major Milestone For SC6 !

        On Friday night at about 900pm, we hit a big mark for blogging statistics when we had our 500,000th hit.... We have no way of knowing exactly who it was, but it was likely a spam hit for Canadian Viagra or someone using the photo of the Budweiser girls we posted a last year (it's our top read post at 3400+ hits).  It's actually much more than that, but Blogger only started keeping stats since 2009 - 4 years after we started...

    We've seen a lot along the way - two presidents, two governors, three Lt. Governors and a new Congressional district.  With our readership steadily increasing 15-20% per year, the only thing that can stop us is us - and we're very close to closing the tent on this puppy.  We expect after tomorrow night, we'll explain a bit more, but you never know what'll happen.  Thanks to our loyal readers for making us a success - although that total is approximately 1/3rd of what Will Folks claims to get in a single month!  But, as you know, we go for quality and giving well-thought out solutions.   Once again, thanks for checking in!



Anonymous said...

While Will Folks and FITS may be #1in some polling numbers, keep in mind most are still waiting on the pics of him and LuvGov#2. Congrats on the 500K mark next stop 1M. Just one question..when you hit 1M how do you plan on celebrating??...teg

Anonymous said...

how about re-posting the Bud girls?