Sunday, August 12, 2012

Cartoons of the Week..

     Welcome again to our usual Sunday lineup... It's been a huge weekend, but the cartoonists work on a delay. So, you'll have to wait until next week to see their opinion on Paul Ryan's selection as Vice-President.  We don't expect much positive thoughts from them, but we always hope...  We did like this one to start off with.  Barack Obama does seem to be conjuring the ghost of Bill Clinton a lot lately, including putting him as a speaker at the upcoming convention.  Problem is, everything changes after 20 years.  It's kind of like thinking I picked up women a lot better when I was in college, so I should just dress like I did back then - except that I don't have a 32 inch waist anymore!  Times change, Mr. President.....

This one also caught our eye... To us, this lady seems like an Ann Romney fan.  Not being one to discuss social issues, we kind of agree with her.  It's still the economy, stupid....

But, Top Prize goes to this one... We feel really bad for all those people who live in tose swing states.  Getting barraged with all those commercials for the next 12 1/2 weeks must be like being stuck in the 7th circle of Hell...  We're not 'curious' about that at all.


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