Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Karma Bites London Mayor Boris Johnson In the Ass..

When You Resemble a Sheep Dog, You Might Consider NOT Picking On Mitt Romney, Because It Does Have It's Consequences.... 

     You want to know why we generally stay away from attacking people?  Remember, we said attack, not criticize - there is a difference.  It's because when you are nasty outwardly towards others, there is payback.  It's called Karma, and she is one mean bitch..

     Ask London Mayor, Boris Johnson.. The guy with the hair that makes even Donald Trump ask 'WTF is with the Doo?', took a potshot at Mitt Romney last week before his city began it's hosting of the Olympics.. You've probably already heard it, so we won't review.  What he found out today is that anyone, anywhere can end up looking like an idiot..

     Mayor Johnson (why do we keep typing 'Major Johnson' by accident?) was the special guest at an event in London, where he agreed to run across the park on a zipline - like the pig in that GEICO commercial.  Well, instead of saying 'Pure Adrenaline' while squealing, Johnson's plus-sized posterior apparently was a bit too much to keep the zipline taught... He bowed the line to the point that it got stuck about 3/4 of the way across, leaving him stranded about 20 feet in the air...

    Johnson eventually got across, but he hopefully learned his lesson: at one time of another, we ALL look dumb.  Usually, it takes a bit longer....  but when you do such a good job of starting shit, God makes it easier for you to realize that for every negative action, there is an equal and opposite reaction... If you want to look at Hizzoner on the Highwire, here is the link


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