Sunday, August 05, 2012

Cartoons of the Week ....

       It's another Sunday, and that means it's time for our usual Sunday fare... That is, if my laptop holds out. Yes, I dumped an entire Pepsi smackdab on the keyboard about an hour ago.  So far, so good - no sticky buttons yet.  For a week where Congress went on vacation (and did nothing, surprise), there were a few layover topics to cartoon about.  Yeah, the Olympics are going on, but aside from the badminton scandal (???), nothing THAT interestingly snarky occurred... However, Mitt Romney did finish up his tour in Poland - and as you can see, what we thought might happen did: no one paid attention.  Lucky him...

As for things that ACTUALLY affect your life, the drought continues across the Midwest and Deep South, though we seem in better shape here.  Expect higher food prices by Spring, if not sooner - and gas seems to already have followed..

Lastly, Chik-Fil-A Gate Rounds Two and Three took place this week... Everything has already been said - except that the cows are the only ones happy about everything. As for Camilla.... She's dealing with it.


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