Sunday, August 19, 2012

Cartoons of the Week..

      Welcome again to our usual Sunday lineup.  Yes, it's all we've been doing lately, but there hasn't been time to do much else. We'll explain very shortly...  Luckily, the campaigns have started to heat back up, so we do have a few things to review in the political cartoon world.  With Paul Ryan being selected as Mitt Romney's VP choice, the discussion turned instantly, geared mostly by a coordinated talking points memo by the Democrats through Twitter.  But, at least he has taken the time to make a budget - something the Democrat controlled Senate hasn't done in three years plus..

Is there anything more pathetic than a old white guy in his 70's from Delaware saying Y'all?  Not to us.  We've been here 15 years, and the looks I got the first time I called someone 'Beau' was hilarious.  Rule of Thumb: If you were born above the Mason-Dixon line, don't ever use Y'all, Yonders or the like....

And what's the penalty for saying dumb stuff? They send you home for a week or two, and even let your wife campaign before you do... Apparently, there is a VP Time Out area - thought 'potatoe' doesn't appear to be scrawled on the wall....


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