Sunday, July 22, 2012

And Congress Takes a LOOOOOOONG Vacation!

The House Decides It Needs to 'Go-Go' On a Five-Week Break....

     In case you ever wondered why people run for Congress, you have another explanation... Easy work hours.  Five day work weeks? Nope. Most are three - if they actually attend hearings. Usually they're just hanging out in the office.  And if you want to talk vacation time, you can't beat Congress... Two weeks a year?  Hell, they have that beat in August alone - by TWICE that....

    Yes, in the ultimate example of shoving insult to injury in the face of taxpayers, Congress - which already has spent most of 2012 doing nothing - is making it official... They're going on a five-week break starting August 3rd!  Yes, the rigors of filibustering and spewing party-line talking points DOES take it's toll..

   Of course, they won't be hanging on the Pavilion, or going to an exotic island somewhere or the London Olympics - at least not the whole time.  Their main focus will be raising money and getting re-elected.  They'll bullshit you into believing they've saved a billion jobs and really done something, so you'll vote them back in... Then it all starts over again in January.  It doesn't get much better when they return after Labor Day... In the final five months of 2012, Congress will be in session a total or 42 days - barely more than 8 days a month!  In that limited time, they need to address about $494 Billion in impending tax hikes, in addition to tons of other issues that they haven't taken on yet.

    No, you shouldn't be insulted or angry at DC for doing nothing at $174,000 a year.. After all, they do this every year - and you keep re-electing them every two years, because we NEED them in that spot eight years from now, when they finally get a committee spot.  See, it's all your fault anyway....

Our apologies to P-Luv for stealing one of his longtime themes.


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