Monday, July 02, 2012

No Duh ......

      Not that we've ever paid attention to it or not, but the big news today was Anderson Cooper came out of the closet to Andrew Sullivan.. Whoop dee doo - unless you're one of the millions of haus frau's who were hoping he'd jump through the TV screen and ask you to dump your fat, inattentive husband and marry him..

    We used this picture in a post once before, and we knew right at that time that Cooper could be gay.  He meets all the requirements for it here: black boots, perfectly faded jeans, come hither eyes, and the perfect fitting tee that shows just enough bicep to show he hits the gym ( nautilus, not free weights).  Yes, he's a lithe, fit, well kept man - which is a dead giveaway - and exactly like us, minus the fitness.  Now we know why everyone wonders if we're gay also..


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