Sunday, July 22, 2012

Cartoons of the Week ....

         And then there are week's like this, where one story tops all of them... We've been a bit quiet on Friday's tragedy in Colorado - partly because we've been busy with other things that we'll talk about soon, so we haven't read all the details.  But partly also because when these things occur, the same old argument ensues, and neither group seems to ever ackowledge, much less listen, to the other side.  It must be nice to be so closed-minded...

       The main problem is that we have two groups who are both part right and part wrong... Yes, almost all gun owners are responsible, normal people. Then, we have cities and towns that have problems with gun crimes, and need to find ways to address them.  Things like these happen, and it's always a single, twisted stressed out nutjob who goes nuts and rehashes the argument over again.  Second Amendment rights are important, but do people need automatic weapons for protection and hunting? No.  Of course, gun laws generally restrict access to lawful gun owners only.. Is there a perfect solution? Nope... if there was, we'd have done it by now.

Of course, we did have politics still... With nothing else to do, we're left waiting for Romney's choice for Vice-President.  Outsourcing might not be a bad idea.. Hmmmm...... VP Merkel?  We could do worse.

Lastly, with the Boy Scouts not allowing Gays - but still keeping the fruity uniforms - we give you this cartoon, straight outta 'Queer Eye For the Straight Guy'....  Looks like they're staying slacker, and bypassing the Metrosexual Look.


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