Sunday, July 15, 2012

Condoleezza Rice as Vice President? Forget It....

Mitt Romney May Have Condi Rice On His Wishlist, But She Ain't Coming

     Perhaps the most intruiging news of the week was the Drudge Report's story that former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was a leading candidate for Mitt Romney's VP spot.... While there are a lot of positives, and it sure would shake things up a bit, we have a pretty solid statement to say about it - it AIN'T happening!

    This is the down season right now.... The primaries are done, and it's Summertime.  Most of us, meaning normal people - not junkies like you or me - are taking the Summer off from politics.  That forces us to try and find something big to talk about.  Unfortunately, that leads us to prognosticating upcoming events, like the Romney Veepstakes.  Drudge Report's story on the Rice frontrunner status could be true, but our guess it's more of a wishlist - if anything at all.  

    Yes, there are some compelling reasons Condi Rice would boost Mitt Romney's campaign, among them:

Name Recognition
Added Buzz to a Dull Campaign
Help from weak demographic areas
Strengthening Romney's weak Foreign Policy

   It'd be a lot of fun to see Condi Rice's name in the Number two slot..  Some are even working on the duo.... like this one.   But, the fact is  Condi Rice is a pipedream.... She's not running for VP.  Added to that is there are some negatives as well.  If you haven't been thinking about them, we'll give you a few just off the top of our head here.

What States Will She Pull?
     Rice was born in Alabama, but that's already in Romney's bag.  Where else does she help Romney? Nowhere.  She's more of a national figure, so regional or actual states she will assist are up for dispute.

Do We Really Want to Bring Up Dubya This Year?
     She was Bush 43's Nationla Security Advisor, then his Secretary of State, when Colin Powell had enough of dealing with Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld.  Bringing Rice back into the fold recalls what killed us in 2008 - the Dubya Years.  We need to move forward in 2012.  We see a slew of attack ads shwoign Rice and GW Bush all over the airwaves... 

No Economic Experience
      Do you need some policy reasons for not adding Rice as Veep?  We have a couple.  She has no economic experience, and in this year of 'It's the Economy, Stupid', she brings nothing to the table to help Romney - or the economy.

She's Pro-Choice
      We saw in 2008 what having a VP candidate that disagrees with you on Abortion can do internally to a campaign.  Romney is Pro-Life, and the base sure is.  Rice is not, and that could cause problems for him... Unless of course, Romney flipped a bit on that.  We could live with it, because we don't care much about social issues, but the base doesn't..

It's WAAAAAYYY Better Outside of DC
     Of all the reasons, this is the biggest by far... Condileezza Rice is having an absolute blast since she left in 2009.  She works in thinktanks, writes books, does speaking engagements and was the object of Moammar Qaddafi's affection for years!  Compare that to the mess and crappy weather in DC, and it's no choice.  Yeah, you could try to make her feel guilty by talking about duty to country, but Rice has an easy answer to that - I already gave at the office.  Twice.... Cut her some slack.

   That leads us to our basic conclusion: If she doesn't want to do the job, she will do a crappy job of it, so let her off the hook.  Enough with the demographic data and surveys..... Just find a solid if not spectacular choice, and move on.  Condi Rice would get a lot of chatter, but it isn't gonna happen....




mg said...

A lot of us would like to see Rice on the ticket but she would not help it much. While she may help a little with the Female vote she does nothing for the African American vote as Obama has that wrapped up tight. We need to go after the other large minority vote to help this ticket. The Hispanics are more open minded to Romney and we need to get some of that vote away from Obama and it can be done. There is nothing you can do to attract his African American support as it is solid in his favor and to the left of us.

agrowermarlboro said...

republicans this is a new age. We have learned lessons. Condi was a flare sent up to:1 stir up oblameum's blood pressure
2 it tested reflex time from dems (quick!)
3 Take free tv time from the oblamems slobberers
4 distract dems from pounding on our candidate's head
5 Reenforce republicans that candidate's vetting process is in session
6 I have enjoyed the clerks scrambling through old W records finding smut, rhetoric, foreign policy statements, etc to feed msnbc,cbs,cnn
7 the threat of a. female VP
b. ethnic VP
Republicans lighten up Mitt iwll stay on task--"I can't believe I'm quoting Bill Clinton
it's the economy--st***d