Thursday, July 05, 2012

Who Invited Xena Warrior Princess to Obama's Ohio Stop?

      Here at SC6, we like to show you the dumber side of politics, by showing you the little ridiculous things that no one else seems to notice... We heard this on POTUS Radio today, and we HAD to find a clip.  Today, Barack Obama was in Maumee, Ohio - it's pronounced MAW-mee, like a guy with a thick Boston accent mentioning his mother.  

    This won't take long at all, so don't worry that the video clip is 27 minutes long.  Obama gets introduced to his 'Betting on America' stop, and while most attendees give the usual 'whoo-hoo' , someone is doing the Xena Warrior Princess 'Ay-ya-da-da-da-da !!!' thing....  Check it out.  You won't need to listen for more than a minute.

     Unreal.. She started at about 40 seconds, and finally gave out at 2 minutes.... Even Lucy Lawless can only do it for ten seconds!  Our guess was the President was silently hoping someone would choke that nutjob.. Obama's followers have always been considered rabid - but this one might actually need a shot for it!


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