Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Turning the Odometer Over: SC6 Hits Post Number 1000 !

Today, we truly hit a milestone.... Blog post number 1000... Wow. I had no idea that SC6 would go this far, or that I'd even have 1000 topics to talk about. Then again, Jim Clyburn always has something stupid to say, and I'm usually doing something dumb myself.
I always thought that when I got to Post Number 1000, I'd have something really big to discuss or review, but honestly, I can't htink of much. I had the annual recap in January, and the 2 year anniversary in December. And the last two months haven't been too exciting either. The only thing I thought about was that I have had seven job changes since I started SC6 twenty-seven months ago. That's a new job every four months - Holy Shit! I've also only dated two girls in that time also. I'm getting depressed here......
Here's a few ideas I had to celebrate Number 1000......
The Top 1000 Democratic Superdelegates.
1000 Things I Miss About Ms. X
Ranking the Best 1000 Years Since Christ's Birth
Guess How Many M&M's Are In the Jar????
My 1000 Biggest F**kups.
Not exactly something worth reading is it? Most of the time I hit a milestone, I think about quitting blogging. After doing it this long, I realize that there will always be SOMETHING to chat about soon. SC6 has kinda hit a stride where we're not quite hamstrung by talking about politics only, or at least not in such a serious manner. Thanks for playing along for so long, gang!


down on the gulf of mexico moye said...

its been fun man. reading your blog from where ever. really we dated about the same amount of girls. no i may have you beat but you have me beat in the number of blogs for damn sure. thanks mike.

bobby said...

i still say you are wasting your talent by not trying to syndicate this stuff!