Saturday, March 29, 2008

Free Obama's White Grandma Hits It's 1st Anniversary.

Barry and His Papa and Nana In Better Days... Nice Jacket!

Every once in a while, I'd write a post about Barack Obama, and then I'd get an anonymous post, stating "Free Barack Obama's White Grandma". ????? So today, i decided to take a small peek into the statement...

Free Barack Obama's White Grandma comes from an article written by Andy Martin, who is not an Obama fan. It basically states that she has been locked in a closet - possibly against her will - and that she may not have many complimentary things to say about Baby Barry... I have no idea, but I found it funny that I searched this exactly on the one year anniversary of the article today, so Happy Birthday...

Maybe she is old, and she's not allowed to interview due to health issues, but with the recent throwing of the old woman under the bus by Obama himself during the Preachergate debacle last week,maybe there is some truth to it.

Speaking personally, lot of us running for office have relatives that DO NOT need to be in front of cameras uring an election. Jimmy Carter had Billy Bud, Bill Clinton had Roger, and I had my Dad. The guy who never ran for office had the balls to tell me how to run a campaign, like he's damn Lee Atwater or something. I'm sure he thought having me thrown in jail was a master political stroke in his mind......

Last year, maybe Martin's article looked like a semi-bigoted attempt to smear Obama when he was a fringe candidate, but one year to the day later, perhaps it was actually a harbinger of the truth - or maybe he got lucky!


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