Saturday, March 01, 2008

Call It Prima-Caucus or the Texas Two Step... Inside the Lone Star State's Crazy Primary..

As nutty as this year's Election season has been, there are times when it gets even nuttier. With that in mind, we welcome you to Texas - home of the Texas Two Step Primary-Caucus. Some have called it the Prima-Caucus, but that sounds like some sickness. 'I can't vote today... I've got Prima-Caucus'... I'm still a bit sick myself, so I prefer the Texas Two Step....
What is the Two Step? Most states either have the standard Primary - where voters go to the polls and vote. Others have the Caucus, where voters meet together and vote in public. Well, Texas doesn't like to do anything in a normal fashion. Texas does BOTH. Delegates are given based on the popular vote, and on the caucus results... Crazy.
One question must be popping in your head right now. 'Hey Mike, doesn't that mean a person can end up voting twice?' ABSOLUTELY..... In fact, it's encouraged !! Millions have already voted in pre-votes there,and they'll be heading to the caucuses Tuesday night to vote again. One man/woman - one vote. Except in Texas - the only place where it's legal to vote twice.
Who came up with this idea? It beats the crap out of me, but this is the dumbest plan i've ever seen. The Clinton Camp is deciding on whether to file a lawsuit against this silliness (of course, it was fine when they were up 10 pts. in the polls). Somewhere along the line, it was okayed by some legal group, so the chances of it working are pretty small. If you want it changed, good luck. As the saying goes - Don't Mess With Texas....

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NYC Manhattan Moye said...

I will be in Texas Tuesday to straighten this out.