Monday, March 24, 2008

Too Lazy or Stupid to Tune a Guitar? Fear Not, Gibson Introduces the Robot Self-Tuning Axe !

If you've ever had problems tuning your guitar, and have an extra $2500 burning a hole in your pocket, has Gibson got a toy for you !! Yes, it's their Robot Self-Tuning Guitar. Still interested? Well, then buy me one, dammit!
Exactly what is different about the Robot? Well, it has a CPU in the headstock, tuning keys that act like tire pressure monitors on you tires, and a transmitter in the bridge, along with a lithium charging system in the plug to keep it powered. Tuning is a pain in the ass, depending on what type of guitar you have, and the type of locking tremolo (or whammy bar) you have. If you have a crap setup, prepare to retune your guitar every other song you play - not a good prospect if you are playing a live show. Also, if you have songs that require different tuning patterns, you usually need a minuet or two to do it. This thing takes all of that away.
Simply set your tuning type, and play across the strings. The bridge read the vibrations per minute that make up a chord, transmits it to the CPU in the headstock, and the CPU sends a message to the tuners, which automatically adjust the tuning - it could be any easier !!!
Now, I'm sure it's not as easy as it sounds, and it only comes in blue - you want it in red, then paint it yourself !! Did I also mention it costs about 10 times as much as a loaded Kramer Striker with a dead-on Floyd Rose locking nut tremolo? But you would definitely the first on your block with one of these - at least for a month or two.....

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