Thursday, March 20, 2008

SC6 Takes You Inside the SC 6th District Convention !

What Do Munchkins Have to do With the GOP? Is Hugh Leatherman Coming?
All I know is I Googled Imaged 'SC GOP', and I got this - courtesy of the SC Dem Blog, which hasn't had anything to say since April '07. You're a dedicated bunch of people, fellas. Nothing like a pile of politicians with ADD. Focus, guys..... FOCUS !!!!!!!
I've been pretty involved with politics for the last 4 years, and this will be the first meeting of the 6th Congressional District since I began my one man crusade against Congress. It looks like I am full circle - four years later, and I am just as unimportant as I was then!
This weekend, we will all be gathering on Orangeburg at Wilkinson High School on Bruin Pkwy to meet, make some contacts, and elect a new group of officers. I had considered running for a post, but financial and time restrictions got in the way. With my contacts, i'm sure I would have won something. Instead, I'll use it to push MY AGENDA , and to shape the area as I see fit.
Armed with my laptop and my digital camera, SC6 will give you an inside look at the Convention, so that you feel like you are there. Don't thank me for saving you the $20 on gas - just send me a check for $10, and we'll call it even.... Hey, it might not be as packed as the State Convention, but you can guarantee that if shit like the Earl Capps - Rick Beltram spat goes on, you'll hear it , no problem !!
I know Moye will be there. Any of you guys planning on being there?

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LAX Radisson Hotel Moye said...

You right if my flight gets to Charleston on time tomorrow night I will be there Saturday morning and I hope to see you. Run for something man.