Wednesday, July 01, 2009

ENOUGH Already !!!!

I know I'm not the only one, but I'll be the Bad Guy who fianlly says it for the rest of us.... Please, Please, PLEASE stop all the bullshit news stories with Michael Jackson !! I'm getting sick of it. No offense to him, because it's not his fault - this is for the National Media... There is plenty of other crap going on in the world, so get off your lazy butts and report it !!!

Yeah, i'm bad, bad person for complaining about having to wake up every single morning and having to listen to Robin Roberts and Diane Sawyer talk about this like it's the most important thing happening. Well, wake up folks - it isn't. Be honest with yourself - did you give a rat's ass about Michael Jackson last week? No you didn't. You didn't play his records, you didn't even think about him, and if you talked about him, it was probably peppered around the words 'Children' and 'Molester'....

Is this newsworthy? Sure. Throw it in as a side story when SOMETHING new happens. But, let this go away. He died because he didn't eat anything for weeks, which will make you drop dead from a shot Benadryl.. It happens. Get back to life, and to the media - GET A LIFE !! Off the soapbox, and onto band practice.... Peace !



Anonymous said...

Nevermind the SWAT team escorting the remains... check the pics again.

Anonymous said...

if he is dead they need to bury him