Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Stimulus Money For Cops: Good or Bad ?

If These Are the New Cops, We're All For It !!!!
Alas people, these are not the new cops here in Flotown. If they were, I'd be speeding up and down Irby Street til they finally caught me... Onto the reason for the post. Word came out that the Florence Police Department will be hiring five more officers soon. Their goal has been to hire eighteen, and I think that now makes eight. P-Luv will gladly correct me if I goofed...
To state the obvious, the cops in Florence are woefully underpaid, so being able to get more of them on the street is always good. But, the source of the funding is a bit controversial. The cash is coming from....... wait for it........just a second or two more.... Barack Obama's Economic Stimulus Package.
We all have our opinions on whether or not we should have had one to start with, and whether or not the money has been well spent to create jobs is an even bigger contraversy. Of the $700 million South Carolina got, $442 million went to replenish the Medicare coffers - not exactly as productive for job creation as a highway or bridge. At least now, we have SOMETHING real to point out when we wonder where the money went.
That's the question we have for you today: Is having the stimulus money for cops worth it, or would you just rather have gotten nothing? It's an interesting dichotomy: we don't like paying for a lot of things, but we often expect a lot in return. What's your opinion .... we'd like to know.


River Road Louisiana mg said...

I want my check

Mike Reino said...

They did pay for any new cops in Greeleyville ?

Anonymous said...

When the $$$ runs out, who's picking up the tab?