Monday, July 06, 2009

What Tom Cruise-Nicole Kidman Movie Does This Remind You Of ?

Braden Stars In 'Eyes Wide Shut" .......

Here at SC6, we love Braden Bunch like a brother - a GOP brother. He's one of the smartest, most talented, entertaining and nicest guys around. And he has a great sense of humor. It's because of that sense of humor (we hope!) , that we would like to pay tribute to his one flaw - the inability to keep his eyes open when taking his picture......

Up until last month, the only picture you could find about Braden was an explicit message I painted on a wall when he left Rudy Giuliani's campaign. Well, with the recent bunch of pictures I've tried to take lately, that first pic may be his favorite... Whether it's with Gubernatorial candidate Larry Grooms, SCFYR Chair Britton Pruitt, or - like the one above - where he knows the flash is coming, he STILL can't keep his eyes open!

If you are out there, and you have a picture of Braden with his eyes open, let me know - because I probably won't believe it until I see it....



Braden Bunch said...

Top 10 reasons Braden can't keep his eyes open for a photo:

From the home office in Sumter, SC

10) Old showbiz adage: even in photos on an obscure blog, always leave'em wanting more.

9) If Moye says keep 'em shut, you keep 'em shut.

8) Lost his visor that prevents comic-book-inspired lasers from shooting out of his eyes.

7) His eyes are so blue, they'll make you sad.

6) Highly sensitive to the fumes coming from the "Mad Panther" cologne Mike wears to impress the ladies.

5) Heard rumor Pelosi had finally pushed her "sight tax" through, trying to save for kids' college.

4) Back in late 80's, stared too closely at Daddy Bush's 1,000 Points of Light.

3)Thought photographer was a reporter from MSNBC, decided to nap instead.

2) Resting up for long-awaited rematch of staredown contest he lost in the 6th grade.

and the number one reason why Braden can't keep his eyes open for a photo: If you had to stare back at Reino, what would you do?

Mike Reino said...

That was too good, Braden ! I don't call Sumter meetings 'The Braden Bunch Show' for nothing...

Anonymous said...

Mike/Braden--you two sound like a imatation of Laurel and Hardy. Or maybe more like Bugs and Daffy???..teg

mg said...

I got one