Monday, July 13, 2009

Overkill ??

It's Ironic - His Hair Is Where it Wasn't 65 Years Ago, And Isn't Where It Used To Be ....Weird.

Sometimes there are numbers that just flat-out stagger the imagination. Being charged with 27,900 counts of Accesory to Murder is one of them. Especially when you are 89 years old. That is the problem facing John Demyanyuk, the former US auto worker who was discovered to be an SS Prison Guard at a Polish prison camp.

Demyanyuk was orignally thought to be the infamous Ivan the Terrible, Ukrainian citizen who served at Treblinka Camp in Poland. He was actually convicted in 1988 of being Ivan, then Israel overturned his conviction when 37 Treblinka guards and survivors testified that Ivan the Terrible was actually Ivan Marchenko. That is the scary part - it seems a bit like guilty until proven innocent. But, German and US authorities have what they feel is solid evidence - including photos - that Demyanyuk worked at Sobibor Prison in 1943, and that he was there for 29,000 deaths of Jewish prisoners.

If convicted, he could be sentenced to approximately 440,000 years. Overkill on so many levels..........



west_rhino said...

Somehow I'm having a bit of trouble with teh current administration's actions in the case of Ivan Demanjuk in comparison with the handling of the Gitmo detaineees and Jonathon Pollard.

Multiple standards for multiculturalism.

Anonymous said...

Mike-I will admit that I am not an expert on German/European law, but as I remember the Code Napoleon is still the basis for most European countries,which that if charges are brought against a person, they are guilty until proven innocent.
That said Demyanyuk is in extremely poor health and there are concerns that he will not make to trial due to his rapidly decling health issues...teg

got to get out of south america soon mg said...

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