Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Reino Announces Bid For PSC Board .. Sort Of.

We've Already Had One Unqualified Member,Why Not Another One ?
In case you missed it on Friday, like we did initially. Mignon Clyburn, daughter of House Majority Whipmaster Jim Clyburn, was approved by the Senate to serve on the Board of the Federal Communications Commmission. While you guys were all getting PO'd about Sonia Sotomayor, Old Jim did a Double Reverse, and got his kid - who has no FCC experience - a five year gig in DC. That cements it for us.... Clyburn will retire in 2014, and Mignon will run for his seat. Mark it on the calendar, and pray that we have a 7th District by then. The other spot went to Meredith Atwell Baker, a Republican, who was in charge of that oh-so successful Digital Converter Box campaign this year. Nothing like being rewarded for a job not well done...
But for now, we still have six districts, and with the younger Clyburn's departure, that leaves an opening for her spot on the SC Public Service Commission. Yes, even a Clyburn can't keep two gigs like this at the same time. Luckily for me, she represented the 6th District, so someone from our area will get a great new job. So, why not me? Don't think so? Well, let's compare resumes of mine and Whipper's Kid....
Useless Education
Mignon has a BS in Finance, I have a BA in Economics - and neither of us put them to any use! But only one of us had a safety net. In case you're confused, it wasn't me.
Failed Businessperson
Mignon had that local paper that Dad owned in Charleston, I had Lemon-Aid. The only difference was that I actually performed a useful service - I did oil changes.
Neither of us has ever worked for a utility, co-operative or any regulated industry. But, I would assume that we both have paid CP&L bills - although my Dad doesn't own stock in SCANA. A little conflict of interest there, folks?
Of course, there are advantages that I have over Mignon - I live in the most populated county in the Congressional district, everyone loves me, and Lord knows I have all the time in the world to devote to the gig right now. Am I serious about this? Of course not. Sure, I'd love a cushy gig like the PSC Board, but there are other people who are more qualified, and let's be honest - better politically connected than I am. Still, it WOULD give me somethign else to do besides SC6 and watching City Confidential all day - my Paul Winfield impression is almost down pat now....


Earl Capps said...

You've got my vote!

mississippi river mg said...

you have mine also

Anonymous said...

Let me see, she's the one responsible for all these poor folks TVs not woriing since the digital conversion?

You got one hot button issue, though I can see the street money going into buying lots of HDTVs.