Thursday, May 01, 2008

Do A Little Dance, Make A Little Love, Get Down Tonight... Take the 1970's Music Quiz.

I kinda shot my wad last week with all of the political investigative work. Work has been pretty hectic, and there hasn't been anything in politics that really got me going lately. Jeremiah Wright again??? No thanks, I'll take a break....
Feeling like listening to some 'classic' music, and taking a test? Well, we have just what floats your boat !! My sister sent me this link to the 1970's Music Quiz. I took it and I got a 90 - i'm still protesting the two wrong answers... It's not all disco - there's some folk music , but NO LED ZEPPELIN or PINK FLOYD !! Not fair. What were these guys doing back then??

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west_rhino said...

I batted .800 on the quiz, though I might have gone highere if I paid attentino to hte "next line of this song" cue and waited.