Friday, May 30, 2008

When Blogs Can't Follow Their Own Guidelines...

SC Daily Standard - Another Chicken Axe-Job Blog.....

I got an e-mail today, bitching about National Committeeman Candidate Drew McKissick. It didn't state specifically what their beef was with McKissick, but it did give me their blog address. Kinda funny, considering that I don't give out my e-mail to everyone. So, I figured that whoever was throwing the poo would have the courtesy and guts to use their name. No such luck.

Now, before I go on, I would like to tell you something - I am not a McKissick supporter. I'll be voting for Glenn McCall over McKissick. I neither hate or am in total love with either one of them. I just prefer McCall, and I'll be voting for him Saturday. But, as a Republican, I don't support this chickenshit anonymous hatchet job at all. Especially when the blogger's own website says there will be non-biased, with no personal attacks. Publishing a picture of McKissick's license tag number is a bit out of bounds. Pretty ballsy, considering that the guy doesn't have the guts to use their name.

Maybe the blog wasn't getting the attention they wanted, so they threw out their morals along the way. I and other bloggers never tried to look so moral, because blogging doesn't usually work that way. In other words, a non-contraversial blog is a boring blog. SC Daily Standard just figured that out. When you call yourself "Standard", you set a high bar - one that may be higher than you can keep up.

We bloggers that have been doing this for years here in SC are a pretty small and tight knit group - we know each other, and don't worry - we'll figure out who you are soon. My advice is to drop the anonymity and just sya you're going to hit below the belt. You'll earn a lot more respect. And one other thing - don't send me any damn e-mail. If I want to hear from you, I'll look for you. But don't count on it.


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