Saturday, May 10, 2008

SC6 Rock Honors Earl Capps....

The Old Train Depot in Moncks Corner - Where All the Fun Was Today...

Today is the last installment of SC6's On the Road Series, and it was great! Our good buddy and political shaman, Earl Capps, got his Master's Degree in Communications (or as he calls it, Bullshitting) from the College of Charleston, and he had a big celebration and roast. We'd been prepping for this for about a month, and from all comments, we didn't disappoint - or swear !!

Earl had a veritable who's-who in politics there. Among them were Charleston area Solicitor Blair Jennings, State Rep. Carl Gullick, Dorchester County Treasurer Mary Pearson, and new Judge Kristi Harrington. I've been told that I 'insulted' Kristi by saying she was 'kinda hot', so I'lll fix that now. Kristi, you are TOTALLY HOT !! ;)

I was a bit taken back by all of the awareness there is of this blog among the politicos. I got to see Joshua Gross, but to hear that Stan Spears Jr. and Katherine Jenerette (who called me the 'Bad-Boy Blogger in Florence'.. WOW) are avid readers too, I was stunned. The blog's primary objective isn't to overturn the proverbial applecart, but if things need to be said, we do it.

Today wasn't about me, we're here to honor Earl's achievement. To overcome all the obstacles he's had, and put in the eight years needed to finish school - while still working full-time and raising kids - is something worth honoring. Especially when it involves ten minutes of endless ribbing !!

I love the old fashioned roast - where you have a beer , then proceed to pick apart the honoree, while still being respectful. I think I did a good job, although I was nervous as all hell. Here are a few of my best jabs:

'Earl received his diploma from Sen. John Land. So tell me, how cold is Satan's handshake?'

'Earl's favorite way of finding things in common with his younger fellow students is to ask what year they were born, then tell them what Iron Maiden album came out that year.'

'With his blonde hair and blue eyes, Earl is the personification of Hitler's dream.... By the way, Rick Beltram couldn't make it today, but he said congrats.'

'With Earl's graduation, one question remains: can he afford to finally buy a new car? It's outside, and i've never heard a car asked to be euthanized before.'

'Earl's anniversary schedule is a little different from most people: One year is the Silver, 2 years is the Gold, and 5 years gets you in the Marriage Hall of Fame.'

Earl with emcee Bill Schuster

Fellow Troublemaker Joshua Gross with Congressional Candidate Katherine Jenerette....

Yummy Eats !!

Again, thanks to Earl for the opportunity, and for being a real good sport. This ends the week of the Road Trip. We've been all over the area this week, and it was nice to get out again, but after sleeping 11 of the last 12 days on couches, I'm looking forward to being in my own bed tonight !!


Moye Graham said...

It was a good roast and a good day for Earl

Anonymous said...

And where are your children, Kate Jenerette? Family values? Yep, looks like you have them all fooled just like you said you could.

Mike Reino said...

In all fairness Anon, a roast isn't an event you bring the kids to. There was beer, but you can see everyone at the table has soda in cups. Blair Jennings was there too, but he left the kids at home as well, which was the right thing to do.

Earl Capps said...

Mike, it was a darn good time, and I appreciate you being there for the occasion, and for getting 'em rolling as well as you did.

Anonymous said...

Mike and Earl,
It was a blast. Earl, again congrats, remember us little folks. Mike, excellent humor and words of cheer.

Moye, we eagerly await more travel tips and seeing you on the globe somewhere. Send us those reviews. Upon reflection, do you think Gastown in Vancouver was named for one of Earl or Mike's relatives? Make Earl do a little research since he has all that time now.

saint louis airport moye said...

Will do anon 935 and it was nice to see you in moncks corner saturday. call me from south america