Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Keeping You Up On New Music ....

The one thing I remember about South Carolina - and especially the Pee Dee - is that there was it was almost impossible to hear any new music. That problem's been solved for me, but we remember what it was like, so we're trying to help you get some exposure to new stuff going on.
This is the latest from 30 Seconds to Mars, the project of actor Jared Leto, who you might remember from 'My So-Called Life' as Claire Danes dream guy, or 'Chapter 27', 'Fight Club' (he was the pretty boy Ed Norton pummeled into ugliness) or 'Prefontaine'. the most amazing thing about Leto? He broke up with Cameron Diaz after about six years, because she thought his dreams of rock stardom were a waste of time. See, she isn't all that bright... We give you 'Kings and Queens' - no, it has nothing to do with Kevin James.

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