Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Appalachian Trail Ends at Fox News.....

Since Daniel Craig Still Has That James Bond Gig Tied Up..

     ATTENTION:  We actually have South Carolina political news! Congrats to former South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford on his new gig as an analyst for Fox News.  We're not sure how well Marshall will do in his first major endeavor since his term ended last year.  After all, he's not exactly a speaker that grabs you by the heart or stones, an demands your attention.  Then again, neither is Charles Krauthammer, and we listen to him.

    Nice to see that another of our good friends has climbed the media ladder.  Now , we're just waiting for ONE of these guys to call us away from the dealership....  Waiting.  Still waiting......


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earlcapps said...

Mike, I think you're more qualified than he is.

He ends up making fools out of anyone who trusts him. I hope Fox isn't expecting that pattern to change.

"This is the Mark Sanford show. You'll have to learn to fall in love with us again."