Saturday, October 29, 2011

Elmo's Got the Answer For Bipartisanism ??

Congressman Elmo (I-Sesame Street) Testifies Before a Joint Panel On Unity to Promote..... Play Dates??

     It's not often that a cuddly red muppet gets asked how to fix partisan politics in our nation's capital... It's even rarer for him to give an answer - and maybe a good one at that.  Forget Joe the Plumber - it's time to draft Elmo!

    Our fluffy buddy, who resembles a Love Child between Grover and a Red Velvet cake, was giving an interview on television earlier this week.  Suddenly, he was asked what he would do to solve the lack of bipartisanship in DC.  His answer?  Play Dates.  Not a bad idea at all....

    Before you dismiss Elmo for Congress, think about it.  For the past couple decades, the battle lines have been drawn.  Rarely do Democrats and Republicans talk to each other, much less negotiate legislation on the big issues.  We've all heard the stories from Tip O'Neill back in the old days, where he said as soon as the gavel struck, both sides would go to the local watering hole - and THAT'S where most compromises (not a bad word, folks) were brokered.

    No, we're not promoting 535 elected officials to become alcoholics (or are we?), but we're sure hey must have SOME mutual interests outside of work.  Recently, I had a customer who was being a bit of an a-hole.  But, rather than let it ruin the whole customer-advisor relationship, I saw he had a Derek Jeter 3K wristband on his stick shift.  All I had to do was show him my pic of 2999 on my phone, and all the distrust went out the window...  That's all it takes.  Elmo for Congress, although this may not be his best slogan...


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Bobby said...

yep...always helps to try to find something in common.